Chanteur Anglais né Reginald Leonard Smith, le 15 Avril 1939 Blackheath, London. Marty Wilde a débuté en 1958 et il fut surtout le spécialiste de la "Cover". En fait, il nous laisse qu'un titre original de sa composition, l'inquiétant "Bad Boy" (59) qui fut pour Marty un très grand succès. Il est le père de la chanteuse Kim Wilde.

England in the late 1950s had its share of rock & roll stars - Cliff Richard was the most successful and was still at it in 2004, some 46 years later, with a knighthood to show for it on top of everything else; and the late Billy Fury is still revered by those aware of the music. In between them, chronologically, stands Marty Wilde. Born Reginald Leonard Smith in Blackheath on April 15, 1939, he grew up in Greenwich, in southeast London. The son of a professional soldier, he lived in various parts of England throughout his childhood. He reached the middle of his teen years living in London, just at the point that Lonnie Donegan, playing in a jazz band run by Chris Barber, had jump-started the entire skiffle boom with "Rock Island Line" which, in turn, fostered the beginnings of a rock & roll boom in England — an aspiring singer, Smith was a natural prospect as he was already proficient on the ukulele and simply switched to guitar. By 1957, in the wake of Tommy Steele's sudden rise to stardom, London was filling up with would-be rock & rollers, including the 17-year-old Smith, who was performing at the Condor Club in Soho one night — for a pound a night plus a meal — where he was spotted by Larry Parnes. Parnes was the most successful manager on London's newly spawned rock & roll scene, and, among other attributes, was known for choosing highly expressive stage names for his artists, intended to insinuate themselves on the audience's memory — he had already scored with Tommy Steele (aka Tommy Hicks), Vince Eager, and Duffy Power, among others. Reg Smith was signed up, renamed Marty Wilde, and proved so popular on the subsequent package tour where he was booked, that it was no problem getting him on to television, and then signed to Philips Records. His first single, "Honeycomb," failed to chart, and it wasn't until "Endless Sleep" in the summer of 1958 that he saw any success. That record reached the U.K. Top Five in 1958, around the time that Cliff Richard was cutting his first single. Wilde became a fixture on England's early rock & roll television showcases, most notably Oh Boy! and Boy Meets Girl, and he later did a Royal Variety Performance. He was a major rival to Cliff Richard for more than a year, from mid-1958 until the opening months of 1960. Both were powerful singers, but Wilde had a different kind of voice and presence, with a dark, brooding quality that came out in his rock & roll ballads — one couldn't imagine Marty Wilde doing Cliff Richard's light pop ballad "Living Doll," but it was easy to visualize him doing Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-Lula" or, even more so, "Woman Love." He went hitless for the rest of 1958, but the following year, he charted four consecutive hit singles: A cover of Ritchie Valens' "Donna"; a rendition of "A Teenager in Love" that eclipsed Dion's original; and "Sea of Love," each of which made it to Number Three on the charts. He closed the year with what proved to be his defining hit, "Bad Boy," which he also wrote — a dark, threatening ballad, it oozed menace and mystery by the standards of its day, and it became Wilde's biggest single, even reaching the lower level of the charts in America, where it was released by Epic Records (which had a licensing deal with Philips) as a single and on an LP. Musically, he had enough credibility so that his band, the Wild Cats, was called