Chanteur Rockabilly Français né le 25 Mai 1954 à Charleroi (Belgique). Tony Marlow à débuté en 1976 à la batterie avec Victor Leed, puis en 1978 il fonde les Rockin' Rebels. Il a aussi accompagné Sonny Fisher, Vince Taylor et Freddy "Fingers" Lee. Puis il créé le Tony Marlow's Blue Five et Betty & The Bops. Tony Marlow est l'un des pilliers de la scène Rockabilly Française.

Tony Marlow was born on May 25, 1954, at Charleroi, Belgium. He moves with his parents to Corsica, where he starts playing drums at the age of 13. At 15, he earns his life by playing music, in holiday camps and open-air dance parties, -often 6 or 7 hours non-stop. What a formative experience!
His first and main influence was Elvis, whom he discovers in 1970 with the LP "Live in Vegas". Then follow Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry and all of the rock and roll pioneers. At 20 years old, he moves to Paris, where his love for rock and roll music drives him to places like the Open Market, the Golf Drouot (on Sunday afternoons) and to the Elvis Treat Me Nice Fan Club.
In 1976 he plays drums with Victor Leed and, a few months later, meets Eric "Tintin" Rice at a jam session. Impressed by Eric's voice and stage show, he proposes him to set up a rockabilly band. So, on March 1977 the Rockin' Rebels were born, but the band really started out on November, with the arrivals of Jean-Marc Tomi (lead guitar) and Jean-Paul "Nono" Joannes (bass). On May 1978 they record their first disc on the Skydog label, under the guidance of Marc Zermati (Western/Ravin' Sound). The band makes an impressive string of gigs (Swing Hall, Gibus, Palace, plus some rock festivals) followed by several rave reviews in rock magazines, that state them as leaders of the budding French rockabilly scene.
As a drummer, Tony's main influences are Dickie "Be Bop" Harell, DJ Fontana, Sandy Nelson and Bobby Clark. When Eric Rice leaves the band on December 78, Tony starts singing while playing drums. His old buddy Ramon Rocces Jr. joins up the band on piano and sax.
In 1979 and 80, their first album comes out (CBS/Skydog), they make their first TV appearence (Chorus/Antoine de Caunes, with Vince Taylor) and they play at the Olympia theater before recording their second album: Frogabilly, produced by Marc Zermati (Underdog/Carrère). In 1981 Jean-Jacques Bonnet joins the band on drums, and Tony becomes the lead singer. In April, the Rebels are the support band for the first Stray Cats French tour (10 dates). In 1984 they share the bill with Mac Curtis, Jacky Lee Cochran, Mink de Ville; record their third LP: 1,2,3...Jump! (Underdog/Carrère) and a lot of singles. The same year, they meet Aldo Martinez (ex Chaussettes Noires) who produces "Branche le Poste", a semi hit with a strong radio airplay (RTL, NRJ, Europe 1) and a lot of TV appearences.
Tony continues to play drums with Sonny Fisher, Vince Taylor and Freddy "Fingers" Lee. In 1985 the Rebels stop, and Tony sings under his own name in the Parisian clubs. In 1987 he launch a new band: "Tony Marlow et les Privés" with Jean-Marc Tomi, the first French jump band with a horn section, who plays covers of Louis Jordan and Louis Prima, -Jump, Jive and Wail 10 years before Brian Setzer! (CD "Flagrant délit au Slow Club.") In 1988 he set up "Rock Frénésie", a string of rock and roll nights, that last until 1994 (Chapelle des Lombards/Slow Club). Involved as a music promoter too (organisation, DJ, sound) Tony deals with the top of the rockabilly and jump band from all over the world (Planet Rockers, High Noon, Big Sandy, Wildfire Willie, Red Hot and Blue, Royal Crown Revue...) as well as with the French bands (Rock Frénésie compilation). At the same time he creates Tony Marlow's Blue Five (1988), and then Betty and the Bops (1991). The Blue Five play all over the Europe (Bonn, Venice, Amsterdam) and make an impressive single (Melle voulez-vous?) Tony starts studying guitar and works on the licks of the 50's masters (Scotty Moore, Cliff Gallup, James Burton, Grady Martin...) Betty and the Bops, his other band, play at the Hemsby festival (UK), as well as in the whole Europe (Barcelona, Geneva, Holland and Germany.) They share the bill with Billy Lee Riley, Sleppy Labeef, Don and Dewey, Big Al Downing, the Comets, Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana and the king of rockabilly himself, Mr Carl Perkins (Elysées Montmartre, March 3, 1996). Betty and the Bops have made out 5 albums. In 1995, Tony's own instrumental "Hot Rod Special" becomes a massive hit in the English rock and roll circle (Crazy Gator EP).
Always on the move, he brings the Rockin' Rebels back together (CD's: World Rockin/2001, Elvis Calling/2005), launch the band "Bandit Mancho" (CD: 2002) and makes a huge success at the Rhythm Riot festival (UK) and at the Summer Jamboree (Italy). In August 2004, he makes a "pilgrimage" to Memphis, on the King's tracks (Sun studios, Graceland, Tupelo). In October 2005 takes place one of the highlights in Tony's musical life: Betty and the Bops backed the queen of rockabilly herself, Janis Martin, for a one night spot in Concarneau. In 2006, he starts with a new band, "Guitar Party", where he plays all the instruments on his own in the studio (except double bass by Franck Abed), synthesizing in this way 30 years of rock and roll music (drums, bass, guitars, vocals.) On stage he performs with a rhythm section (double bass, drums) as on September 7/8, 2006, when he plays as the support band for James Burton and TCB Band. Completely alloted to the rock and roll cause, he contributes to several magazines (Southern and Rockin', Rock and Roll Revue, Elvis My Happiness) and keeps on entertaining people all over France and Europe with his "Guitar Party"!

