Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll Ecossais né John Hendry Blair, le 3 Février 1945 à Ochitree, émigré en Ontario (Canada) en 1952, avant de s'établir en Californie en 1960. Johnny Cymbal rencontre la gloire début 1963 grâce à son troisième disque : "Mr. Bassman". Johnny est mort le 16 Mars 1993 d'une crise cardiaque.

Johnny Cymbal recorded under as many names as Sybil had personalities. He was born in Ochitree, Scotland, on February 3, 1945, but his parents moved to Goderich, Ontario, then Cleveland, OH. He started singing at 13, taught himself the guitar, and later wore an assortment of musical hats: singer/songwriter, producer, and musical director, among others. At 17, MGM Records signed Cymbal and shuttled him to Nashville, where he cut two singles that flopped, ending the brief association. Managed by Jack Gale, Cymbal cut more singles for different labels, almost having an unexpected hit from a demo entitled "Bachelor Man." He did score in 1963 on Kapp Records with "Mr. Bass Man," which featured Ronnie Bright (Valentines, Cadillacs) responding in bass to Cymbal's high-pitched questions. The follow-up, "Teenage Heaven," stalled outside Billboard's pop Top 40 at number 58. He switched labels, but nothing clicked at DCP, Columbia, Musicor, or Amaret, but you can't say he didn't try or get opportunities. Labels gave Cymbal shots because he hit once and could write and produce (if necessary); five tool recording artists were rare in the '60s. Labels began using his skills on other artists, but Cymbal still sought the limelight and began recording under various pseudonyms. His Milk sides for Buddah Records didn't fly, but as Derek he had better luck. Derek, Cymbal's brother, played in his band, but the recording voice was Johnny's. As Derek, Johnny cut "Cinnamon" on Bang Records and watched it soar to number 11, eclipsing the success of "Mr. Bass Man." This was a very successful period for Cymbal; he also wrote "Mary in the Morning," for Elvis Presley and was writing for Gene Pitney, Terri Gibbs, Mae West, the Partridge Family, and others. Derek's follow-up, "Back Door Man," braked at number 59, and successors fared even worse. Johnny's brother Derek toured as Derek while he engrossed himself in studio work, but soon Derek played out. Cymbal became Taurus in 1969 on Tower Records, and later Brother John on A&M. The recordings didn't sell well and Cymbal hooked up with Peggy Clinger and waxed duos as Cymbal & Clinger. He moved to Nashville and recorded occasional singles until the late '80s. Songwriting became his most gainful occupation during these times and Cymbal's compositions regularly graced the country charts. The multi-talented artist died of a heart attack March 16, 1993, in Nashville two years before his 50th birthday.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Producer

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll, Teen Idol, Doo Wop

IT'LL BE ME (1960)

MR. BASS MAN (1963)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

08/1960 SP MGM K12935 (US) . Always, Always / It'll Be Me
01/1961 SP MGM K12978 (US) .

The Water Was Red / Bunny

01/1963 SP KAPP K-503 (US) . Mr Bass Man / Sacred Lovers Vow
1963 SP KAPP KP-70 (JAP) Mr Bass Man / Sacred Lovers Vow
02/1963 SP VEE JAY 495 (US) . Bachelor Man / Growing Up With You
04/1963 SP KAPP K-524 (US) . Cinderella Baby / Teenage Heaven
06/1963 EP KAPP 214020 (F) Mr Bass Man / Walk Right In / Refreshment Time / Do The Bird
07/1963 SP KAPP K-539 (US) . Dum Dum Dee Dum (Wedding Bells / (Surfin' At) Tia Juana
1963 SP KAPP KP-85 (JAP) Dum Dum Dee Dum / Tia Juana
10/1963 SP KAPP K-556 (US) . Marshmallow / Hurdy Gurdy Man
1963 SP KAPP KR-1017 (JAP) Marshmallow / Hurdy Gurdy Man
02/1964 SP KAPP K-576 (US) .