on to back Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent when they toured England, and he ended up appearing jointly with the two American rock & roll legends. The Wild Cats were a story unto themselves — recruited in 1958, their original lineup consisted of Big Jim Sullivan on lead guitar, Tex Makins on bass, Tony Belcher playing rhythm guitar, Alan LeClair at the piano, and Bobby Woodman on drums; they were noted for their wild, over-the-top stage act, and this worked for a few months before the lineup shifted. Finally, with Sullivan and Belcher remaining, Brian "Licorice" Locking was brought in on bass, and Brian Bennett on the drums, and that quartet became the most famous version of the Wild Cats, and the lineup that backed Vincent and Cochran. Wilde was still at the top of his game when, while appearing at Birkenhead in 1959, he was approached by a Liverpool singer-guitarist-songwriter named Ronald Wycherley, who was trying to get some original songs to Wilde and Parnes for their consideration. Parnes was impressed with the songs and the playing, but also the good looks of the young man and his honest, easy charm; soon after Wycherley turned into Billy Fury, who would ride the British charts for four years. And late that year, Wilde married Joyce Barker, a member of the singing group the Vernons Girls — they had their first child, Kim, a year later. He released two LPs, Wilde About Marty and Showcase, in 1959 and 1960, respectively. By the end of 1960, however, the moment had passed to Fury, even as Wilde continued to command the public's attention. He was never able to replicate the success of "Bad Boy," though he did reach the Top Ten once more, in 1961, with the highly animated pop/rock novelty tune "Rubber Ball," and had a Number 20 hit in 1962 with the pop standard "Jezebel." He also maintained a top-flight band, whose members included a young guitarist named Justin Hayward, later of the Moody Blues, who credited Wilde with teaching him a great deal about music that served him well in decades to come. Wilde was enough of a star to perform in the London production of Bye Bye Birdie, but by 1963, when the Liverpool sound came along, he was effectively regarded as part of music's past. His subsequent recordings were all-but-invisible, although he enjoyed continued success in an offshoot field, as a composer: "Ice in the Sun" by Status Quo, "Jesamine" by the Casuals, and Lulu's recording of "I'm a Tiger" were three of his more notable hits as a songwriter. Curiously, Wilde did chart once more in America, with the single "Abergavenny," which he recorded under the pseudonym Shannon, which was released stateside by the Heritage label. And long after his own era on the charts had passed, "Bad Boy" was covered by such diverse contemporary talents as Robert Gordon and Nirvana. In the early 1980s, Wilde's daughter Kim Wilde emerged as a star Vocalsist in the burgeoning new wave field, and has enjoyed two decades of success. Meanwhile, Wilde himself never entirely gave up performing, and in the 1990s enjoyed a fresh wave of interest in his music in England, as audiences began to take stock of their surviving music heroes. In 2003 and 2004, in his mid-60s and backed by the current lineup of the Wild Cats, he was maintaining a full performing schedule for half the year, more than 40 years after his last charting single.

Talents : Singer, Guitar, Actor

Style musical : Rock 'n' Roll




Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000




Singles & EP

1957 SP PHILIPS PB 750 (UK) . Honeycomb / Wildcat
01/1958 SP PHILIPS PB 781 (UK) . Afraid Of Love / Love Bug Crawl
03/1958 SP PHILIPS PB 804 (UK) . Oh, Oh, I'm Falling In Love / Sing, Boy, Sing
