Chanteur Country US originaire d'Austin (Texas).

His parents were divorced by the time he was four and even though his stepfather primarily raised him, John Arthur Martinez saw his birth father — a professional musician — enough to know that being a performer was a tough life. The Austin native had the urge to perform the Texas-style of country he loved since grade school, and sneaking into an Asleep at the Wheel/Commander Cody show while he was still underage only made it worse. He was performing weekly in local clubs by the time he graduated college, playing songs by George Strait, Dan Fogelberg, and the Beatles. Martinez moved to Tucson, Arizona to attend graduate school, and not knowing anyone gave him more than enough time to work on his songwriting. As he improved he decided to leave his studies and move back to Austin to seriously peruse a future in music. After numerous trips to Nashville and constant gigging, Martinez recorded his first album, Spinning Our Wheels, in 1998 and sold it at his shows. 2001's Stand Your Ground brought him more attention but it was the American Idol-styled country television show Nashville Star that would break him into the mainstream. During one of the club gigs Martinez played in Nashville, he was spotted by a rep from Dualtone records. He finished second on Nashville Star, but Dualtone signed him and released Lone Starry Night in 2004.

Talents :Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



12/2009 CD ? (US)

What A Christmas It Was


1998 CD JAM ? (US) SPINNING OUR WHEELS - Spinning Our Wheels / The Ride / The Man Who Holds The Bow / Woman In Love / Thunder And Lightning / Rainy, Rainy Clouds / Long Walk Home / Once Upon A Broken Heart / Everyday Is Christmas / One Life, One Love / Spinning Our Wheels (reprise)
2000 CD ? (US)

Amor! Amor! - El Rio Amor / Amarillo By Morning / Frijoles Con Arroz / Trouble Rides A Fast Horse / Se Oyo Una Lagrima / Seguro Que Hell Yes / Que No Puede Ver / La Bamba / Cajita De Milagros / River Of Love

09/2001 CD JAM 2942 (US) STAND YOUR GROUND - The Man Who Holds The Bow / A Girl Named Texas / Pool Hall / Stand Your Ground / Here's To Boys / The Armadillo Song / El Rio Amor / Wild / Spinning Our Wheels / Everything I Never Knew I Wanted / Married To Your Memory / Jack Of All Hearts / Show Me / Everyday Is Christmas
05/2001 CD RIVAL ? (US) ON THE BORDER - Breakdown / No Damn Trace / Walkin' Honky Tonkin' Honey / Since She Fell For Me / Why Say Good-Bye / On The Border / Who's On Your Mind / Judy Honey / She'll Love The Cold Away / Canta Papa
05/2004 CD DUALTONE 1154 (US) LONE STARRY NIGHT - The Man Who Holds The Bow / Home Made Of Stone / Amarillo By Morning / A Girl Named Texas / The Armadillo Song / If I Didn't Care / The River Of Love - El Rio Amor / Tonight At Fiesta / Just Like The Moon / Trouble Rides A Fast Horse / Pour A Little Love On It / Lone Starry Night / Tonight At Fiesta (reprise)
2007 CD ? (US) BLAKELY - MARTINEZ - Midnight Blue / Two Hearts Are Better Than One / Change Your Mind / I Could Live Without You / Just A Broken Heart Away / I Have A Right Smile / Sweet On You / You Don't Have To Go Home / She's Too Fine / Rosalinda, Where Are You Tonight / BONUS : Sister Moon (Oririg. demo) / Making Good Time (NASA version)
2007 CD ? (US) LIVE IN ENGLAND - Intro - When You Say Nothing At All / Tonight At Fiesta / The Armadillo Song / I Dare You / Frijoles Con Arroz / What A Christmas It Was / What Good Is I Love You / Trouble Rides A Fast Horse / Lone Starry Night - Pour A Little Love On It / Down In South Texas - La Bamba
2007 CD AGR TELEVISION 1922027 (GER) RODEO NIGHT - Rio Grande Rodeo Night / It Takes A Part Of My Heart Away / What Good Is I Love You / When You Say Nothing At All / Boys With Guitars…Real Fast Cars / I Watched You Break My Heart / All Hat And No Cattle / A Real Good Year For Beer / You Could’ve Heard A Tear Drop / Front Porch Swing / Saturday Night In A Redneck Town / That’s My Baby / Cherry Springs Swing / The Little Engineer
09/2009 CD Apache Ranch 1748 (US) Purgatory Road - Utopia / Purgatory Road / You Can't Outdrink The Truth / Thunder & Lightning / Que No Puede Ver / Closer To My Dreams / The Ride / On The Run / Cobalt Blue / What Good Is I Love You / When You Whisper In My Ear
09/2012 CD Jam jam11cd (US) You Play My Heart - You Don't Mean To Hurt Me (John Arthur Martinez feat: Pauline Reese) / The Open Road / You Play My Heart / Sing Me Back Home / It's What I Do / Emmylou's Guitar / Dare To Dream Out Loud / Learn To Dance In The Rain / Tennessee Left Texas / Loneliest Star In Texas / I Know How To Fall / Cajita De Milagros (John Arthur Martinez feat: Sarah Fox / Joel Guzman) / Toca Mi Corazon
02/2015 CD ? (US) If Stars Could Sing - Let's All Go To Mexico / Down On The Corner / If Stars Could Sing / Karma / Hotel California / Kiss & Makeup For Lost Time / When The Heart Takes Control / Little Nashville / Longnecks and Heartaches / Jivin' Gear Jammer / Cardigan Sweater / Too Old To Die Young / Hotel California (uncut cut) / The Ink Is Always Blue
10/2017 CD Jam ? (US)

San Antonio Woman - San Antonio Woman / You Were That Oak / This Is America I've Got Your Six / Everything I Never Knew I Wanted / Still No Rain in Texas / I Dare You / 'Til I'm Feelin' Well / Everything Tastes Better With Beer / Cry-In-Your-Beer Country Song / An Early Thursday Morning / El Paso / If You Like That Sort Of Thing / Before I Could Even Learn Her Name / I Will Rise I Will Rise

12/2022 CD ? (US) Three White Spanish Horses  - Three White Spanish Horses (album version) / These Sacred Lands / The Phone Call / Once Upon A Pawn Shop Ring / Sweet On You / Port Aransas Standard Time / Take The Time To Love / The Man That I Am / Holding Hands / A Little More Cowbell Please / I Make Her Laugh. Length / No One / Adios My Friends

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