Chanteuse Country Hollandaise, Annita a commencé sa carrière avec le duo Haystack Hi Tones et, ensuite s'est exilée au Texas où elle a tourné pendant de nombreux mois, avec les Horton Brothers. Un grave accident a mis sa carrière en sommeil, cependant Annita s'est accrochée à cette Country - Hillbilly - Western Swing qu'elle affectionne tant !
Ses références à Charline Arthur, Patsy Cline, Rose Maddox sont le gage d'un show entièrement Roots Country ..., et ses musiciens attitrés qui sont les Starbombers (aka Barnstompers) ne peuvent que donner ensemble un concert grandiose pour cette fantastique chanteuse...

Dutchwoman Country singer, Annita began her career with the duo Haystack Hi Tones and, then exiled itself in Texas  where it turned during many months, with the Horton Brothers. A serious accident put its career in sleep, however Annita clung to this Country - Hillbilly - Western Swing that it affectionne so much!
Its references to
Charline Arthur, Patsy Cline, Rose Maddox are entirely the pledge of a show Roots Country..., and its appointed musicians who are Starbombers (aka Barnstompers) can only give together an imposing concert for this fantastic singer...

Talents : Vocals - Starbombers : K.C. Byrd : Lead Guitar, Lapsteel Guitar, Vocals - Rutger Berends : Drums, Vocals - J.J. Slijk : Rhythm Guitar, Vocals - Jeroen Haagedoorn : Double Bass, Vocals

Style musical : Traditional Country; Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockabilly

COLOMBUS G.A. (2010)

WE DID (2010)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



200? EP NOT ON LABEL ASL00001 (NL) ANNITA - Twice The Lovin' (In Half The Time) / I've Stopped My Dreamin' About You / I'm Waiting Just For You / What Good'll It Do To Me


2002 CD Continental Europe CECD6/AL001 (EUR)

WHAT GOOD'LL IT DO ME - ANNITA - Bigelow 6-200 / I'm Going Hunting Tonight / Fickle Heart / This Should Go On Forever / Friction Heat / Hi Diddle Dee / Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me / Twice The Lovin' (In Half The Time) / Hello Baby / Loose Talk / I've Stopped My Dreamin' About You / I've Waiting Just For You / 10:10 Am / What Good'll It Do Me / You Can't Have My Love / Columbus Stockade Blues / Mr. Misery / Lovey Dovey / The Honeymoon's Over


IT'D SURPRISE YOU - Annita & The Starbombers - Mr Fly-By-Night / Which One Is To Blame / It'd Surprise You / I'll Never Be Free / Stop / I'll Keep On Loving You / I Wish I'd Never / Barbed Wire Love / I Gotta Have You / Columbus G.A / Trying To Forget You / Burn That Candle / Not Anymore / You Won't Find Me Singing The Blues For You / Strange / We Did / Bonus Track : I Hear You Talking ( From The Barnstompers' Latest Cd 'Move On In')

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