Chanteur Country US né Noble F. Stover, le 16 Novembre 1928 à Huntsville (Texas). Smokey Stover est décédé le 3 Juin 2005.

US Country singer born Noble F. Stover on Nov. 16, 1928 in Huntsville, TX, Smokey had his own band and was playing the honky tonks of Texas at 16. In 1949, a new radio station went on the air in Pasadena, TX where he landed his first deejaying job at KLVL-AM, an on-the-air learning experience. A year later, KRCT-AM in Baytown, TX lured him away. Over the next year, Smokey's show became so popular, the station changed their format to country and hired two more deejays.
In 1954, he moved on to KBRZ-AM in Freeport, TX where he stayed for three years except for a six-month interval in 1956 when he helped launch KLOS in Albuquerque, NM. In 1958, he moved to KCIJ-AM in Shreveport, LA to be near the Louisiana Hayride, hoping the move would push his singing career. Seven months later, the station changed owners who brought in their own deejays. With the help of a friend, Claude Gray, Smokey found a job at WDAL in Meridian, MS where he stayed until late 1959 when he received a call from his old Freeport boss, Ken Ferguson. Ken was opening KMOP in Tucson, AZ and wanted Smokey to be his sign-on man. Smokey hit the airwaves there in Jan. 1960 and remained there for eight years when he took a couple of years out to concentrate on his singing and songwriting.
On Jan. 1, 1970, Smokey went back on the air at KRZE in Farmington, NM. A year-and-a-half later, his mother's illness forced him back to Houston, TX. He more or less retired from radio then until 1992 when a friend built a new station, KVST in Conroe/Huntsville, TX. Smokey went on the air there in early 1993 and ran a midnight 'til 6 am show for a year until it "got old" and he re-retired. In 1995, Ernie Ashworth lured him to Gallatin, TN to get the "Country Classic" station of WYXE off the ground. Smokey enjoyed romping and stomping with the Oldies for about eight months when he hung it up and returned to his native Texas where he's retired from radio, but still pickin' and singin' every weekend. His latest recording is titled, I May Be Getting Older, But I Ain't Stopped Thinking Young.
Smokey was inducted into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame in 2000.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, DJ

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly




One Thing In Common (1963)


Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


78 t. & Singles

1949 78 t. STAMPEDE 101 (US)

Smokey STOVER & STAMPEDE WRANGLERS - I'm Planting A Rose / It's The Natural Thing

1949 78 t. STAMPEDE 102 (US)

My Last Bokay To You / Underneath The Lover's Moon

1952 78 t. & SP STAMPEDE 103 (US) Smokey STOVER with The BAILES BROTHERS - Traveling The Highway Home / Micah-Five-And-Two
07/1953 78 t. SPECIALTY SP-715 (US)

What A Shame / Because I Loved Her So

1954 78 t. FEATURE F-1084 (US) Go On And Leave My Baby Alone / That's How True My Love Is For You
1954 SP FEATURE 45 F-1084 (US)

Go On And Leave My Baby Alone / That's How True My Love Is For You

05/19556 78 t. STARDAY 192 (US) You Won't Kid Me, Would You? / It's Easier Said Than Done
05/1955 SP STARDAY 45-192 (US) You Won't Kid Me, Would You? / It's Easier Said Than Done
09/1955 SP SAGE & SAND 45-209 (US)

Smokey STOVER & His STAMPEDE WRANGLERS - Never Thought I'd See The Day / Don't Ever Take Her Love For Granted

1955 SP SAGE & SAND 45-210 (US)

There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong / No Plans For The Future

11/1956 SP STARDAY 45-274 (US) Now / My Building Of Dreams
12/1958 SP SAGE 45-278 (US) Rock Me / Why Did I Cry
02/1959 SP OL' PODNER 101 (US)

My Building Of Dreams / It's Easier Said Than Done

04/1959 SP OL' PODNER 102 / 103 (US)

What's Wrong With Me? / What's More

03/1960 SP OL' PODNER OP-104 (US)

Lifetime Of Forgettin' / Ballad Of Jimmy Hoffa


Smokey Stover & Firemen - Someday You'll Be Sorry / I've Found A New Baby / Old Folks

06/1962 SP TOPPA 45-1061 (US) On The Warpath / Sometimes You Just Can't Win
04/1963 SP Na.R.Co 105 (US)

This Hurt Inside Of Me / Remember Me

10/1963 SP SIMS 172 (US) When The Sun Goes Down / One Thing In Common
10/1965 SP BOYD 153 (US)

I Want The Cake Not The Crumbs / Who Will Be The Next One

01/1967 SP COLUMBIA 4-43968 (US)

Leaving Is The Hardest Thing To Do / Too Many Things Going My Way


Sweetheart Of The Opry / ?


I Can Quit Anytime / ?


I May Be Getting Older / Thinking Of You / ?

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