Chanteur Country US n le 7 Juillet 1952 Waco (Texas). James Hand est mort le 8 Juin 2020.

A local legend in West Texas, James Hand spent the better part of four decades writing and playing pure honky tonk country before he earned any significant attention outside the Lone Star State, when Rounder Records released his first nationally distributed album, 2006's The Truth Will Set You Free. James Hand was born in 1952 in Waco, TX, and developed a passion for country music early in life, joining a band that was playing local roadhouses at the age of 12. While Hand loved music, 15 dollars a night and free beer weren't enough to keep body and soul together, and he took up a career as a horse trainer. (Hand says of his work with animals, "People act like it's some big deal, like this whole horse whispering thing. But I'll tell you something you can whisper to 'em, you can get down on your knees and act like 'em, but the horse knows you ain't a horse.") But over the years, Hand kept writing songs and playing them at various Lone Star honky tonks, and slowly but surely he earned a following of loyal fans, including Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Ray Benson (of Asleep at the Wheel), and legendary University of Texas football coach Darrell K. Royal. In 1996, Hand cut his first album, Shadows Where the Magic Was, for a small local label; the album earned solid reviews, and his next effort, 2000's Evil Things, fared even better. In 2005, word about Hand's work finally began to spread east, and the venerable roots music label Rounder Records signed Hand to a recording contract. Hand's first album for Rounder, The Truth Will Set You Free, was produced by Lloyd Maines and hit stores in the spring of 2006. A second Rounder release, Shadow on the Ground, followed in 2009.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Western Swing, Alternative Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



06/1999 CD Crystal Clear Sound 81932  (US) SHADOWS WHERE THE MAGIC WAS - Over There, That's Frank / Baby, Baby, Dont Tell Me That / I Heard Mama Callin' / Heart Of Mine / I Can't Afford To Go / Banks Of The Brazos / If You Can't Tell the Difference / Little Bitty Slip / Shadows Where The Magic Was / Lord Above, Can You Hear Me / Not Worth The Trouble Anymore / Merry Christmas Darlin' / Everybody Got It But Me / My Heart's Been Cheatin' On Me
02/2000 CD COLD SPRING 629902 (US) EVIL THINGS - In The Corner, At The Table, By The Jukebox / Baby, Baby, Baby (Don't Tell Me That) / I Hope She Loves You (Enough To Tell A Lie) / Just Not Worth The Trouble / Why Didn't You Hold Me? / A Night Like Any Other / Evil Things / The Truth Will Set You Free / Last River To Cross / Cuttin' Down (On My Runnin' Around) / Over There, That's Frank / Do You Belong?
02/2006 CD ROUNDER 3241 (US) THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE ! - Banks Of The Brazos / Baby, Baby, Don't Tell Me That / Here Lies A Good Old Boy / I've Got A Lot Of Hiding Left To Do / If I Live Long Enough To Heal / In The Corner, At The Table, By The Jukebox / Leave The Lonely Alone / Little Bitty Slip / Just An Old Man With An Old Song / Shadows Where The Magic Was / The Truth Will Set You Free / When You Stopped Loving Me, So Did I
09/2009 CD ROUNDER 613254 (US) SHADOW ON THE GROUND - Don't Want Me Too / Mona Lisa / Just A Heart / The Parakeet / Floor To Crawl / What Little I Got Left / The Pain Of Loving You / Ain't A Goin' / Midnight Run / Leavin' For Good / Don't Depend On Me / Men Like Me Can Fly
10/2012 CD Hillgrass Bluebilly 30239 (US) Mighty Lonesome Man - Mighty Lonesome Man / Years I Been Loving You / Lesson In Depression / Please Me When You Can / The Drought / Old Man Henry / Now Not Later / My Witness / Wish You Would Kiss Me / You Almost Fell / Favorite Fool / You Were With Me Then / Get Rhythm / You're An Angel

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