Groupe Country US formé en 1992 à Bakersfield (Californie) et comprenant Scott Meeks, Rick Russell, Darrin Kirkindoll, Arron Casida et Jason Theiste.

An energetic and wildly spirited country-rock sextet hailing from Bakersfield, the Smokin' Armadillos amazed the record industry by selling an astounding 150,000 copies of their independently released EP before they ever laid eyes on a recording contract. Comprised of Scott Meeks (guitar, Vocals), Rick Russell (lead Vocals), Darrin Kirkindoll (drums), Arron Casida (bass, Vocals), and fiddle champion Jason Theiste, the band formed during the summer of 1992, with four of the group's six members knowing each other from high school. They developed a huge following regionally, and on the advice of a friend who worked for a major label, they began to release singles and send them to radio stations. Oddly enough, even with stiff competition for airplay slots, some reporting stations began playing the singles and soon a demand was created for their music. The band released a five-song EP and shipped copies from an office in Bakersfield, as well as sold units at their popular live shows. The Smokin' Armadillos released three singles -- "My Girlfriend Might," "I'm a Cowboy," and "Red Rock" -- which took them to the top of the independent charts before they signed with MCG/Curb in 1994. They released their debut album in 1995, along with a reissued version of the EP.

Talents : Scott Meeks : Guitar, Vocals - Rick Russell : Led Vocals - Darrin Kirkindoll : Drums  - Arron Cassida : (Bass, Vocals) - Jason Theiste : Fiddle

Style musical : Bakersfield Sound, Alternative Country-Rock, Americana

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

1995 CD CURB CD 77772 (US) OUT OF THE BURROW - I'm A Cowboy [radio cut] / My Girlfriend Might / One More Town / Red Rock / Country Music / I'm A Cowboy [dance cut]
01/1996 SP CURB D7-76976 (US) .

Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind / Miracle Man

01/1996 CD CURB 76976 (US) . Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind
05/1996 SP CURB D7-76989 (US) .

Thump Factor / Miracle Man

05/1996 CD CURB 76989 (US) . Thump Factor
03/1998 CD CURB 73037 (US) . I Don't Want No Part Of It
1998 CD CURB D-1455 (US) (promo) .

Wakin' Up Behind The Wheel


03/1996 CD CURB CD 77748 (US) SMOKIN' ARMADILLOS - Too Hot To Handle / The Big Bad Beat (Of My Broken Heart) / Miracle Man / Thump Factor / Love Of A Lifetime / When Will I Ever Learn / Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind / The Legend Of Wooley Swamp / Dance With A Brand New Partner / Could I Have Made It Back Then / I'm A Cowboy / My Girlfriend Might
08/2003 CD HOUSE KEEPING ? (US) STRIKE THE MATCH - One Step Beyond / Strike The Match / You Were A Mountain / Is That Askin' Too Much / Emily / Love Ain't A Game / You And I / Presence / All In Who You Know / I Won't Be Down For Long

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