Mercredi 1er Novembre 2017 20:34




Objet : A Big Thankyou

I came across your site by accident many, many years ago.I have found it very useful and informative ever since.I have gone through three PC’s since I found you and lost many saved sites but I always remembered your’s.I put that down the meticulous effort you have put in and continue put in.I have no idea why you started and why you continue .I am just very grateful for everything you have done.My only regret is I should have told you so many years ago. Please excuse my neglect on that score.I look forward to all your future efforts for as long as you still enjoy sharing them.

Many Thanks


Jeudi 26 Octobre 2017 05:41




Objet : Country Music Question

Dear Mr. Lambert,

I sent my last email on accident earlier.  My Apologies.

I came across your website,, when doing some family research.  It is most impressive.  I am looking for a particular recording of a song and was wondering if you may have it.  It is a song about a relative of mine, Emma Hartsell who was killed in 1898.

All my sources say that J.E. Mainer recorded a version of it, but I have not had any luck locating a recording.  Is this something you may be able to help me with? I found this on your website and was very excited!  Do you have a recording you could be able to share.  Many people in my family would like to hear the song if so. 



J. E. MAINER & His MOUNTAINEERS - Julie Ann / The Story Of Emmer Hartsell

Thank you kindly. 

Joe Hartsell
RE/MAX Executive

Réponse :

Dear Jo,

I do not have this song, but I found it on the internet, here is the link:

and here are the words:

Spoken introduction:
Now friends, I'm a gonna sing ya a song about Emmer Hartsell who was murdered between Concord and Charlotte. Here it comes.

In eighteen hundred and ninety eight
Sweet Emmer Hartsell met an awful fate
It was on one Holy Sabbath day
When her sweet life were hauled away

It sent my brain all in a whirl
To think of that poor little girl
Who rose that morning fair and bright
They found her body in a mangled sight

It caused a many a heart to grieve
To think of such a horrible deed
Her friends they shed a many a tear
Her throat was cut from ear to ear

Just as the wind did cease to blow
They caught the men they were a Tom and Joe
The sheriff he drove in such a dash
To get by the crowd he could hardly pass

They got to town 'bout half past seven
Their necks were broke before eleven
The people there were a sight to see
They hung Tom and Joe on a dogwood tree

Fathers and mothers take warning from me
Never leave your children by themself you see
Take them with you wherever you go
And remember the crime of Tom and Joe

Best regards,

Gérard "Rocky" Lambert

Jeudi 13 Octobre 2017 23:35




Objet :

All the best and congratulation for this great website.

Peter Pape

Jeudi 28 Septembre 2017 04:00




Objet : Little Anthony & Imperials discography


 I just visited your great site! (Rock & Country Encyclopedia).

You are missing these 45's: Little Anthony & the Imperials:
"Love is a Many Splendored Thing" b/w "What Did I Do" (Stoop Sounds 115) 1997 

and for Sonny Burgess:
"Find My Baby for Me" b/w "Goin' Home #2" (Dutch 105) (2000) 


Dimanche 17 Septembre 2017 15:46




Objet : Eagles

Bonjour Gérard

Je viens de découvrir ton site et woaw! Impressive! Quel travail. Chapeau bas! une question en particulier à te poser.
Je suis (58ans) ainsi que mon fils aîné (24 ans) amateur de country rock et en particulier des Eagles.
J'aimerai savoir si les photos de pochettes qui accompagnent l'article sur le groupe proviennent de ta collection personnelle.J'en ai découvert un certain nombre que je ne connaissais pas avec beaucoup d'intérêt .
Je vais aller regarder du côté des Kentucky Headhunters...

Très bonne journée et keep rockin'

Yvon Galleras

Réponse :

Hi Yvon,

Merci de ton compliment.
Non, ce n'est malheureusement pas ma collection personnelle. Cest seulement un travail de recherche sur le web.
Je suis surtout spécialisé (+ de 2000 albums) sur les fifties (normal j'ai 73 ans et toujours Rock 'n' Roll)


Gérard "Rocky" Lambert

Vendredi 5 Septembre 2017 00:09




Objet : re: Colin Hicks

Great (Speedy Gonzales) Rocky,

Congratulation for your speedness.

Very, very thanks


Vendredi 1er Septembre 2017 03:51




Objet : Colin Hicks


Looking at your encyclopedia I’ve seen many singers who had sung just two or four songs (one or two 45”) and I make myself a question: why there’s not Colin Hicks (Tommy Steele’s brother) who had sung about 40 songs and had a very hit with “Giddy up a ding dong”?

Very, very congratulations for your web site.

Guido Schillaci

Réponse :

Hi Guido,

There, it's done 

Best regards


Dimanche 6 Août 2017 17:41




Objet : Slim Willet

Hello Gérard,

Le mois dernier, un copain m’a passé une copie du Slim Willet de chez Collector Records…  sans booklet. Cela m’a donné l’occasion de me pencher sur sa discographie. J’ai rarement vu quelque chose d’aussi complexe tant pour les interprètes que pour les dates : plusieurs artistes différents enregistrant les même titres dans la même compagnie ou les mêmes titres enregistrés à différentes époques par les mêmes.

Je me suis donc (beaucoup) servi de ton beau site pour trouver un fil conducteur.

En guise de remerciement, je te joins quelques précisions qui pourront éventuellement t’intéresser ou alimenter le site.

Je comprends d’autant mieux le difficulté et l’ampleur du travail que tu fournis.


Mercredi 26 Juillet 2017 20:43




Objet : Re Skeets McDonald 

Hello Gérard "Rocky" Lambert

You don’t know me but my name is Elaine.
I want to start by saying that I have enjoyed visiting your site over the years because of all the great information you have posted. And so well organized too. 
Now my reason for contacting you. I am looking for an album cover for Skeets McDonald – Gone But Not Forgotten (Hillbilly Heaven 1976) and you seem to be the only one who has it. Unfortunately, the picture on the site is very small and I was hoping that maybe you would be willing to send me a larger copy.

If you have it and are willing to share it with me, you can send it to

I look forward to hearing from you.



Lundi 10 Juillet 2017 10:55




Objet : The Platters


Bravo pour ton super site.
Collectionneur et completionniste des Fabuleux PLATTERS...
C’est une mine d’or avec des mises a jour recentes

Bonne continuation


Samedi 3 Juin 2017 5:43




Objet : Music by Virgel Bozman

Dear Sir,


This week, to my surprise, I found a recording on your site that was made in the late '40's, early '50's, by my best friend and musical partner, Mr. Carrol Sammons, on the Hot Rod Records label. Mr. Sammons was beyond pleased to hear the song. The artist even calls Carrol out in the song to do his guitar solo! He is 84-1/2 years old now and played on the record while still in high school. He doesn't even remember doing it!

Here is the address to the one you have on your site:

My friend also plays on the other side,"Won't You Care." Do you have that one? If you do, please would you share it with me and Mr. Sammons? He is playing on it, too.

Here is Carrol's page:

I love your site! Thank you very much, Sir.

JoDee Doyle
Réponse :

Hello JoDee,

I'm sorry, but I do not have this song (Wont You Care) and I have not found it on the internet.

Best regards

Gerard "Rocky" LAMBERT

Jeudi 23 Février 2017 15:44



République tchèque

Objet :

Hi Rocky! Many thanks for your great & nice work.  Best Greetings send Curless from Czech Rep.