03/1958 EP PHILIPS BBE 12164 (UK) PRESENTING MARTY WILDE - Wildcat / Honeycomb / Love Bug Crawl / Afraid Of Love
07/1958 SP PHILIPS PB 835 (UK) . Endless Sleep / Her Hair Was Yellow
09/1958 EP PHILIPS BBE 12200 (UK) MORE OF MARTY - Oh, Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again / Sing, Boy, Sing / Her Hair Was Yellow / Endless Sleep
09/1958 SP PHILIPS PB 850 (UK) . Misery's Child / My Lucky Love
11/1958 SP PHILIPS PB 875 (UK) . The Fire Of Love / No One Knows
02/1959 SP PHILIPS PB 902 (UK) . Donna / Love-A Love-A Love-A
05/1959 SP PHILIPS PB 926 (UK) . A Teenager In Love / Danny
09/1959 SP PHILIPS PB 959 (UK) . Sea Of Love / Teenage Tears
10/1959 EP PHILIPS BBE 12327 (UK) Teenage Tears / Sea Of Love / Danny / A Teenager In Love
11/1959 SP PHILIPS PB 972 (UK) . Bad Boy / It's Been Nice
1959 EP PHILIPS 425079 (F) A Teenager In Love / Donna / Danny / Love-A-Love-A-Love
1959 EP PHILIPS 427432 (F) Sea Of Love / Teenage Tears / Down The Line / You've Got Love
1959 EP PHILIPS 427433 (F) Dream Lover / Splish Splash / Are You Sincere ? / Love Of My Life
1959 EP PHILIPS 427440 (F) Bad Boy / I Flipped / It's Been Nice / Don't Pity Me
03/1960 SP PHILIPS PB 1002 (UK) . Johnny Rocco / My Heart And I
05/1960 SP PHILIPS PB 1022 (UK) . Johnny At The Crossroads / The Fight
06/1960 SP PHILIPS PB 1037 (UK) . Angry / I Wanna Be Loved By You
10/1960 EP PHILIPS BBE 12385 (UK) Please / Alone / Autumn Leaves / Come On A My House
11/1960 SP PHILIPS PB 1078 (UK) . Little Girl / Your Seventeenth Spring
01/1961 SP PHILIPS PB 1101 (UK) . Like Making Love / Rubber Ball
03/1961 EP PHILIPS BBE 12422 (UK) Rubber Ball / Like Makin' Love / Little Girl / Your Seventeen Spring
03/1961 SP PHILIPS PB 1121 (UK) . Your Loving Touch / When Does It Get To Be Love
07/1961 SP PHILIPS PB 1161 (UK) . Hide And Seek / Crazy Dream
10/1961 SP PHILIPS PB 1191 (UK) . Tomorrow's Clown / The Hellions
1961 EP PHILIPS 427476 (F) Rubber Ball / Come On / A My House / Johnny Rocco / Honeycomb
01/1962 SP PHILIPS PB 1206 (UK) . Come Running / Ev'ryone
03/1962 EP PHILIPS BBE 12517 (UK) Come Running / Tomorrow's Clown / Hellions / Ev'ryone
04/1962 SP PHILIPS PB 1240 (UK) . Jezebel / Don't Run Away
09/1962 SP PHILIPS BF 326546 (UK) . Ever Since You Said Goodbye / Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
02/1963 SP COLUMBIA DB 4980 (UK) . Lonely Avenue / Brand New Love
02/1963 EP PHILIPS BBE 433638 (UK) MARTY - Jezebel / Don't Run Away / Send Me The Pillow You Dream On / Ever Since You Said Goodbye
03/1963 SP PHILIPS BF 326579 (UK) . No ! Dance With Me / Little Miss Happiness
10/1963 SP COLUMBIA DB 7145 (UK) . Bless My Broken Heart / Save Your Love For Me
01/1964 SP COLUMBIA DB 7198 (UK) . When Day Is Done / I Can't Help The Way That I Feel
05/1964 SP COLUMBIA DB 7285 (UK) . Kiss Me / What A Woman
09/1964 SP DECCA F 11979 (UK) . The Mexican Boy / Your Kind Of Love
1966 SP PHILIPS BF 1490 (UK) . I've Got Used To Loving You / The Beginning Of The End
1968 SP PHILIPS BF 1632 (UK) . By The Time I Get To Phoenix / Shutters And Boards
1968 SP PHILIPS BF 1669 (UK) . Abergavenny / Alice In Blue
1969 SP PHILIPS BF 1753 (UK) . All The Love I Have / Any Day
1969 SP PHILIPS BF 1783 (UK) . Endless Sleep / Donna
1969 SP PHILIPS BF 1815 (UK) . Shelley / Jump On The Train


08/1959 LP 12" PHILIPS BBL 7342 (UK) WILDE ABOUT MARTY - Down The Line / Love Of My Life / Put Me Down / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Dream Lover / You've Got Love / I Flipped / All American Boy / Mean Woman Blues / Are You Sincere ? / High School Confidential / Don't Pity Me / Splish Splash / So glad You're Mine
05/1960 LP 12" PHILIPS BBL 7380 (UK) MARTY WILDE SHOWCASE - Honeycomb / No One Knows / The Fire Of Love / Endless Sleep / A Teenager In Love / My Heart And I / Donna / It's Been Nice / Sea Of Love / Teenage Tears / Bad Boy / Johnny Rocco
