Chanteur Country US né Hubert Brad Lewis, le 25 Décembre 1930 à Yeadiss (Kentucky). Hugh X. Lewis est décédé le 29 Décembre 2020.

US Country singer born December 25, 1930 at Yeadiss (Kentucky). Always hovering on the fringe of the country music establishment, steel-mill worker turned songwriter Hugh Lewis did manage to write some chart topping singles during the mid to late ‘60s. Quitting his job as a laborer, Lewis moved to Nashville in 1963 at age 31 after years of performing on the side in his native Kentucky. Not long after moving, he placed "BJ the DJ" with singer Stonewall Jackson, taking the novelty song to number one in 1964. Versions by Carl Smith and Kitty Wells followed, and before long Lewis' often tongue-in-cheek songs were being recorded by the Nashville establishment with some regularity. Mac Wiseman had a hit with the down-and-out sobber "Heads You Win, Tails I Lose," and George Morgan covered "One Rose" with some success. Though a recording contract with Kapp records followed, Lewis never had much of a performing career of his own and was better suited to let others record his material.
Hugh X. Lewis passed away on December 29, 2020.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Traditional Country, Rock 'n' Roll

Rockin' Mood Men (1961)

I'd Better Call The Law On Me (1965)

You're So Cold (I'm Turning Blue) (1967)

Wrong Side Of The World (1967)

Your Steppin' Stone (1967)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1961 SP FERN 802 (US) Hugh LEWIS - Bloody Harlan / Two Of A Kind
1961 SP FERN 803 (US) Hugh LEWIS - Daddy Frog / Rockin' Mood Men
1961 SP FERN 805 (US) Hugh LEWIS - Bingo / Nothing But Time
11/1964 SP KAPP K-622 (US) What I Need Most / Too Late
07/1965 SP KAPP K-673 (US) Out Where The Ocean Meets The Sky / Talking To A Bottle
11/1965 SP KAPP K-717 (US) I'd Better Call The Law On Me / Talk Me Out Of It
06/1966 SP KAPP K-757 (US) Just before Dawn / I'm Losing You (I Can Tell)
09/1966 SP KAPP K-771 (US) Wish Me A Rainbow / You Belong To My Heart
02/1967 SP KAPP K-812 (US) Another Day Just Slipped Away / Tender Hearted Me
05/1967 SP KAPP K-830 (US) You're So Cold (I'm Turning Blue) / No Chance For Happiness
10/1967 SP KAPP K-868 (US) Wrong Side Of The World / Your Steppin' Stone
02/1968 SP KAPP K-895 (US) Evolution And The Bible / Gone Gone Gone
05/1968 SP KAPP K-921 (US) With These Hands / War Is Hell
08/1968 SP KAPP K-939 (US) Country Music Fever / World Doesn't End Here
11/1968 SP KAPP K-955 (US) Tonight We're Calling It A Day / Sittin' And Thinkin'
02/1969 SP KAPP K-978 (US) All Heaven Broke Lose / Some Other Time
06/1969 SP KAPP K-2020 (US) Restless Melissa / Our Angels Just Aren't Singing Anymore
12/1969 SP COLUMBIA 4-45047 (US) Everything I Love / Mister Policeman
05/1970 SP COLUMBIA 4-45144 (US) When Love Is Gone / My Baby Sitter
10/1970 SP GRT GRT-28 (US) Blues Sells A Lot Of Booze / Help Yourself To Me
02/1971 SP GRT GRT-44 (US) Round And Round She Goes / ?
197? SP AQUARIAN 611 (US) Start Saving My Life / ?
197? SP BASF 15611 (US) Nobody But Me / She Melts In My Arms
1973 SP FANTASY 707 (US) Heaven Hell Or Houston / Katy Couldn't Bar The Door
1974 SP FANTASY 720 (US) One Of Her Tears / Wish Me A Rainbow
06/1978 SP LITTLE DARLIN' LD-7803 (US) Love Don't Hide From Me / Thinking Of You
03/1979 SP LITTLE DARLIN' LD-7913 (US) What Can I Do (To Make You Love Me) / Once Before I Die
1979 SP LITTLE DARLIN' LD-7925 (US) Beginning Tomorrow / When Love Is The Victim
08/1982 SP BLACK ROSE 8272 (US)

Don’t Blame It All On Alchohol / Long Live The Honky

01/1983 SP BLACK ROSE 8276 (US)

