Chanteuse Country US née Deborah Lynn Thurmond, le 30 Septembre 1953 à Memphis (Tennessee).

A country-pop singer strongly influenced by Patsy Cline, Deborah Allen scored a few major hits in the early '80s and subsequently reinvented herself with a newly sensual image for the '90s. Born in Memphis in 1953, Allen moved to Nashville at age 17 to pursue a country-music singing career, and met Roy Orbison while working as a waitress. Orbison hired her as a backup singer, and she subsequently worked at the Opryland theme park before landing a gig as a singer and dancer in Tennessee Ernie Ford's touring revue. As a solo act in her own right, Allen went on to open for Jim Stafford, and in 1979 was handpicked by the late Jim Reeves' wife to dub duo Vocals onto three unfinished Reeves tracks — "Don't Let Me Cross Over," "Oh, How I Miss You Tonight," and the Top Ten hit "Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me." This proved to be Allen's big break, and she signed with Capitol for her debut album, 1980's Trouble in Paradise. It produced a few minor hits, including "Nobody's Fool" and the Top 20 "You (Make Me Wonder Why)." However, it was the 1983 mini-album Cheat the Night that proved to be Allen's breakthrough; "Baby I Lied" and "I've Been Wrong Before" both made the country Top Five, and "I Hurt for You" went Top Ten; all were co-written by Allen and her husband, Rafe Van Hoy. Their collaboration continued on the 1984 full-length Let Me Be the First, which began to employ electronic instrumentation. 1987's Telepathy went even further afield, with a title track written by Prince under the pseudonym Joey CoCo. All the stylistic experimentation served to alienate Allen's core country audience, and when she found herself without a record contract, she and Van Hoy made their living as songwriters, penning "Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby" for Janie Fricke and "Can I See You Tonight" for Tanya Tucker, among others. In the meantime, she worked on a new album using her own time and money, and eventually made an agreement with Warner Bros. to release it. The result, Delta Dreamland, appeared in 1993 and showcased a new bluesy, sexy style that was supported with a corresponding video image for the minor hit "Rock Me (In the Cradle of Love)." The follow-up, 1994's All That I Am, continued in a similar vein. Allen subsequently made her living behind the scenes as a songwriter and session backup singer.

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



09/1976 SP WARNER BROTHERS WBS 8271 (US) Do You Copy / Take Me Back
04/1979 SP RCA VICTOR PB-11564 (US) Don't Let Me Cross Over / I've Enjoyed As Much As I Can Stand
10/1979 SP RCA VICTOR PB-11737 (US) Oh How I Miss You Tonight / Talking
03/1980 SP RCA VICTOR PB-11946 (US) Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me / Missing Angel
07/1980 SP CAPITOL 4903 (US) You (Make Me Wonder Why) / If I Had Known Then
11/1980 SP CAPITOL 4945 (US) Nobody's Fool / Let Me Down
06/1981 SP CAPITOL A-5014 (US) Next To You / Make Me Wonder Why
12/1981 SP CAPITOL A-5080 (US) You Look Like The One I Love / It's Cold Outside
04/1982 SP CAPITOL B-5110 (US) After Tonight / Don't Worry (Bout Me Baby)
11/1982 SP CAPITOL B-5186 (US) Don't Stop Lovin' Me / Let's Stop Talkin' About It
08/1983 SP RCA VICTOR PB-13600 (US) Baby I Lied / Time Is Taking You Away From Me
12/1983 SP RCA VICTOR PB-13694 (US) I've Been Wrong Before / Fool's Paradise
04/1984 SP RCA VICTOR PB-13776 (US) I Hurt For You / Cheat The Night
11/1984 SP RCA VICTOR PB-13904 (US) Rockin' Little Christmas / It's A Good Thing
11/1984 SP RCA VICTOR PB-13921 (US) Heartache And A Half / It Makes Me Cry
05/1986 SP RCA VICTOR GB-14356 (US) Baby I Lied / Time Is Taking You Away
03/1987 SP RCA VICTOR 5136-7-R (US) Telepathy (with PRINCE) / Telepathy (with PRINCE)
08/1987 SP RCA VICTOR 5214-7-R (US) You're The Kind Of Trouble / Don't You Think I Don't Love You
03/1993 SP GIANT 7-18566 (US) Rock Me (In The Cradle Of Love) / Natural Tears
04/1993 SP GIANT 7-18530 (US) If You're Not Gonna Love Me / Long Time Lovin' You
07/1993 SP GIANT 7-18426 (US) All The Loving And Hurting Too / Long Time Lovin' You
04/1994 SP GIANT 7-18199 (US) Break These Chains / Talkin' To My Heart


