Chanteuse Bluegrass US née le 19 Septembre 1952 à Chicago (Illinois).

An eclectic mixture of roots music has been incorporated into the music of Oakland, CA-based vocalist/acoustic guitarist Kathy Kallick. As a founding member (and still active after two decades) of gender-bending string band the Good Ol' Persons, a duo partner of Laurie Lewis, and the leader of her own group, the Little Big Band, Kallick has performed everything from traditional folk music and gospel to bluegrass and country music. Kallick's second solo album, Call Me a Taxi, marked her first attempt at producing an all-bluegrass recording and was a reaction to her debut album, Matters of the Heart, which included drums, piano, and steel drums. Kallick revealed a different side of her persona with two children's music albums: What Do You Dream About, released in 1990 and reissued in 1997, and Use Your Napkin (Not Your Mom) in 1995.
A native of Chicago, Kallick grew up in the suburbs of Evanston, IL. Her love of music was inherited from her parents. Her father plays classical guitar and recorder, while her mother is a classical pianist who played folk guitar and dulcimer and was involved with the folk music scene in Chicago in the late '50s and early '60s. Although she spent her high school years rebelling against her parents' preferred music and became a self-professed Beatlemaniac, she found her way back to her musical roots at the age of 18 when she acquired a Martin D-28 acoustic guitar and began playing traditional music. Attending Kansas City Art Institute for a year, Kallick met a guitar-playing friend in 1970 who convinced her to switch to a steel-string guitar.
Kallick sharpened her skills by performing original songs in folk music coffeehouses in Chicago. She occasionally performed with her mother, singing harmony on traditional songs. After leaving Chicago, Kallick spent a year in Iowa, accompanying bluegrass fiddlers at local fiddle contests. Kallick moved to northern California's Bay Area in 1973. Although the folk music circuit was mostly inactive, the area had a burgeoning bluegrass scene.
The five women in the original Good Ol' Persons initially came together at parties and music events. Kallick's involvement was sparked when she and Barbara Mendelsohn, who was in the original group, went to a folk festival together and rode home in the back seat of a car, singing songs. Meeting regularly once a week, the Good Ol' Persons started to take their music more seriously. Performing their first shows in February 1975, they started attracting attention to their unique form of roots music. Although they've gone through several personnel changes, the group celebrated their 20th anniversary with a concert in November 1995 that was released as the live album, Good N' Live.
Throughout the 1970s, Kallick remained active as a bluegrass musician in northern California. In addition to working with the Good Ol' Persons, she performed and recorded with mandolinist Frank Wakefield and produced albums for High Lonesome. Kallick reunited with original Good Ol' Persons member Laurie Lewis for a duo album, Together, in 1991.
In addition to remaining active with the latest lineup of the Good Ol' Persons, Kallick has been touring with her own group, the Little Big Band, featuring John Reischman (mandolin), Todd Phillips (bass), and Keith Little (second lead Vocals, banjo, guitar, fiddle).

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Upright Bass

Style musical : Progressive Bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass, Traditional Folk, Gospel, Folk, Children's, Religious

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


1977 LP 12" BAY 208 (US)

Good Ol' Persons - Texas / Think Of What You've Done / Pretend Your Mine / Farewell To Whiskey - Butcher's Row / High On A Mountain / Southbound / Always Late / Rutabaga Boogie / Earl's Chair / Another Night / Sunny Slopes / Sweet Dreams / Big Sandy River / Sweet Sunny South / Don't Come To Me / You're The Song / Road To Lisdoonevarna

03/1992 CD KALEIDOSCOPE K 44 (US) TOGETHER - LAURIE LEWIS & KATHY KALLICK - Going Up On The Mountain / Just Like Rain / Is The Blue Moon Still Shining / Don't You See That Train / Hideaway / The Touch Of The Master's Hand / Lost John / Maverick / That Dawn The Day You Left Me / Count Your Blessings / Little Annie / Don't Leave Your Little Girl All Alone / Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
05/1994 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD 3820 (US) MATTERS OF THE HEART - Radio / Bakery Window Wedding / Man In The Moon / Just Takes Time / Midwestern Boy / North Star / You Were In Love / Matters Of The Heart / Quake Of '89 / Save Everything / See You In Seattle / Red Shirt / Wish Me Well
03/1995 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD 3833 (US) USE A NAPKIN (NOT YOUR MOM) - Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom) / The Crawdad Song / Smelly Feet / Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? / There's A Hole In The Bucket / Bye Bye Kitty Zydeco / My Family / C-H-I-C-K-E-N / Amelia Earhart's Last Flight / Liza Jane / Little Starlet / Don't Hurry Me / A Boy And His Dog / On My Way Back Home 
1995 CD ROUNDER CD 0318 (US) TOGETHER - LAURIE LEWIS & KATHY KALLICK - Going Up On The Mountain / Just Like Rain / Is The Blue Moon Still Shining / Don't You See That Train / Hideaway / The Touch Of The Master's Hand / Lost John / Maverick / That Dawn The Day You Left Me / Count Your Blessings / Little Annie / Don't Leave Your Little Girl All Alone / Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
10/1996 CD SUGAR HILL SH-CD 3856 (US) CALL ME A TAXI - Call Me A Taxi / Thoughts Of Love And Home / Griddle In The Middle / True Happy Home / Close By / Burying Ground / Once Is Enough / Send Me Your Address From Heaven / Old Time's Sake / My Old Clinch Mountain Home / Stronger Cup
03/1999 CD LIVE OAK 510 (US) WALKIN' IN MY SHOES - KATHY KALLICK BAND - Walkin' In My Shoes / I Won't Do It Again / Rocky Road Blues / Don't Mind Me / Tomorrow's Breakdown / I'd Jump The Mississippi / Dark Moon / When I Wake Up To Sleep No More / Who's Goin' Down To Town / Fire In The East / Neon Chief / Moods Of A Fool / Wings / After All
1999 CD LIVE OAK 520 (US) WHAT DO YOU DREAM ABOUT - KATHY KALLICK BAND - Animal Love / Sweet Betsy From Pike / The Fox / Buffalo Gals / Hey Diddle Diddle - Three Little Monkeys / What Do You Dream About? / Garbage Man / The Doggy Medley / Casey Jones / My Awesome Dude / The Baby Slips Out Of The Bed / Rock Your Dolly
2000 2 CD SSAMSARA ? (GER)