The Texan And The Yankee / I’m Losin’ My Hair

1983 SP Phonorama PR 45-560 (US) (promo)

Snap Your Fingers / Snap Your Fingers


01/1966 LP 12" KAPP KL-1462 (mono) / KS-3462 (stereo) (US) THE Hugh X. Lewis Album - Out Where The Ocean Meets The Sky / I'd Better Call The Law On Me / I Wish I Didn't Love You So / Talk Me Out Of It / Looking In The Future / Fourteen Karat Fool / What I Need Most / Roses Are Red My Love / This Makes Us Even / Talking To A Bottle / Too Late / Tomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry
08/1966 LP 12" KAPP KL-1494 (mono) / KS-3494 (stereo) (US) JUST BEFORE DAWN - Just Before Dawn / I'm Losing You / Time / I Hate Myself / Missing You / If This House Could Talk / Wish Me A Rainbow / Am I Losing You / It's A Mean Old World / You Belong To My Heart / You're Not Here To Scold Me / Have You Looked Into Your Heart
06/1967 LP 12" KAPP KL-1522 (mono) / KS-3522 (stereo)  (US) MY KIND OF COUNTRY - No Chance For Happiness / She's Gone Gone Gone / Nothing Takes The Place Of You / I'll Be Your Stepping Stone / Walk Through This World With Me / Nobody's Darlin' But Mine / My Happiness / That Heart Belongs To Me / You're So Cold I'm Turning Blue / Wrong Side Of The World / One Broken Dream Is Not The End Of Everything / Leavin'
01/1968 LP 12" KAPP KL-1545 (mono) / KS-3545 (stereo) (US) JUST A PRAYER AWAY - How Great Thou Art / Take My Hand / Peace Be Still / Beyond The Sunset / Bible Tells Me So / Just A Prayer Away / May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You / It Is No Secret What God Can Do / One God / Thank You Lord / Evolution And The Bible / With These Hands
06/1968 LP 12" KAPP KL-1563 (mono) / KS-3563 (stereo) (US) COUNTRY FEVER - Tonight We're Calling It A Day / Thanks A Lot / Where Were You / World Doesn't End Here / Sittin' And Thinkin' / What I Need Most / I Just Wasted The Rest / Angry Words / War Is Hell / Drinking Champagne / Country Music Fever
1971 LP 12" GRT GRT-20005 (US)

The Hugh X. Lewis Country Club - Hugh X. Lewis Country Club / Things Are Looking Up / Something New And Different / Climbing The Walls / I Don´t Care / Blues Sells A Lot Of Booze / One Hundred Songs On The Jukebox / Ship In The Bottle / Help Yourself To Me / The Tears On Lincoln´s Face / Round And Round She Goes

10/1977 LP 12" Guinness GNS 36083 (US)

THE Best of Hugh X. Lewis - What I Need Most / Talking To A Bottle / Looking In The Future (For The Past) / Try Crossing Over Sometime / Caught In The Act / Things Look Bad / The Place That I Call Home / Save Your Teardrops / Silent Partner / Just Thought I’d Let You Know

1980 LP 12" PRESIDENT PRCV 106 (UK) GOODWILL AMBASSADOR - What Can I Do / Once Before I Die / Have Your Next Affair With Me / Ballad Of Baby Brother / Things That Lovers Do / My Favorite Sin / One Night Only / I'm Thinking Of You Thinking Of Him / God Is Making House Calls / When Love Is The Victim / Beginning Tomorrow / Love Don't Hide From Me / Meanest Mother In The World / If It Wasn't For The Kids
1983 LP 12" Phonorama XPR5-5644 (US)

Just A Matter Of Time - Where Would I Be Now / Snap Your Fingers / Heaven Hell Or Houston / Am I That Easy To Forget / Ragin' Like A Cajun / Bury My Heart / It's Just A Matter Of Time / B.J. The D.J. / Angry Words / Lead Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

2001 CD Kingdom Come ? (US)

Tennessee In Song - The Big Orange Fan (Country version) / Knoxville / The Big Orange Fan (50’s version) / My Heart Is Always Home In Tennessee / Nashville (You’re A Woman) / Tennessee (the recitation) / Rocky Top / Tennessee Waltz / Memphis / Chattanooga Memories / Tri-Cities Blues

05/2002 CD Kingdom Come 122530 (US)

Inspirational Songs

200? CD Kingdom Come ? (US)

Evolution And The Bible - Evolution And The Bible / Jesus Is Still In Control / Country Gospel Fan / What About The Lost / Someone To Care / House Of Gold / Great Speckle Bird / Just A Closer Walk With Thee / Twas The Night Before Jesus / Twelve Days Of Christmas

200? CD Kingdom Come ? (US)

Stand Up And Be Counted - Stand Up And Be Counted / Don't That Beat The Devil / The Preacher And The Bear / You Never Mentioned Him To Me / Suppertime / If Jesus Came To Your House / God Is Making House Calls / I Found Jesus And He Wasn’t Even Lost / Dear Woman Sweet Woman / I Sent You / The Talker

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