Chanteur Country US né Wyatt Merle Kilgore, le 9 Août 1934 à Chickasha (Oklahoma). Merle Kilgore a débuté en 1951 et enregistre chez Imperial Records de 1954 à 1958. au début des années soixante , Merle Kilgore travaille dans une radio de Springfield (Missouri). Auteur, compositeur, interprète et performer, Merle, également acteur de Western, est devenu une personnalité estimée dans la Country Music. Il fut un chanteur régulier au Louisiana Hayride (KWKH, Shreveport, Louisiane). Merle Kilgore est décédé le 6 Février 2005 à Mexico (Mexique).

Merle Kilgore had a multi-tiered career in country music as a singer, songwriter, deejay and as the manager of Hank Williams Jr. Born in Chickasha, OK (full name Wyatt Merle Kilgore), and raised in Shreveport, LA, he learned to play guitar at a young age and was working as a disc jockey and musician in his mid-teens. His outgoing personality and musical ability served Kilgore well, and he worked at several stations around the state before joining the Louisiana Hayride as the principal accompanying guitarist. He made the jump to television in 1952 on the Ouachita Valley Jamboree on KFAZ-TV in West Monroe, LA, then debuted on the Grand Ole Opry, and appeared on the Big D Jamboree in Dallas, all in a two-year span from 1952 to 1954, during which period he also completed college. Kilgore was signed to Imperial Records in 1953, and wrote the song "More and More," which was recorded by Web Pierce, Guy Lombardo, and Johnny Duncan, among others, with Pierce's making the number one country single for ten weeks.
His own recordings didn't do much, either on Imperial or D Records, but in 1959 Johnny Horton got a Top Ten hit with "Johnny Reb," another Kilgore song. It was only when he signed with Starday Records that Kilgore began generating hit recordings of his own, beginning with "Dear Mama" early in 1960. "Love Has Made You Beautiful" and "Gettin' Old Before Your Time" was a double-sided hit, the A-side making the Top Ten. Kilgore joined the Grand Ole Opry in the early '60s, even as other artists -- including Frankie Miller -- continued to generate their own hits with his songs, such as "Baby Rocked Her Dolly." He also appeared regularly on the Big 10 Jamboree and the Riley Springs Jamboree, out of Arkansas and Texas, respectively. "Wolverton Mountain," authored by Kilgore and his fellow Louisianan Claude King, became one of the biggest hits of Kilgore's songwriting career in King's hands, holding the number one country spot for nine weeks in the early '60s, riding that chart for six months and becoming a Top Ten pop hit as well. In 1962, he also co-wrote "Ring of Fire" with June Carter, which became a major country and pop hit for Johnny Cash. Kilgore even followed Cash's path into the august surroundings of Carnegie Hall in New York for a concert and became a major draw in Las Vegas, while his albums, including There's Gold in Them Thar Hills and Merle Kilgore, kept selling for Starday.
By the mid-'60s, he'd jumped to Mercury Records and also into motion pictures, as a singer, doing the title song for the Steve McQueen revenge Western Nevada Smith, and also as an actor in the same movie. He joined Columbia Records in 1967 and did some more onscreen acting in Hewnry Hathaway's Five Card Stud (1967), starring Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum. He jumped labels again in 1969 and then in 1973, ending up back on Starday at that time. He continued to record into the 1980s and was assisted by Hank Williams Jr. on the album Mr. Garfield. He subsequently began managing Williams.
Despite his activities in management, Kilgore continued to perform in his 60s and remained a familiar figure in country music thanks to his songwriting, which kept his name before the listening public even as he moved into other capacities. In 1995, Bear Family released a CD called Teenager's Holiday, made up of Kilgore's classic recordings. And Kilgore's music continued to be covered anew -- in 1998, Van Morrison recorded a version of "More and More" as a duet with Bob Dylan. Merle Kilgore passed away February 6, 2005 while receiving treatment for lung cancer.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Cowboy, Rockabilly 


ERNIE (1956)


Getting Old Before My Time (1960)

Something's Goin' On That I Can't See (1962)

Pinball Machine (1963)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



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More And More / What Makes Me Love You

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Seeing Double, Feeling Single / It Can't Rain All The Time

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Dear Mama / Jimmie Brings Sunshine

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Daddy's Place / Just Another Song Now

08/1961 SP MERCURY 71839 (US) . Wicked City / I'll Take Ginger And Run Away
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42 In Chicago / Lover's Hell

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A Girl Named Liz / Trouble At The Tower

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Ain't Nothin' But A Man / Something's Goin' On That I Can't See

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Pinball Machine / Old Smokey

01/1964 SP MGM K 13209 (US) .

Johnny Zero / Always An Apple

12/1964 SP MGM K 13277 (US) .