Kathy Kallick Band Live Im Haus Der Kultur :
CD 1 : No Titles Given
CD 2 : No Titles Given

04/2002 CD COPPER CREEK CCCD 0201 (US) MY MOTHER'S VOICE - East Virginia Blues (with Lynn MORRIS) / Hello Stranger (with Peter ROWAN) / Rosewood Casket (with Keith LITTLE) / Cotton-Eyed Joe (with James LEVA & Carol Elizabeth JONES) / My Native Home / All The Good Times (Are Past And Gone) (with Suzanne THOMAS) / My Home's Across The Blue Ridge (with Kate BRISLIN & Jody STECHER) / Shady Grove (with Peter ROWAN) / I Never Will Marry (with Claire LYNCH) / Wreck Of The Old #9 (with Laurie LEWIS) / The Tailor & The Mouse / Willie Poor Boy / Banks Of The Ohio (with Peter ROWAN) / Row Us Over The Tide (with Kate BRISLIN & Jody STECHER) / Waterbound (with Amy STENBERG) / I'll Fly Away (Amy STENBERG, Tom BEKANY & Avram SIEGEL) / Web Of Birdsong
01/2004 CD COPPER CREEK CCCD 0215 (US) REASON & RHYME - I Once Loved / Trumpet Vine / Coastal Fog / The Words You Don't Say / Good To Me / You Took Me Away / Just A Song / Love You On A Train / Rustler's Moon / Lone Pilgrim / Take Care Of Your Little Girls / Handsome Cabin Boy / Hard To Let Go / What A Night / Bring Me Back To You 
04/2005 CD COPPER CREEK CCCD 0237 (US) A WARMER KIND OF BLUE - KATHY KALLICK BAND - Friend Of Mine / The Messenger / Hey, Hey, Hey / A Warmer Kind Of Blue / Late Last Night / Metropolis Blues / This Last Request / Burn Down The House / That's How I Can Count On You / Just One Time / A Dirty Riff / Honky Tonk Blues / Still / God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign / In The Middle Of My Town 
2010 CD LIVE OAK 540 (US) BETWEEN THE HOLLOW AND THE HIGH-RISE - KATHY KALLICK BAND - Where Is My Little Cabin Home / Whistle Stop Town / There's A Higher Power / My House / Panhandle Rag (Instr.) / Lonesome Night (Dan BOOTH) / The Snow / New White House Blues (with Peter THOMPSON) / Girl Next Door / Come Walk With Me (Tom BEKENY) / Monobrow (Instr.) (Greg BOOTH) / (Get Along Home) Cindy (Dan BOOTH) / Wildflowers / Winterlight Aire (Instr.) (Tom BEKENY)
08/2014 CD Spruce And Maple SMM 1012 (US)

LAURIE & Kathy Sing The Songs Of Vern & Ray - Oh! Susanna / Cabin On A Mountain / Cowboy Jack / Little Birdie / If I Had My Life To Live Over Again / Happy I'll Be / Black-Eyed Susie / To Hell With The Land / Flying Cloud / Montana Cowboy / Down Among The Budded Roses / Thinkin' Of Home / Field Of Flowers / How Many Times / My Clinch Mountain Home / My Old Kentucky Home / Blue Grass Style / Touch Of God's Hand

2015 CD Live Oak 610 (US)

Foxhounds - Kathy Kallick Band - Foxhounds / So Danged Lonesome / I'm Not Your Honey-Baby Now / I'll Forgive You / Don't Let Your Deal Go Down / Snowflakes / Sally Ann / Longest Day Of The Year / Roscoe / Tear Stained Letter / My Montana Home / Banjo Pickin' Girl / Kentucky Mandolin / In Texas

2018 CD Live Oak 620 (US)

Horrible World - Kathy Kallick Band - Ride Away / Pockets Full Of Rain / (It's A) Horrible World / Cascade Blues / Dark As The Night / Solid Gone / My Honey Lou / Boot Heel Drag / The Sunday Road / Cotton Eyed Joe / Nothin' So Bad (It Can't Get Worse) / Edale / This Beautiful World

10/2023 CD Live Oak 640 (US)

The Lonesome Chronicles - Kathy Kallick Band - It's Lonesome Everywhere I Go / Just Lonesome Ol' Me & The Radio / A Lonesome Feeling / Lonesome Dobro Blues / Ths Old Lonesome Song / Never Been So Lonesome / Roscoe Got The Rabbit / 25 Chickens / The Weather Song / A Beautiful Life / Foggy Mountain Chimes / Souvenirs / I'm Gonna Miss This House / Reunion

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