Chanteuse Country US née le 5 Novembre 1959 à Canby (Oregon).

Joni Harms grew up on a ranch in Oregon where she combined an interest in singing with the life of a cowgirl. She won a talent contest sponsored by the Future Farmers of America while in high school and soon began taking trips to Nashville in search of a recording contract. She signed to record executive Jimmy Bowen's Universal label, a co-venture with MCA Records, and reached the country Top 40 in April 1989 with "I Need a Wife." "The Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes," the follow-up single, reached the country charts in June. Bowen took Harms with him when he moved to Capitol Records in 1990 and there released her debut album, Hometown Girl, which did not chart. During the 1990s, Harms maintained her musical career while marrying, raising two children, and continuing to live and work on her family ranch in Oregon. She followed Hometown Girl with Whatever It Takes and the all-original holiday album Christmas in the Country. By 1998 she was signed to Warner Bros. Records, which released Cowgirl Dreams. She made a children's album, Are We There Yet?, accompanied by a coloring book, and also wrote and published a children's book, Stan and Bert. A second children's book, The Little Grey Donkey, appeared in the fall of 2001, as did a new country album, After All, released on her Real West Productions label through the independent record company Paras Recordings

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country-Pop

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



12/1988 SP UNIVERSAL UVL-53492 (US)

I Need A Wife / The Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes

1989 SP UNIVERSAL UVL-66012 (US)

The Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes / A Woman Know


1985 LP 12" JONI HARMS JHM-1001 (US)

Thoughts Of You - Comin' Home / That's Why He Sent Me You / No More Like You / Thoughts Of You / You're My Blanket / Rocky Top / Spirng Will Come Again / You / You've Stole My Heart Away / Coat Of Many Colors / I Love 'Em All / Let's Sail Away


I Want To Sing For You - I Want To Sing For You / Gotta Make A New Start / My Daddy's Arms / This Is The Day / Choose Your Love / Come Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Me / It's Been Years / Mr Right / Memories Of You / Remember What It's All About

07/1990 CD CAPITOL CDP 0777 7 94314 2 (US) HOMETOWN GIRL - Tear It Up / If You Were Me / You Don't Need To Knock / What Kind Of Line Does A Woman Use / I Used To Be You / Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes / You're The Heart Of It All / I Need A Wife / There's No Heart So Strong / Hometown Girl
1995 CD JONI HARMS JHCD 1003 (US) WHATEVER IT TAKES - All In The Jeans / Love's Gonna Tell On You / To Believe In Love / Stayin' Power / Music To My Ears / Love Is Spoken Here / No More Tears / Gate Is Open / Whatever It Takes / Two Faces In A Texan Moon
1995 ? CD JONI HARMS JHCD 1004 (US) THOUGHTS OF YOU - Comin' Home / That's Why He Sent Me You / No More Like You / Thoughts Of You / You're My Blanket / Rocky Top / Spring Will Come Again / You / You've Stole My Heart / Coat Of Many Colors / I Love 'em All / Let's Sail Away
1996 CD  JONI HARMS JHCD 1006 (US) CHRISTMAS IN THE COUNTRY - Going Home / White Whiskers / Little Gray Donkey / I'll Be Wearing Your Ring / Christmas In The Country / King Of Kings / Cowboy Christmas / Gift, You Can Have A Merry Christmas / Remember What It's All About
11/1998 CD WARNER BROS. 9 47119-2 (US) COWGIRL DREAMS - Belle Starr / Two Steppin' Texas Blue / When I Get Over You / Old Fashioned Girl / Blue Montana Moon / Swing, That's The Way I Feel About You / Woman Knows / Catalog Dreams / Long Hard Ride
1999 CD JONI HARMS JHCD 1007 (US) ARE WE THERE YET ? - Friends / Stan And Bert / Why, Ol' Red / Tie My Shoe / Music In The Barn / Old Midnight / Are We There Yet / Germs / Talk Things Over With The Lord / Olivia's Lullaby
10/2001 CD REAL WEST 6001-2 (US) AFTER ALL - I've Got A Weakness For Cowboys / He's More Than Your Eyes Can See / Every Cowgirl's Dream / After All / Keep On Dreamin' / West Texas Waltz / Ay Yi Yi Yi / Millie / Cowboy Wedding / It'll Happen When It's Time / Cowboy Coffee / Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Clothes / I Want To Sing For You
03/2004 CD WILDCATTER 791301 (US) LET'S PUT THE WESTERN BACK IN THE COUNTRY - Let's Put The Western Back In The Country / I've Got A Feelin' For You / Murphy's Law / Coyote Cafe / Little Bit Of Love / Cowboy Up / Louisiana Hot Sauce / Love Never Hurt Nobody / Oregon Trail / Wind / Shape Of My Heart / We Work It Out / I Still Do
2005 CD CORMACK 101 (US)

That‘s Faith - Oh, How I Love Jesus / Joseph Built The Cradle / Far Side Of Jordan / I'd Rather Have Jesus / That's Faith / The Place Where I Worship / God's Coloring Book / Never Alone / Just A Closer Walk With Thee / Lord, You Lead And Will Follow / Jesus Loves Me / Where I'd Like To Wait / Send One Up / She's Still Prayin' For Me

12/2011 CD HARMS WAY MUSIC ? (US) HARMS WAY - Here Comes The Country / Saddle Blanket / If You Have A Heart / Out On This Old Farm / Love Won't Get No Where / Cupid's Arrow / Buddy And Me / Coyote Yodel / Daddy's Boots / Cowboy's Prayer / Jealousy / Western Star / Harms Way
06/2014 2 CD  JONI HARMS ? (US) JONI ARMS LIVE - From Oregon to Ireland :
CD 1 : After All / He's More Than Your Eye's Can See / Old Fashioned Girl / Buddy And Me / That's Faith / The Only Thing Bluer' Than His Eyes / I Need A Wife / Blue Montana Moon / Two Steppin' Texas Blue / Harms Way / We Work It Out
CD 2 : Here Comes The Country / Louisiana Hot Sauce / West Texas Waltz / Joesph Built The Cradle / Catalog Dreams / Weakness For Cowboys / Cowboy Up / Love Won't Get Nowhere If We Don't Start Somewhere / From Oregon To Ireland / I Want To Sing For You / Lets Put The Western Back In The Country

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