06/1960 LP 12" PHILIPS BBL 7385 (UK) THE VERSATILE MR. WILDE - Cuttin' Loose / Johnny At The Crossroads / Alone / The Fight / Try A Little Tenderness / Amopola / I Wanna Be Loved By You / Come On-A My House / Is This A Dream ? / Please / To Be With You / Autumn Leaves
1969 LP 12" PHILIPS SBL 7877 (UK) DIVERSIONS - The World Stood Up / Any Day / It's So Unreal / Juan The Mexican Boy / Zobo (1871 - 1892) / Learning To Love / Lullaby / Ice In The Sun / Jesamine / Alice In Blue / Felicity / In The Night / Look In My Eyes / Abergavenny
1970 LP 12" PHILIPS 6308 010 (UK) BORN TO ROCK 'N' ROLL - It's Late / Bad Boy / Young Love / Rock House / Whole Lotta' Woman /
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1974 LP 12" PHILIPS 6382 102 (UK) GOOD ROCKIN' - THEN & NOW - Bring back Rock 'N' Roll / A Teenager In Love / Bad Boy / Endless Sleep / Little Girl / Donna / Rubber Ball / Sea Of Love / Jezebel / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Hound Dog / Summertime Blues / Wake Up Little Susie / Rave On / Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Good Rockin' Tonight / Tragedy / I'm A Hog For You Baby / Long Tall Sally / Long tall Sally
1981 LP 12" PHILIPS 6381 022 (UK) THE WILDCAT ROCKER - Wildcat / Love Bug Crawl / It's Been Nice / Love-A-Love-A-Love-A / Put Me Down / So Glad You're Mine / You've Got Love / Danny / Down The Line / Honeycomb / Bad Boy / Angry / Your Loving Touch / I Flipped / Johnny Rocco / Teenage Tears
1984 LP 12" PHILIPS TIMELESS TIME 8 (UK) THE HITS OF MARTY WILDE - Endless Sleep / Donna / A Teenager In Love / Sea Of Love / Bad Boy / Johnny Rocco / The Fight / Little Girl / Rubber Ball / Hide And Seek / Tomorrow´s Clown / Jezebel / Ever Since You Said Goodbye
1995 CD SPECTRUM 5517942 (UK) THE BEST OF MARTY WILDE - Teenager In Love / Donna / Sea Of Love / Endless Sleep / Bad Boy / Rubber Ball / Put Me Down / Danny / Johnny Rocco / Ever Since You Said Goodbye / Don't Pity Me / Splish Splash / High School Confidential / Wild Cat / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Teenage Tears / Tomorrow's Clown / Little Girl / Are You Sincere / Fight / Hide And Seek / Jezebel / Honecomb / Dream Lover
1995 CD KARUSSEL KA 506 (GER) THE BEST OF MARTY WILDE - Teenager In Love / Donna / Sea Of Love / Endless Sleep / Bad Boy / Rubber Ball / Put Me Down / Danny / Johnny Rocco / Ever Since You Said Goodbye / Don't Pity Me / Splish Splash / High School Confidential / Wild Cat / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Teenage Tears / Tomorrow's Clown / Little Girl / Are You Sincere / Fight / Hide And Seek / Jezebel / Honecomb / Dream Lover
10/2003 CD BEAT GOES ON 594 (UK) WILDE ABOUT MARTY /  SHOWCASE - Down The Line / Love Of My Life / Put Me Down / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Dream Lover / You've Got Love / I Flipped / All American Boy / Mean Woman Blues / Are You Sincere ? / High School Confidential / Don't Pity Me / Splish Splash / So glad You're Mine / oneycomb / No One Knows / The Fire Of Love / Endless Sleep / A Teenager In Love / My Heart And I / Donna / It's Been Nice / Sea Of Love / Teenage Tears / Bad Boy / Johnny Rocco
03/2007 CD UNIVERSAL 9847088 (UK) THE GREATEST HITS - BORN TO ROCK 'N' ROLL - Endless Sleep / Donna / Teenager In Love / Bad Boy / Sea Of Love / Jezabel / Johnny Rocco / Little Girl / Tomorrow's Clown / Rubber Ball / Ever Since You Said Goodbye / Abergavenny / Danny / Dream Lover / All American Boy / By The Time I Get To Phoenix / It's Been Nice / I'm Leaving It All Up To You (with Roxanne WILDE) / It's Late / Little Sister / Jesamine [live] / Apron Strings / You'll Never Be So Wrong / Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (with Kim WILDE) / Born To Rock n' Roll
