Chanteur Country US n le 2 Mars 1959 Paducah (Kentucky). Larry Stewart est mieux connu comme le chanteur du groupe Restless Heart.

Best known as the frontman for the Vocals group Restless Heart, singer Larry Stewart first came to Nashville with hopes of a career in baseball, not music; the recipient of an athletic scholarship to Nashville's Belmont College, he quickly found himself drawn to the music business instead and decided to pursue a career as a performer. After working a series of menial industry jobs, his Vocals on a series of demo recordings helped win him the lead spot with Restless Heart. After leaving the group, Stewart issued his solo debut, Down the Road, in 1993. Heart Like a Hurricane followed a year later, and in 1996 he returned with Why Can't You. Although his albums had usually contained a straight-up pop tune or two, Stewart made a more pronounced step in that direction with 1999's Learning to Breathe.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1985 SP AFR AFR-0018391 (US) .

Pine Tar Wars (C.W. McCall) / A Little Boys Hero (Larry Stewart)

03/1993 SP RCA 62474-7 (US) .

Alright Already / A Boy Down The Road

06/1993 SP RCA 62546-7 (US) .

I'll Cry Tomorrow / Brittany

10/1993 SP RCA 62696-7 (US) .

We Can Love / When You Come Back To Me

1994 CD COLUMBIA 7775338 (US) . Losing Your Love
08/1994 SP COLUMBIA 38-77638 (US) .

Heart Like A Hurricane / Heart Like A Hurricane [remix] 

11/1994 SP COLUMBIA 38-77753 (US) .

Losing Your Love / One Track Mind

03/1995 SP COLUMBIA 38-77857 (US) .

Rockin' The Rock / I'm Not Through Loving You

03/1995 CD COLUMBIA 7785738 (US) . Rockin' The Rock
07/1996 SP COLUMBIA 38-78307 (US) .

Why Can't You / They Ain't Made Enough Road

07/1996 CD COLUMBIA 7830738 (US) . Why Can't You / I'm Not Through Lovin' You
1996 CD COLUMBIA CSK 78307 (US) (promo) Why Can't You
1996 CD COLUMBIA CSK 78307 (US) (promo) . Always A Woman


04/1993 CD RCA 66210 (US) DOWN THE ROAD - Alright Already / When I Close My Eyes / I'll Cry Tomorrow / She Needs Me / We Can Love / I Came Straight To You / When You Come Back To Me / Boy Down The Road / Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful / Brittany
08/1994 CD SONY 66411 (US) HEART LIKE A HURRICANE - Heart Like A Hurricane / Losing Your Love / She Wants To Be Wanted Again / It's How Deep / Mama Needs Someone To Hold Her / One Track Mind / Real Life Love / Try Being Me / Rockin' The Rock / I'm Not Through Lovin' You
09/1996 CD SONY 67410 (US) WHY CAN'T YOU - They Ain't Made Enough Road / Always A Woman / That's What One Night Can Do / There Goes The Neighborhood / I've Got My Hands Full / Shake, Rattle And Rollin' In The Country / Why Can't You / This Heart / I'll Know When I Get There / As Time Goes By
05/1999 CD WINDHAM HILL 11315 (US) LEARNING TO BREATHE - Take This Heart / Anything Else But You / Learning To Breathe Again / In My Dreams Tonight / Prodigal Daughter / Still In Love / Fantasy / Gotta Tell Somebody / Compared To Goodbye / Takin' My Time / A Reason To Believe In / Summer In The City

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