08/1979 LP 12" RCA VICTOR AHL1-3454 (US) DON'T LET ME CROSS OVER - Don't Let Me Cross Over (Jim REEVES with Deborah ALLEN) / When Two Worlds Collide (Jim REEVES with Deborah ALLEN) / I Fall To Pieces (Jim REEVES with Deborah ALLEN) / Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me (Jim REEVES with Deborah ALLEN) / Oh, How I Miss You Tonight (Jim REEVES with Deborah ALLEN) / Guilty (Jim REEVES) / I'm A Fool To Care (Jim REEVES) / I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand (Jim REEVES) / Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) (Jim REEVES) / After Loving You (Jim REEVES)
1980 LP 12" CAPITOL ST 12104 (US) TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Nobody's Fool / If I Had Known Then / Don't Stop Lovin' Me / It's Cold Inside / Bells / Trouble In Paradise / You Never Cross My Mind / Let Me Down / Rest Of The Way / Next To You
1983 LP 12" RCA VICTOR MHL1 8514 (US) CHEAT THE NIGHT - Baby I Lied / Cheat The Night / Fool's Paradise / I Hurt For You / What's The Matter With Me / I've Been Wrong Before
1984 LP 12" RCA VICTOR AHL1 5318 (US) LET ME BE THE FIRST - I Can't Stand It / Your Love / Please Don't Fall In Love / Prove You Right / If I Didn't Love You / Let Me Be The First / You Do It, Heartache And A Half / It's A Good Thing / It Makes Me Cry
1987 LP 12" RCA 6239 (US) TELEPATHY - Telepathy / You Can't Say No / You're The Kind Of Trouble / One Step Closer / Don't You Think I Don't Love You / What's Right Tonight / Take A Picture / You Can Tell Me Anything / Somebody For Everybody
03/1993 CD GIANT 24485 (US) DELTA DREAMLAND - Delta Dreamland / Long Time Lovin' You / All The Loving And The Hurting Too / Emotional Moon / Two Shades Of Blue / Rock Me / Chain Lightning / If You're Not Gonna Love Me / Undeniable / Into My Life / Rock Me (dance mix)
07/1994 CD GIANT 24552 (US) ALL THAT I AM - Break These Chains (Intro) / Break These Chains / Wrong Side Of Love / Thinkin' Again / My Baby / Give It To Me / Talkin' To My Heart / Blame It On The Heart / Hurt Me / Leave My Heart Alone / Boys On The Wrong Side Of Town / All That I Am
11/1998 CD RENAISSANCE  RMED 00211 (US) ANTHOLOGY - Don't Let Me Cross Over / Oh How I Miss You Tonight / Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me / Nobody's Fool / You / You Look Like The One I Love / After Tonight / Baby I Lied / I've Been Wrong Before / I Hurt For You / Heartache And A Half / Let Me Be The First / I Can't Stand It / Rockin' Little Christmas / Don't Worry Bout Me Baby / Telepathy / Undeniable / Rock Me / If You're Not Gonna Love Me / Break These Chains (Intro) / Cheat The Night
08/2000 CD CURB 77962 (US) THE BEST OF DEBORAH ALLEN - Baby I Lied / I'm Only In It For Love / Born And Raised In Your Arms / I'm Always Ready For You / Under The Influence Of Love / Am I Good For One More Memory / Make Love True / I've Seen That Look Before / All Wrapped Up / Is It Love Yet / Goodbye Love
04/2006 CD RENAISSANCE 233 (US) MEMPHIS PRINCESS - Tired Of Being Alone / Matter Of Love / Falling In Love / Love Me Like You Used To / I Love You / Someday Our Night Will Come / Sail On / Takin' My Time / Next Big Thing / Natural Tears / You Don't Want To Touch My Heart / Fantasize Me / Tell Someone About It / Woman / [untitled track]
08/2006 CD RENAISSANCE 234 (US) HANDS ON - Hands On / I Want You / Anything Other Than Love / I'd Rather Have You Back / Tellin' You From The Heart / Deeper Water / Just Another Someone New / Back To Basics / Exception To The Rule / Never Gonna Run Out Of Love / With All My Heart / Woman In Love / At The Feet Of Jesus
2009 CD SOUTHBOUND ? (US) DEB IN THE RAW - Can't Ever Go Back / Good Love / Let's Take The Time To Make It Right / My Baby / Livin' On Love / You Know Me / Honky Tonk Heartache / Fade To Black / Over Is Never Easy / Natural Tears

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