Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US né Wayne Mullins à Odessa (Texas), Terry Wayne a enregistré à la fin des années cinquante dans les studios de Norman Petty à Clovis (Nouveau Mexique). Les titres sont sortis sur Trend, Columbia, Fidelity et Co-T-Co Records. Il vit de nos jours à Phoenis (Arizona) et ecrit et joue toujours de la musique.

US Rock 'n' Roll singer born Wayne Mullins in Odessa (Texas), Terry Wayne recorded at the end of the Fifties in the studios of Norman Petty in Clovis (New Mexico). The titles left on Trend, Columbia, Fidelity and Co-T-Co Records. He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona and writes and still plays music.

My name is Wayne Mullins. Norman Petty produced independent artists at the Norman Petty Studios located in Clovis, New Mexico. Artist such as Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings, the Fireballs, Buddy Knox, Terry Wayne and so many more. ‘Nor-Va-Jak’ was the song ‘publishing’ entity owned by Norman Petty and his wife, Vi. Norman and Vi Petty always reviewed the lyrics and melodies of songs a new 18 to 25 year old artist wrote and wanted to record. Norman Petty would always make suggestions to change or add a few words to the artist song and then add his name as ‘co-writer’ of the song and then register the artist songs under his publishing company ‘Nor-Va-Jak’ with BMI, etc. and collect all royalties. Young artist, like myself, would also sign a contract with Norman allowing him to be listed as the artist song writer’s publisher and manager. To put this in respective, in 1958, we had no cell phones, Internet, PCs, stereo radios, stereo portable phonographs or smart phones, and all recording and records were mono played on 'payola' radio stations. To record a record, everybody played in the same room at the same time to record the song to mono tape. There was only one track. You would do the song over and over until Norman felt it was right. In 1958, I wrote ‘School is Out’ and ‘Dream Angel’ while living in Hobbs, N.M. I was 22 at the time and had never been in a recording studio. I called Norman Petty to see if I could make a record of my two songs and went to Clovis and recorded ‘School is Out’ and ‘Dream Angel’. It took all night to record those two songs. In 1959, I also wrote and recorded “Go Steady With Me’ and ‘Cry’ at that studio. As in the past Norman changed and/or added a few words to my lyrics and Norman Perry added himself as co-writer and song publisher and filed ‘Nor-Va-Jak’ as the song publisher with BMI. I can attest to all the above because I, Wayne Mullins, living in Phoenix, Arizona since 1962 wrote ‘School is Out’, ‘Dream Angel’, ‘Go Steady With Me’ and ‘Cry’ and ‘Be my Baby’ under my stage name Terry Wayne while living in Hobbs N.M.. I am now 82, still writing and singing my songs. I am very healthy and active. Hope I have enlightened you with my true story and history regarding Terry Wayne/Hobbs N.M. Regards, Wayne Mullins /Terry Wayne.

Talents : Vocals, Gruitar

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll, Doo Wop





Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



07/1958 SP TREND T-30-013X (US) School Is Out / Dream Angel
05/1959 SP COLUMBIA 4-41377 (US) Go Steady With Me / You'll Cry
1961 SP FIDELITY M646 (US) Ain't Got No Home / Be My Baby
05/1962 SP CO-T-CO 44-66 (US) Dinosaur Cavern / God's Gift To Man

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