Slow Hard Way / Bell Witch

02/1965 SP EPIC 5-9762 (US) . Everyday's A Holiday / It's All Over Now
07/1965 SP EPIC 5-9816 (US) . Help Me Up Darling / Dig Dig Dig Dig
12/1965 SP EPIC 5-9873 (US) . Baby I Got It / Mamas Killing Daddy
07/1966 SP EPIC 5-10049 (US)

Nevada Smith / Too Many Mountains

03/1967 SP EPIC 5-10146 (US) . I'd Cry Like A Baby / I Just Don't Care Anymore
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02/1968 SP COLUMBIA 4-44463 (US) . Wild Rose / The Patches
10/1968 SP ASHLEY B-6000 (US) . Beyond My Conscience.. / Packing An Unpacking
07/1969 SP ASHLEY A-6 (US) .

Ring Of Fire / I Won The War

05/1971 SP ASHLEY ASH-35007 (US) . God Bless The Working Man / That’s Alright
1972 SP STARDAY 45-950 (US) . Good Rockin' Tonight / Great Drinkin' Bout
1972 SP KING 45-6391 (US) . Boogie King / All She Wants To Do Is Boogie
06/1974 SP WARNER BROS. 7831 (US) . Keep On Truckin' Cafe / Montgomery Mabel
10/1974 SP WARNER BROS. 8039 (US) . Love 'O' Love / Baby's Comin' Home To Stay
03/1975 SP WARNER BROS. 8081 (US) . I'm Not Responsible / Tied
11/1981 SP ELEKTRA E-47252 (US) . Mister Garfield / I'm A One Woman Man
10/1982 SP ELEKTRA 7-69895 (US) . The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down / She Went A Little Bit Farther
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02/1985 SP WARNER BROS. 29062 (US) . Guilty / When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back
19?? SP MELODISC 45/1545 (UK) . Dear Mama / Jimmie Bring Sunshine


11/1963 LP 12" STARDAY SLP-251 (US) THERE'S GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS - Baby Rocked Her Dolly / 13 Mile / Just Before the Battle / It Ain't Much / Getting Old / Johnny Reb / Campin' In Canaan Land / Old Smokey / Turn Your Radio On / Pinball Machine / Go On Bruce / Seasons Of My Heart / Death Of Abraham Lincoln / Picture At St. Helene
12/1965 LP 12" MERCURY / WING MGW-12316 (mono) / SRW-16316 (stereo) (US) THE TALL TEXAN - Wicked City / I'll Take Ginger And Run Away / The Love Bug / A Girl Named Liz / Trouble At The Tower / 42 In Chicago / Back Street Affair / Lover's Hell / Somethin' Goin On (That I Can't See) / Ain't Nothin' But A Man
1969 LP 12" HILLTOP JS-6084 (US) RING OF FIRE - Ring Of Fire / Laura (What He's Got That I Ain't Got) / Flower Of Love / Till I Get Over You / That's All Right / Wolverton Mountain / Packing And Unpacking / I Won The War / Where Your Love Stopped / Beyond My Conscience And The Door
1990 LP 12" DEMAND DSLP-0055 (F)

Country Rockers - Everybody Needs A Little Lovin' / Seeing Double Feeling Single / Ride Jesse Ride / Dirty Ernie / Hang Doll / It Can't Rain All The Time / Mona Lisa / Funny Feeling / Love Flame / Good Rockin' Tonight / Miles From The Tennessee Line / Lovers Hell / It Ain't Much But It's Home / 42 In Chicago / Back Street Affair / Love Bug / Wicked City / Trouble At The Tower

1991 CD BEAR FAMILY BCD-15544 (GER) TEENAGER'S HOLIDAY - Ride Jesse Ride / Hang Doll / Everybody Needs A Little Lovin' / Ernie / Start All Over Again / Tom Dooley, Jr. / More And More / It Can't Rain All The Time / Seein' Double, Feelin Single / What Makes Me Love You / Funny Feelin' / Now That You Are Leavin' / That's When My Blues Began / Teenager's Holiday / Please, Please, Please / I Feel Guilty / Tryin To Find (Someone Like You) / Goodbye / 42 In Chicago / Wicked City / I'll Take Ginger And Run Away / A Girl Named Liz / Ain't Nothin' But A Man / Something's Goin' On That I Can't See / There's No Food In This House / Lover's Hell / Back Street Affair / Trouble At The Tower / The Love Bug / I'll Shake Your Hand
199? CD Amazon 1002 (US)

Possum Holler Presents - My Side Of Life / The Key’s In The Mailbox / Woman (Sensuous Woman) / (Don’t Take Her ) She’s All I Got / A Different Kind Of Pretty / Jim, Peggy, The Baby And Me / As You Take A Walk Through My Mind / Big Blue Diamonds / My Unforgiveable Sin / The Loving I Give Her / The Great Drink‘ bout / Good Rockin‘ Tonight

2001 CD Legend LR-111 (US)

The Singer, Songwriter - Wolverton Mountain / Old Records / She Went A Little Bit Further / Intro Ring Of Fire / Ring Of Fire / When Something Better Comes Along / Your Driving Me (Into Her Arms Again) / Son Of A Honky Tonk Man / I'll Have To Die (To Love Again) / More And More / I Won The War / Johnny Reb / Thanking Merle

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