There Goes A Bad Girl / Refreshment Time

05/1964 SP KAPP K-594 (US) . Mitsu / Robinson Crusoe On Mars
09/1964 SP KAPP K-614 (US) . Connie / Little Miss Lonely
1964 SP KAPP KR-1069 (JAP) Connie / Little Miss Lonely
12/1964 SP KAPP K-634 (US) .

16 Shades Of Blue / Cheat, Cheat

1964 EP KAPP KEV 13004 (F) Hurdy Gurdy Man / There Goes A Bad Girl / Marshmallow / Refreshment Time

Go V.W. Go / Sorrow And Pain

10/1966 SP COLUMBIA 4-43842 (US) .

Jessica / Good Morning Blues

08/1967 SP MUSICOR MU 1261 (US) . It Looks Like Love / May I Get To Know You
09/1967 SP MUSICOR MU 1272 (US) .

The Marriage Of Charlotte Brown / Breaking Your Balloon

04/1969 SP KAPP KJB-81 (US) . Mr Bass Man / Refreshment Time
1972 SP CHELSEA 78-0106 (US) (promo) . Johnny CYMBAL & Peggy CLINGER - God Bless You Rock n' Roll / God Bless You Rock n' Roll
1972 SP RCA VICTOR RCA 2294 (UK) .

Johnny CYMBAL & Peggy CLINGER - God Bless You Rock n' Roll / Forever And Ever

01/1973 SP CHELSEA 78-0112 (US) (promo) .

The Dying River [mono] / The Dying River [stereo]

06/1973 SP CHELSEA DJHO-0158 (US) .

Boulder, Colorado [stereo] / Boulder, Colorado [mono]

198? SP MCA MCA-60043 (US) . Mr Bass Man / Refreshment Time
1991 SP BELLAPHON 100-07-245 (GER)

Oldies Original Stars - Caribbean (Mitchel TOROK) / Mr Bass Man (Johnny CYMBALL)


1963 LP 12" KAPP KS-3324 (US) MR. BASS MAN - Mr. Bass Man / Marshmallow / Dum Dum Dee Dum / Surfin’ At Tia Juana / There Goes A Bad Girl / Little Miss Lonely / True Lovin’ / Hurdy Gurdy Man / Connie / Out Of My Mind / Refreshment Time / Teenage Heaven / Do The Bird / South Street / Sacred Lovers Vow / You’re Sixteen / Indian Giver / Walk Right In / Our Day Will Come
1984 LP 12" KAPP P-11577 (JAP) Brian Hyland - Johnny Cymbal - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini (Brian HYLAND) / Baby Face (Brian HYLAND) / Let Me Belong To You (Brian HYLAND) / I'll Never Stop Wanting You (Brian HYLAND) / Ginny Come Lately (Brian HYLAND) / Sealed With A Kiss (Brian HYLAND) / Warmed Over Kisses (Brian HYLAND) / I May Not Live To See Tomorrow (Brian HYLAND) / Mr. Bass Man (Johnny CYMBALL) / Teenage Heaven (Johnny CYMBALL) / Dum Dum Dee Dum (Johnny CYMBALL) / Marshmallow (Johnny CYMBALL) / Hurdy Gurdy Man (Johnny CYMBALL) / Little Miss Lonely (Johnny CYMBALL) / Connie (Johnny CYMBALL) / Tijuanna (Johnny CYMBALL)
07/1995 CD TARAGON 1006 (US) VERY BEST OF JOHNNY CYMBAL - Mr. Bass Man / Sacred Lovers Vow / Teenage Heaven / Cinderella Baby / Dum Dum Dee Dum / Marshmallow / There Goes A Bad Girl / Robinson Crusoe On Mars / Little Miss Lonely / 16 Shades Of Blue / Cheat, Cheat / Mr. Bass Man (alternate take)
2007 CD AND MORE BEARS AMB 85002 (GER) MR. BASS MAN - THE ACETATES - Go V.W. Go / More Of You / Who's Gonna Love Me / Rover Boy / Outside My World / Summertime U.S.A. / Thanks A Lot / Teenage Heaven / I'm Still Love You / Slow Dancin' With Don / Street Talk / Don't Make A Mountain Out.. / Mr. Bassman [original demo] / Mr. Bassman [alternate take]

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