Jeudi 13 Septembre 2018 03:52




Objet : trade - Country and Rockabilly CDs

Hello Rocky, 

I have had a great use of your discography page during the years!  Thanks a lot - the web-page is really nice made!! 



Anders Axelsson (R.S. Records) 
Maryd 331 
247 95  T. Hallestad


Mardi 21 Août 2018 17:44

Mitja Vesnaver



Objet : Marvin Holder 45

Hello Mr Gerard,

I am Mitja Vesnaver, a little and maybe still young italian record collector.
iIwould congratulate with you because thanks to your website i'm discovering so much music. lots of incredible music! 

There is a record, however, which i fell in love with and i would like to ask if you could be willing to sell:

Hope to hear u soon, and thanks again, for all you are doing, to preserve and share.



Hello Mitja,

Sorry, but I do not have this record.

Best regards


Mardi 24 Juillet 2018 17:28

G. Volk



Objet : Hi! & WOW!


English/French bilingual but written French is poor but can read & understand French if you'd prefer to respond in French.
Just today (as in NOW) found your site while researching Canadian singer Vanda King. WOW!! GREAT site! VERY interested in most of your music & particularly in your CANADIAN music. Is it possible to find a listing of ONLY the Canadian artists/labels?



Ciao! For now.


Jeudi 19 Juillet 2018 19:37




Objet : Tracy Pendarvis


My name is Tracy Pendarvis Jr. I was browsing your site, Sometimes I go looking around sites dedicated to rockabilly and things of the sort, especially things about my Father, Tracy Pendarvis. I was impressed with your site and the large amount of content. As I was looking at the page on my Dad (Tracy) I thought i would bring something to your attention. The dates/locations of his Birth/death Are All Accurate, However It States he was born "Jerry Reeves Goodman". I can Assure you this is totally inaccurate and false. I understand information gets misconstrued over time and things get lost in translation. It would be proper remove the inaccuracy from the short history on that page. 

Additionally, if you should ever require any information or any kind of insight to Tracy Pendarvis, please feel Free to contact me.

Thank you Very Much,

Tracy Pendarvis Jr.

Vendredi 6 Juillet 2018 17:30




Objet : Country Music show for your list!

Bonjour Monsieur Lambert:

Pardon moi mais je parle Francaise UN PEU seulement. 

MERCI BEAUCOUP pour votre  website extraordinaire "Rocky -52 Rock & Country Discography and Encyclopedia". 

I have been a fan of yours for many years and enjoy browsing through your excellent library for information on obscure musicians and record labels. I would like to tell you about a classic & alternative country music radio show that is not on your list, but that i think you would enjoy.  It is called "Back to the Country", and is hosted by Bill C. Malone, former music professor at Tulane University, New Orleans, and author of the book, Country Music USA.   

Back to the Country is a weekly, 3 hour show that broadcasts from  Madison Wisconsin, USA (on the air and streaming online), every Wednesday / Mercredi morning at 9:00 AM Central Standard Time on WORT FM 89.9 and  WORT is a community sponsored station .    

WORT-FM | Community Radio | Madison WI

My husband, Steven Daggett, is a primary engineer for this show. He and I occasionally substitute as programmers and hosts, when needed.   We will be doing a program with Mr Malone on the Roots of Rockabilly Wednesday July 18.   

We appreciate your work to preserve roots rock, country and rockabilly music, and thank you for sharing your information with people everywhere.


Marianne Daggett   

Mardi 22 Mai 2018 03:21

John Arthur



Objet : Hello from Texas

Thanks for sharing my music on your website. I have a new cd called woman on my own independent jam records . Track listing is at CD Baby, Find all my dates at  We had a great tour that included EuroDisney at Billy Bob’s in Paris and a show near Annecy, too. 

John Arthur Martinez

Mercredi 25 Avril 2018 02:59




Objet : USA Terry Wayne Photo


Thanks for the great website.  Here's a picture of Terry Wayne recording "Go Steady With Me" at the studio in Clovis.  Feel free to add it to your website.  Terry Wayne's actual name is Wayne Mullins.  He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is still writing and playing music to this day.  I copied him on this email in case you'd like to reach out for any reason.

The people at Norman Petty's studio are now digitizing all the music 
there and sent him this picture just today.

Alice Eldridge

Mercredi 7 Mars 2018 19:43




Salut Rocky,

La voici la voilà l'affiche de notre bal, venant compléter l'info que tu as postée sur ton agenda.
Encore merci pour ta grande participation d' informations. Super boulot.



Mardi 13 Février 2018 16:10




Objet : Rock'n'Roll Stories
Bonjour Gérard

Bravo pour ton merveilleux sites. ça fait des années que je vais dessus et il fait partie des meilleurs du net.
Juste un petit message que j'envoie aux vrais fans. 

Salut amis Rockers !!
Juste un petit mail pour vous prévenir de la création de ma chaine YouTube & Facebook : Rock'n'roll stories
C'est une chaine où l'on parlera des Fifties.. D'un disque, d'un concert, d'un artiste, d'un film, d'une série....
Je faisais déjà ça, à la radio en 81- 82 mais les temps changent, mes enfants m'ont incité à retenter l'expérience mais cette fois sur YouTube.
Faut bien évoluer (lol).

La 1ere saison comportera 10 épisodes qui dureront entre 10 et 25 mn environ...
Le 1er épisode sera consacré au second LP d'Elvis.
DATE DE SORTIE : Dimanche 18/02/2018
On essaiera d'en sortir une par semaine.
Merci à tous et faites moi de la pub !!!!

Voici les liens :
Voici le lien Facebook :
Voici le lien Youtube :  :  (qui est vide pour l'instant).

Rock'n'Roll Stories

Rock'n'Roll Stories est une émission qui reprend tout ce qui a fait des Fifties une époque si marquante. Vinyles de collection, grandes figures du Rock'n'Rol...


Keep on Rocking !!