Chanteur Country US n Deryl Dwayne Dodd, le 12 Avril 1964 Dallas (Texas).

Honky tonker Deryl Dodd grew up in Dallas, TX, where he favored football over music throughout his formative years. When an injury permanently derailed his athletic career, his fellow students at Baylor University encouraged him to begin performing his music in public, and soon he was one of the biggest attractions on the Waco club circuit. After graduating in 1987, he pursued music full-time, moving in 1991 to Nashville to form a band with his friend Brett Beavers. After supporting Martina McBride during her 1992 tour opening for Garth Brooks, Dodd sang backing vocals on McBride's second LP before embarking on a solo career. He also played in Tracy Lawrence's band and sang harmony on records by Radney Foster and George Ducas. After a 1994 demo deal fell through, Dodd issued his debut album, One Ride in Vegas, in 1996. A self-titled effort followed two years later. Shortly after his 1998 album was released, Dodd was planning national tour, opening for Tim McGraw and Brooks & Dunn, but his plans were foiled when he was diagnosed with an acute case of viral encephalitis. Dodd was bedridden for six months, per doctor's orders. He then went through a rehabilitation period lasting a year and a half, during which he had to relearn how to play the guitar. After playing songwriter nights in Nashville, Dodd ditched his deal with Columbia Records in favor of Lucky Dog, a Sony imprint dedicated to Texas music. 2002's Pearl Snaps appeared on Lucky Dog. He returned to Texas, where he was fortunate enough to be invited to record Live at Billy Bob's Texas, which was issued in August 2003. After returning to Texas, things continually went up, including the sales of his 2004 album Pearl Snaps. In 2006, Dodd released Full Circle on DualTone Nashville.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar, Banjo, Steel Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Honky Tonk, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

09/1996 CD COLUMBIA 38-78437 (US) . Friends Don't Drive Friends / That's Just Me
10/1996 CD COLUMBIA 38-78478 (US) . That's How I Got To Memphis / Movin' Out To The Country
12/1996 CD COLUMBIA 7847838 (US)

That's How I Got To Memphis / Movin' Out To The Country / 13 MWZ / This Ol' World (Keeps Turning On Me)

05/1997 CD COLUMBIA 38-78571 (US) . Movin' Out To The Country / Friends Don't Drive Friends
05/1998 CD COLUMBIA 38-78882 (US) . Time On My Hands / The Best I Ever Had
09/1998 CD COLUMBIA 38-79013 (US) A Bitter End / Time On My Hands


10/1996 CD COLUMBIA CK-67544 (US) ONE RIDE IN VEGAS - Friends Don't Drive Friends... / That's How I Got To Memphis / Movin' Out To The Country / Stayin' Is The Only Way To Go / Somethin' Like That / This Ol' World (Keeps Turning On Me) / One Ride In Vegas / 13 MWZ / I Can Love You / That's Just Me
11/1998 CD COLUMBIA CK-68793 (US) DERYL DODD - It's Only 'Cause You're Lonely / Best I Ever Had / Bad For Good / A Bitter End / John Roland Wood / 30-30 / I Thought I'd Heard It All / Good Idea Tomorrow / On Any Given Day / Somewhere Down The Road
01/2002 CD LUCKY DOG CK-85754 (US) PEARL SNAPS - Pearl Snaps / She'll Have You Back / That's How I Got To Memphis / One Ride In Vegas / Honky Tonk Champagne / Good Things Happen / On Earth As It Is In Texas / Cows / What Some Call A Weakness / Back To The Honky Tonks / A Bitter End / Sundown / Where The River Flows
08/2003 CD SMITH MUSIC GROUP BBT-5021-2 (US) LIVE AT BILLY BOB'S TEXAS - Bad For Good / A Man Can't Help What He's Thinkin' / That's How I Got To Memphis / Things Are Fixin' To Get Real Good / Friends Don't Drive Friends... / One Ride In Vegas / Movin' Out To The Country / John Roland Wood / A Bitter End / New Tony Lamas / Drinkin' 'Bout You / That's Just Me / Only Thing That I Have Left / That's All Right Mama / Bonus track 1
10/2004 CD DUALTONE 80302-01191-2 (US) STRONGER PROOF - Never Again / Stronger Proof / Somethin' Ain't Always Better / Outside Lookin' In / More Of The Same / Love Or Something Like It / She Does The Best She Can / Livin' Where You Told Me To Go / Let Me Be / The Crowd
08/2006 CD DUALTONE 80302-01236-2 (US) FULL CIRCLE - Wearin' A Hole / Thanks To The Man / I'm Not Home / Into Outlaw / That's The Stuff / Feels Like Home To Me / I Won't Run / Solid Ground / Only Cause Your Lonely / Someone Is Waiting For Me / Songs Of The Family
08/2009 CD SMITH ENTERTAINMENT 7126 (US) TOGETHER AGAIN - Together Again / Back To The Honky Tonks / You're Not Lookin' For / Life Behind Bars / Death Taxes And Texas / Things You Don't Know / Beer And The Belly / It Don't Take Much / Lost Highway / All I Know / I'll Fly Away / John The Revelator / Home For Christmas
07/2011 CD SMITH ENTERTAINMENT 7150 (US) RANDOM AS I AM - Baby Where's My Bottle / Loveletters / FM 2213 / Anybody Out There / Fallin' / I'll Be Comin Home To You / Love Around Here / Losin Ground / Something Aint Always Better Than Nothin / I Can Do This (Joys' Song) / Can't Say No To Larry Joe / One Night Too Long / Who Am I

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