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Style musical : Rockabilly, Jump

FOOLISH GIRL (2007) (Tony Marlow)

THE MISSING LINK (2007) (K'Ptain Kidd)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

1988 SP VOYOU'S / SOCADISC 94892 (F) Destination Désir / Mambo Joe
1991 SP BLUE MOON WMD 36-7001 (F) Mademoiselle Voulez-Vous ? / Blue Five Boogie
1995 EP CRAZY GATOR 001 (UK) BLUES-A-BILLY BOP - VOLUME 1 - 20th Century Boy (The Big 6) / Hot Rod Special (Tony Marlow) / Rock´n´Roll Fever (Billy & The Bop-Cats) / Hillbilly Blues (Tony MARLOW)
09/2016 SP FREN 102 (F) Tony MARLOW TRIO - Rock And Roll Princess / Spank!


1991 CD JAZZTRAD SL-CD-7036 (F) FLAGRAND DELIT AU SLOW-CLUB - Caldonia / Frénésie / Buona Sera / Mademoiselle Voulez-Vous ? / Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby / Route 66 / Ain't Nobody Here But Us, Chickens / Tentation Sous les Tropiques / Baby What You Want Me To Do - Please Don't Leave Me / Cliché Nocturne / Reet Petite And Gone / Hello Baby, Mademoiselle / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'
2002 CD SKYDOG / MELODIE 62278 (F) LES BANDITS MANCHO - BANDITS MANCHO - Nocturne Swing / Pourquoi / Paris Boogie / Zazie Et Le Zazou / Prima Donna / Poupée de Magazine / Du Bon Coté / Ambiance Tamisée / J'Vais M'En J'ter Un Derrière La Cravate / Sammy La Débrouille / Buona Sera / Riff Hifi / Au Clair Du Blues / J'Ai J'té Ma Clef Dans Un Tonneau D'Goudron
CD : The Booze Fighters / Rock And Roll Guitar / The Missing Link / Hot Rockin’ Mama / Cliff And Dickie / All Aboard / Lonesome Rider / Chippenham Blues / Foolish Girl / Uncle Berry / In Search Of Drums City / Be Boppin’ Daddy / Stratojet / Big Sandy / El’s Angels / Good Days Are Gone.
DVD : Good Days Are Gone / The Missing Link / + Concert à Boulogne : Rock And Roll Guitar / Baby Let's Play House / Ubangi Stomp / The Booze Fighters / Mystery Train / Come On Let's Go / Stray Cats Strut / Elvis Medley : My Baby Left Me - That's All Right - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - I Need Your Love Tonight / The Missing Link / Summertime Blues / Red Hot / Surf Medley : Rawhide - Misirlou
03/2009 LP 12" Rock Paradise ‎RPLP03 (F) Knock Out! - Action Baby / Just The Talk Of The Town / Swamp Sinner / Ghost Riders In The Sky / Even Rockers Got The Blues / Get Krazy / RidIn To The Ace / Devilish Woman / Fifty Nine Club / My Search / Girl On The Loose / Jezebel / I Fought The Law
2009 CD Skydog SK2009-1 Tony M (F) Knock Out! - RidIn To The Ace / Just The Talk Of The Town / Swamp Sinner / Devilish Woman / Girl On The Loose / Hard Liquor, Wild Woman / A Frious One ! / Get Krazy / Action Baby / Even Rockers Got The Blues / Fifty Nine Club / Lou Cifer' Place / Guitar Singer / Don't Play With Fire / Run Away From You / Born To Be Wild
10/2011 LP 10" ROCK PARADISE RPRLP 104 (F) SEE YOU AT THE ACE - See You At The Ace / Gimme Your Love / Already Gone (For Sebastien "SF Sorrow" Favre) / My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike / L'Homme A La Moto / Miss Brighton / Searchin For You / Madeira Drive