07/2013 3 CD Snapper SROLLCD 846X (UK) British Rock 'n' Roll Legends - MARTY WILDE - CLIFF RICHARD - BILLY FURY :
CD 1 : MARTY WILDE : Honeycomb / Wild Cat / Love Bug Crawl / Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again / Endless Sleep / Misery's Child / The Fire Of Love / Donna / Teenager In Love / Danny / Sea Of Love / Down The Line / Put Me Down / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Dream Lover / You Got Love / All American Boy / So Glad You're Mine / Bad Boy / It's Been Nice / Johnny Rocco / Angry / Little Girl / My Baby is Gone (Stop This World)
CD 2 : CLIFF RICHARD : Move It / High Class Baby / My Feet Hit The Ground / Livin, Lovin Doll / Mean Streak / Never Mind / No Turning Back / Mad About You / Living Doll / Apron Strings / Travelling Light / Dynamite / Blue Suede Shoes / I Gotta Know / Twenty Flight Rock / Mean Woman Blues / Love / Fall In Love With You / Willie And The Hand Jive / Please Don't Tease / Nine Times Out Of Ten / You And I / Gee Whizz It's You / "D" In Love
CD 3 : BILLY FURY : Maybe Tomorrow / Gonna Type A Letter / Margo (Don't Go) / Don't Knock Upon My Door / Angel Face / Time Has Come / My Christmas Prayer / Last Kiss / Colette / Baby How I Cried / That's Love / You Don't Know / Wondrous Place / Alright, Goodbye / A Thousand Stars / Push Push / My Advice / Phone Call / Turn My Back On You / Don't Say It's Over / Since You've Been Gone / It's You I Need / Don't Leave Me This Way
11/2016 4 CD One Louder AUPCD 4036 (UK) FOUR BY FOUR - Brit Idols - Cliff RIChard, Adam Faith, billy fury, marty wilde:
CD 1 : Cliff RIChard : The young ones / Living doll / Down the line / Bachelor boy / Gee whiz it's you / Lessons in love / Nine times out of ten / Please don't tease / Blue suede shoes / Travellin light / When the girl in your arms is the girl in your heart / Move it / High class baby / As time goes by / Catch me / Donna / I love you / Livin lovin doll / A girl like you / I'll string along like you / The next time / I'm walking / What'd I Say / It'll be me / Outsider / A voice in the wilderness
CD 2 : Adam Faith : What do you want / Poor me / Ah poor little baby / Someone else's baby / Who am I / As you like it / When Johnny comes marching home / The time has come / Don't you know it? / Easy going me / Baby take a bow / Lonesome / Made you / Don't that beat all / A girl like you / How about that / Lonely pup (In the Christmas shop) / The reason / Diamond ring / Turn me loose / High school confidential / Big time / Fare thee well my pretty maid / From now until forever / Country music holiday / (Got a) Heartsick feeling
CD 3 : billy fury : Halfway to paradise / Jealousy / Because of love / Wondrous place / Last night was made for love / My Christmas prayer / Margo / Maybe tomorrow / Collette / Once upon a dream / A thousand stars / Don't worry / Alright goodbye / Angel face / Letter full of tears / That's love / Baby how I cried / Cross my heart / Talkin' in my sleep / I'd never find another you / My advice / Since you've been gone / Turn my back on you / Gonna type a letter / It's you I need / Don't knock upon my door
CD 4 : marty wilde: Endless sleep / Donna / A teenager in love / Bad boy / Sea of love / All American boy / Rubber boy / Are you sincere / Blue moon of Kentucky / The fight / Johnny Rocco / Little girl / Ever since you said goodbye / Jezebel / Hide and seek / Honeycomb / Love-a, love-a, Love-a / Love bug crowl / Love of my life / Mean woman blues / No one knows / So glad you're Mine / Tomorrow's clown / Crazy dreams / Dream lover / Don't Pity Me

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