Chanteur Country US né Jack Butcher le 18 Mai 1924, à Moline (Illinois). Jack Barlow a aussi enregistré sous le nom de Zoot Fenster. Il est décédé le 29 Juillet 2011.

US Country singer born Jack Butcher on May 18, 1924, in Moline, Illinois. Jack Barlow also recorded under the name Zoot Fenster. He died on July 29, 2011.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar

Style musical : Country-Pop

Walk With Me Baby (1960)

I'll Cry My Tears Today (1964)





Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1955 SP FREDLO 55041 (US)

There's A Place In My Heart (For Another Love Affair) / I Feel Like Cryin'

12/1960 SP DOLLIE DR-3371 (US) Walk With Me Baby / Where There's A Will, There's A Way
04/1962 SP SOMA 1175 (US) Step Down / House Of Stone
01/1964 SP GOLDEN RING GR 3021 (US)

All I Need Is You / A Dollar Short And A Day Late

1964 SP HI-TONES 0501 (US)

I'll Cry My Tears Today / I've Been Kicked Around By Experts

11/1964 SP SOMA 1420 (US) 49/51 / After All
06/1965 SP DIAL 4012 (US) I Love Country Music / Number One In The Nation
01/1966 SP DIAL 4024 (US) Dear Ma / I Love Her Still
09/1966 SP EPIC 5-10072 (US) Smile On My Face / Jack Of All Trades
06/1967 SP EPIC 5-10185 (US) Long Green / El Dorado
09/1968 SP DOT DOA-17139 (US) Baby, Ain't That Love / It Ain't No Big Thing
03/1969 SP DOT DOA-17212 (US) Birmingham Blues / Papa Didn't Give Me No Love
08/1969 SP DOT DOA-17287 (US) Pauline / Singing Country Soul
10/1969 SP DOT DOA-17317 (US) Nobody Wants To Hear It Like It Is / No Time For Roses
02/1970 SP DOT DOA-17343 (US) Bride / A Little Friendly Advice
12/1970 SP DOT DOA-17366 (US) Dayton, Ohio / Where There Ain't No Fools
05/1971 SP DOT DOA-17381 (US) Somewhere In Texas / You Make My World
10/1971 SP DOT DOA-17396 (US) Catch The Wind / Tonight I'm Wantin' You Again
03/1972 SP DOT DOA-17414 (US) Call The Wind Maria ./ It's A Long Way Back To Georgia
09/1972 SP DOT DOA-17433 (US)

Baby Don't You Cry None / B: You've Still Got A Hold On Me (And I Can't Let Go)

01/1973 SP DOT DOA-17446 (US) How Much Love Will It Take / That's Enough
06/1973 SP DOT DOA-17468 (US) Oh Woman / That's Enough
1975 SP ANTIQUE 1406 (US)

Shift Or Get Off The Lot / I've Got The Wants For Honey


All Night Country Radio / I Live The Country Songs I Sing

10/1975 SP ANTIQUE IRDA 106 (US)

Zoot Fenster - The Man On Page 602 / Vinegar In My Wine

1976 SP ANTIQUE IRDA 203 (US) Zoot Fenster - Old Blue Is Dead / Big John The Peepin' Tom

The Mighty Man / I Don't Understand


Zoot Fenster - Who Wrote That Word / The Funny Fight

1988 SP ANTIQUE ANT-069 (US) (promo) Zoot Fenster - Why Can't You Be Like Jimmy / Why Can't You Be Like Jimmy
1990 SP ANTIQUE ANT 61 (US) (promo)

Spirit Of America / Spirit Of America

1977 SP CRESCENT 7616 (US)

Would You Take The Chance Again / I Got It Bad For You


01/1969 LP 12" DOT DLP-25923 (US) BABY, AIN'T THAT LOVE - Birmingham Blues / I Let Her / She'll Be There / My Elusive Dreams / It Ain't No Big Thing / Baby Ain't That Love / Ode To Andrew Irvine / Nothing To Write Home About / Whan The Grass Grows Green Again / Mr Bluebird / Papa Did't Give Me No Love / Suddenly There's No Sunshine
08/1969 LP 12" DOT DLP-25958 (US) SON OF THE SOUTH - Pauline / I'd Be Happy / Nobody Wants To Hear / Singing Country Soul / No Time For Roses / I Must Have Got Ahold Of A Bad One / For Little Things / All I Need / Poortown / Living In A World Of Make Believe
1970 LP 12" DOT DOS-25995 (US) CATCH OF THE WIND - She's All I Got / Play It Again / Dayton Ohio / Early Morning Sunshine / Easy Loving / Catch The Wind / Take Me Home, Country Roads / Tonight I'm Wanting You Again / They Call The Wind Maria / Somewhere In Texas / It's A Long Way Back To Georgia
1976 LP 12" ANTIQUE IRDA LPN-6004 (US) I LIVE THE COUNTRY SONGS I SING - All Night Country Radio / Too Young To Understand / Hot Cup Of Coffee / I Don't Understand / Wichita Woman / Music City Yo-Yo / Shift Or Get Off The Lot / I Got The Wants For Honey / Mighty Man / Love Don't Last Long / Texas Sized Heartache / I Live The Country Songs I Sing

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