Chanteur Country US nť Roby Cecil Sooter, le 17 Juin 1904 au Canada. Rudy Sooter est mort le 9 Juin 1991 ŗ Reno (Nevada).

US Western Swing singer born June 17, 1904 in Canada. This likeable country artist was a presence in both country & western music and cowboy movies and films, hanging out with several generations of celluloid cowpoke types. He appeared in the early cowboy movie days with Tex Ritter, and was later part of the grizzled regular cast of the television series Gunsmoke. As a bandleader, Rudy Sooter had a knack for developing talent. Bob Nolan and cowboy number one Roy Rogers were in his bands prior to forming the Sons of the Pioneers. The success of the latter group spawned a thousand and one cowboy groups, many of which included Sooter amongst the sidemen, such as the Radio Buckaroos. Rudy Sooter's Ranchmen recorded with Jimmie Davis for Decca, including backup on the immortal "You Are My Sunshine" and "Nobody's Darling But Mine." On film, Sooter appeared with Ritter in the 1936 film Headin' for the Rio Grande and in Moonlight on the Range the following year. The Roy Rogers oater Billy the Kid Returns has a charismatic appearance by Sooter. In 1947, he collaborated with notorious bandleader Spade Cooley, playing in his band and co-writing several songs, including "It's Dark Outside," "Down at the Cuckoo House," and the probing "Who Dug the Hole I Am In?" "Dear Oakie" was a big hit for country singer Doye O'Dell, who also claimed co-writing credit because he said Sooter hadn't finished the song when it was time to cut it. On his own, Sooter tried out a variety of approaches, including string bands and Western swing efforts. The Cattle label has released several anthologies of Sooter's recordings from the '40s. From 1967 through 1975, Sooter appeared on Gunsmoke as the character Halligan, a rancher.
Rudy Sooter died on June 9, 1991 in Reno (Nevada).

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Leader, Actor

Style musical : Traditional Country, Western Swing

Easy Payment Blues (1947)

Horseflesh And Candles (1950)

Get A Wiggle On (1950)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


78 t.

1936 ? 78 t. RACY HS-423 (US)

Up The Alley With Sally / ?

11/1938 78 t. DECCA 5620 (US)

Jimmie DAVIS with Rudy Sooter's Ranchmen - It Makes No Difference Now / Curse Of An Aching Heart

11/1945 78 t. BLACK AND WHITE 10011 (US)

Rudy SOOTER & His CALIFORNIANS - Who Dug This Hole I'm In / I Cry Alone

1946 78 t. SAN ANTONIO 101 (US)

Trouble Keeps Hangin' Round My Door / Canít Win, Canít Place, Canít Show 

04/1947 78 t. BLACK AND WHITE 10015 (US)

Rudy SOOTER & His CALIFORNIANS - Million Daisies Told Me / I Can Tell By The Look On Your Face

1947 78 t. BLACK AND WHITE 10023 (US)

Rudy SOOTER with STRING BAND - Easy Payment Blues / Don't Count Your Chickens

1947 78 t. BLACK AND WHITE 10025 (US)

Rudy SOOTER with The SIERRA MOUNTAINEERS - Wa-Hoo Kiss Me Again / I'm Waiting For Your Call

1947 78 t. BLACK AND WHITE 10026 (US)

Rudy SOOTER with The SIERRA MOUNTAINEERS - Rooster And The Ostrich / I Throw The Bull

1950 78 t. LONDON 16013 (US)

Horseflesh And Candles / Get A Wiggle On

1950 SP LONDON 30090 (US)

Horseflesh And Candles / Get A Wiggle On

1950 78 t. LONDON 16015 (US)

You Gave Me Back My Ring / The Frost Is On The Pumpkin


1986 LP 12" CATTLE LP 98 (GER) RUDY SOOTER WITH THE SIERRA MOUNTAINEERS & HIS CALIFORNIANS - I'm Working On A Steamboat / It's Dark Outside / I'm A Wild Cow-Catcher / Cimmaron / I'm Alone Again / A Cowboy's Song For Sale / I'm Headin' For Yuma And You / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again / Range Ridin' Fool From Texas / Wa-Hoo Kiss Me Again / I'm Waitin' For Your Call / I Don't Know / Left My Gal In The Mountains / You'll Be Sorry / Born To Lose / Let The Raindrops Fall
1986 LP 12" CATTLE LP 99 (GER) STAR OF WESTERN MUSIC AND WESTERN SCREEN - Boogie Woogie Man From The Hills / Hum Yourself A Little Song / If I Could Live My Life Over Again / Sadie Mae / I Know Who's Knocking On My Door / Easy Payment Blues / You're Just The Kid Next Door / Oklahoma Swing / Wa-Hoo Kiss Me Again / Your Dixieland / I'm Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve / The Drifting Snow / I'm A Real Buckeroo / Down At The Coo-Coo House / I Sing A Yodel Song / Storybook Cowboy
2010 CD BACM CD D 290 (UK)

Won't You Be My Buckaroo - Happy Go Lucky / Hills Of Idaho / Won't You Be My Buckaroo / Desert Riders / Old Boy / Let Me Shake Your Old Cowhand / She'll Be Comin' round The Mountain / Panhandle Swing / Old Joe Parker / Heading For My Home In Oklahoma / Whoa Baldy / Back Home In Indiana / I'm Thru Wasting Time On You / Please Don't Leave Me Anymore / Cleaning My Rifle / Trouble Keeps Hangin' Round My Door / I Cry Alone / Million Daisies Told Me / Who Dug This Hole I'm In / Don't Count Your Chickens / I Can Tell By The Look On Your Face / Rooster And The Ostrich / I Throw The Bull / Fool That I Am / Ida Red / Wa-Hoo Kiss Me Again / Horseflesh And Candles / Get A Wiggle On / Up The Alley

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