Chanteur Country US n George Mark Collie, le 18 Janvier 1956 Waynesboro (Tennessee).

Mark Collie made a splash on the '90s country scene by blending traditional honky tonk with raw rockabilly energy. Born in Waynesboro, TN, he grew up a fan of the Sun Records stable and later discovered progressive country songwriters like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. He took up both guitar and piano, and joined his first band at the age of 12. He worked part-time as a local radio DJ while in high school, and toured the Southwest with several different bands after graduation. In 1982, he moved to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career, but failed to make the grade at any of the city's publishing houses. Instead, he started performing his own material, and took up a monthly residency at the Douglas Corner Cafe, which helped earn him a following. MCA's country division signed Collie after witnessing a 1989 showcase performance, and his debut album, Hardin County Line, was released the following year. Despite critical acclaim, the album wasn't a huge seller, and of its singles "Something With a Ring to It," the title track, "Looks Aren't Everything," and "Let Her Go" only the latter managed to make the Top 20. The 1991 follow-up, Born & Raised in Black & White, was a more polished effort that featured the minor hits "She's Never Comin' Back" and "Calloused Hands," but some felt it backed off the strengths of his debut. That changed on his 1993 breakthrough effort, Mark Collie, which returned to the rowdier, harder-rocking style of his debut and produced his first Top Ten country hits with "Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin'" and "Born to Love You." He also had some success with "Shame Shame Shame Shame" and "Something's Gonna Change Her Mind," and he kept going strong with the stripped-down 1994 follow-up, Unleashed, which spawned the hit "Hard Lovin' Woman." Collie subsequently moved to Warner subsidiary Giant for 1995's Tennessee Plates, which slowed his career momentum somewhat. The only other Collie release that has appeared to date is the budget-priced greatest-hits-live set Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin' (1998).

Talents : Singer, Songwriter, Piano, Guitar, Actor

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000



1982 SP SIJON 1007 (US) I've Got To Have You Back Again / Love This Time
01/1990 SP MCA 53778 (US) Something With A Ring To It / Another Old Soldier
05/1990 SP MCA 79023 (US) Looks Aren't Everything / Something With A Ring To It
09/1990 SP MCA 79078 (US) Hardin' County Line / Bound To Ramble
01/1991 SP MCA S7-53971 (US) Let Her Go / Where There's Smoke
05/1991 SP MCA S7-54079 (US) Calloused Hands / Johnny Was A Rebel
10/1991 SP MCA S7-54224 (US) It Don't Take A Lot / Ballad Of Thunder Road
12/1991 SP MCA S7-54244 (US) She's Never Coming Back / Lucky Dog
09/1992 SP MCA S7-54448 (US) Even The Man In The Moon Is Crying / Trouble's Coming Like A Train
01/1993 SP MCA S7-54515 (US) Born To Love You / The Heart Of The Matter
05/1993 SP MCA S7-54668 (US) Shame Shame Shame Shame / Keep It Up
09/1993 SP MCA S7-54720 (US) Something's Gonna Change Her Mind / Linda Lou
04/1994 SP MCA S7-54832 (US) It Is No Secret / Rainy Day Woman
08/1994 SP MCA S7-54907 (US) Hard Lovin' Woman / Ring Of Fire
06/1995 SP GIANT 7-17855 (US) Three Words Two Hearts One Night / Tunica Motel
11/1995 SP GIANT 7-17762 (US) Steady As She Goes / Memories
02/1996 SP COLUMBIA 38-78236 (US) Love To Burn / Oh King Richard Nascar


03/1990 CD MCA 42333 (US) HARDIN COUNTY LINE - Good News And The Bad News / Something With A Ring To It / Let Her Go / What I Wouldn't Give / Where There's Smoke / Bound To Ramble / Looks Aren't Everything / Another Old Soldier / Hardin County Line / Deliver Me
07/1991 CD MCA 10321 (US) BORN AND RAISED IN BLACK AND WHITE - She's Never Comin' Back / When The Sun Goes Down / I Don't Take A Lot / Calloused Hands / Ten Lonely Nights / There Goes My Dream / Born And Raised In Black And White / Ballad Of Thunder Road / Lucky Dog / Johnny Was A Rebel
01/1993 CD MCA 10654 (US) MARK COLLIE - Trouble's Comin' Like A Train / Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin' / Shame Shame Shame Shame / Keep It Up / Something's Gonna Change Her Mind / Heart Of The Matter / Born To Love You / Linda Lou / Is That Too Much To Ask / Hillbilly Boy With The Rock'n Roll Blues
07/1994 CD MCA 11055 (US) UNLEASHED - Hard Lovin' Woman / It Is No Secret / All I Want Is You / Waiting / Ring Of Fire / Rainy Day Woman / When You Belonged To Me / God Didn't Make Me That Strong / Lonely Streak / Unleashed
07/1995 CD GIANT 24620 (US) TENNESSEE PLATES - Steady As She Goes / There's Just You / Three Words Two Hearts One Night / Lipstick Don't Lie / We'll Never Say Goodbye / Tennessee Plates / Memories / Tunica Motel / Spirit Of A Boy Wisdom Of A Man / Those Days Are Gone / Chasing A Dream Called Love
01/1998 CD MCA 20930 (US) EVEN THE MAN IN THE MOON IS CRYIN' - Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin' / Shame Shame Shame Shame / It Don't Take A Lot / She's Never Comin' Back / Something's Gonna Change Her Mind / Calloused Hands / Let Her Go / Looks Aren't Everything / Something With A Ring To It / Hardin County Line
02/1999 CD MADACY 562 (US) DOUBLE BARREL COUNTRY - Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin' / She's Never Comin' Back / Born To Love You / Let Her Go / Hard Lovin' Woman / + David Lee MURPHY
11/2006 CD HIGHWAY 64 ? (US) ROSE COVERED GARDEN - 80 Miles From Memphis / Shackles & Chains / Song For John / Some Things You Can't Take Back / Rose Covered Garden / Wildflowers / Better Man Than Me / Forget About Us / Walk The Floor, Kill The Lights, Slam The Door / On The Wings Of Your Love

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