Rockabilly Troubadour - Rockabilly Troubadour / Le Cuir Et Le Baston / Piun'da Che L'Amore / L'Ivresse / Debout! / Le Garage / Elle Revient / Paso! / Le Diable Au Corps / Buchi Vuchi Tu? / Le Prochain Train / Get Your Motor Runnin' (part1) / Get Your Motor Runnin' (part2) / Laissez Moi Dormir / Monte Cintu

2014 CD ROCK PARADISE RPRCD 34 (F) FEELIN' - K'PTAIN KIDD - Feelin / I can tell / Growl / Linda lu / I'll never get over you / Shakin all over / Weep no more my baby / Doctor feelgood / Longin lips / Please don't bring me down / I just wanna make love to you / Please don't Touch / K'ptain Kidd / Le diable en personne

More Of The Same - K'PTAIN KIDD - So What / Big Blond' Baby / Restless / Bad Case Of Love / More Of The Same / Some Other Guy / Castin' My Spell / Goin' Back Home / EcstAsy / Hungry For Love / I want That / A Shot Of Rhythm 'n' Blues / Trhough The Eyes Of Love / Bonus Track: Je Suis Près De Toi

2015 LP 10" ROCK PARADISE RPRLP 108 (F) FEELIN' - K'PTAIN KIDD - Feelin’ / I Can Tell / Growl / I’ll never get over you / Shakin’ all over / K’ptain Kidd / Doctor Feelgood / Longin’ Lips / Please Don’t bring me down / Please Don’t Touch
11/2016 LP 10" ROCK PARADISE RPRLP 110 (F) More Of The Same - K'PTAIN KIDD - So What / Big Blond’ Baby / Restless / Bad Case Of Love / The I Got Every Thing / Trhough The Eyes Of Love / A Shot Of Rhythm’n’Blues / I want That / Castin’ My Spell / Some Other Guy
2017 CD ROCK PARADISE RPRCD 43 (F) SURBOUM GUITARE! - Les Guitares Jouent / Rdv Au Ace Café / Tu Me Quittes / Quand Cliff Gallope / Boogie Furieux / Au Rythme Et Au Blues / Le Swing Du Tennessee / Et La Fuzz Fut / Le Guitar Show / Tequila, Twist Et Cucaracha / Jerk & Twang / Je suis comme ça / Même les Rockers ont le Blues
CD 1 : ROCKIN' REBELS : Western / Ravin' Sound / Water Wheel / Dynamite / Train Hit The Tracks / Gonna Rock Tonite / Hey! Jump Le Blues / Bleu Comme Jean / Branche le Poste / TONY MARLOW ET LES PRIVES : Frénésie / Mademoiselle Voulez-vous? / Cliché Nocturne / 13. Hello Baby Mademoiselle / BETTY & THE BOPS : Swimmin' Through The Bayou / Rockin' Guitar Man / Crazy Little Daddy / Laisse Les Filles / TONY MARLOW : Hot Rod Special / Hillbilly Blues / BETTY & THE BOPS : All I Can Do Is Cry / The Memphis Train / LES BANDITS MANCHO : Beyond The Sea / Paris Boogie / Au Clair Du Blues / TONY MARLOW : One Week In Menphis
CD 2 : ROCKIN' REBELS : Rock-A-Like That / Wild Cat On The Loose / 60 Thousand Feet / Crocodile Swamp / Guitar Man / Gentle On My Mind / My Happiness / TONY MARLOW : The Missing Link / Lonesome Rider / The Booze Fighters / Devilish Woman / Girl On The Loose / Even Rockers Got The Blues / 59 Club / Searchin' For You / L'Homme à La Moto / Miss Brighton / Already Gone / Le Cuir Et Le Baston / Laissez-Moi Dormir / K'PTAIN KIDD : Le Diable En Personne / So What / K'Ptain Kidd / TONY MARLOW : Rock 'n' Roll Princess / R.D.V. Au Ace Cafe

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