Chanteur Rock 'n' Roll US né John Dee Abohosh, le 6 Février 1936 à Dallas (Texas). Plus tard, Il prendra le nom de son père adoptif,  John Faircloth.  Donnie Brooks a aussi enregistré sous les noms de Johnny Faire, Dick Bush et Johnny Jordan. Il est mort le 23 Février 2007.

Singer Donnie Brooks remains best known for the 1960 pop smash "Mission Bell," although he is also revered in rockabilly fan circles for the cult classic "Bertha Lou," recorded under the name Johnny Faire. Born John Dee Abohosh in Dallas on February 6, 1936, he was later adopted by his stepfather and given the new surname Fairecloth. While growing up in southern California, he studied under the same Vocals coach who previously instructed Eddie Fisher, and in high school made his professional debut on a classical music showcase broadcast by Ventura-based station KBCC. After graduating from high school, Fairecloth earned his living singing at local clubs, fairs, and weddings, embracing rock & roll and in 1957 signing to local indie Fable Records to cut his debut single, "You Gotta Walk the Line," credited to Johnny Faire.
While cutting demos for the Surf label, he learned that contractual obligations were forcing friend and mentor Dorsey Burnette to abandon a completed track dubbed "Bertha Lou." Surf agreed to erase Burnette's Vocals and insert Faire's performance instead, and while the resulting 1958 single earned scant attention on its original release, it is now revered as a lost classic of the rockabilly era. From there Faire adopted the alias Johnny Jordan long enough to record "Sweet, Sweet, Sweet" for the Jolt label, followed by a stint at Era, where he cut the rockabilly gem "Hollywood Party" under the tongue-in-cheek name Dick Bush. The record went nowhere, but Era owners Herb Newman and Lew Bidell were sufficiently impressed to keep the singer on the payroll — however, they insisted on yet another name change, this time to the wry Donnie Brooks. The first Donnie Brooks single, the melancholy ballad "White Orchid," proved his biggest hit to date, selling about 50,000 copies on the West Coast and topping the Australian pop charts. The follow-up, the Dorsey and Johnny Burnette castoff "Mission Bell," did far better, vaulting Brooks into the Billboard Top Ten and earning him his first gold record. A second Top 40 hit, "Doll House," followed at the end of 1960, and early the following year Brooks scored his final Hot 100 entry, "Memphis." Subsequent singles including "Wishbone," "Boomerang," and "My Favorite Kind of Face" failed to reignite Brooks' career, and following the late-1962 release of "Cries My Heart," the label terminated his contract. Brooks spent the following year off the radar, but resurfaced in early 1964 on Reprise with "Gone." That same year, he appeared in the feature film Get Yourself a College Girl, but Beatlemania effectively spelled the end of his recording career and after one final Reprise effort, "Pickin' Up the Pieces," his tenure with the label came with a halt.
Brooks nevertheless maintained a busy live schedule, opening for the likes of Roy Orbison, Connie Francis, and the Dave Clark Five — he even opened for Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. in Lake Tahoe. In 1971, Brooks appeared as Jesus Christ in the rock opera Truth of Truths, later embracing Christianity. In the years to follow he produced and promoted oldies revival showcases, and continued touring until a serious car accident forced him into retirement in 2003. Brooks died of congestive heart failure on February 23, 2007; he was 71 years old.

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll

BERTHA LOU (1957) (Johnny Faire)

TILL THE LAW SAYS STOP (1957) (Johnny Faire)

MISSION BELL (1960) (Donnie Brooks)

Years in activity :

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11/1957 SP FABLE 601 (US) . Johnny FAIRE - You Gotta Walk The Line / Make Up Your Mind Baby
11/1957 SP FABLE 601 (US) . Johnny FAIRE - Make Up Your Mind Baby / If I'm A Fool
11/1957 SP FABLE 601 (US) . Johnny FAIRE - You Gotta Walk The Line / If I'm A Fool
12/1957 SP SURF SR 5019-45 (US) . Johnny FAIRE - Bertha Lou / Till The Law Says Stop
02/1958 SP SURF SR 5024-45 (US) . Johnny FAIRE - Betcha I Getcha / I Fell For Your Line Baby
05/1958 SP ERA 45-1067 (US) . Dick BUSH - Hollywood Party / Ezactly
10/1958 SP JOLT 332 (US) . Johnny JORDAN - Sweet, Sweet, Sweet / Don't Cry Little Baby
08/1959 SP ERA 3004 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - If You're Lookin' / Li'l Sweetheart
09/1959 SP ERA 3007 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Sway And Move With The Beat / White Orchid
03/1960 SP ERA 3014 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - The Devil Ain't A Man / How Long
05/1960 SP ERA 3018 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Mission Bell / Do It For Me
10/1960 SP ERA 3028 (US) Donnie BROOKS - Doll House / Round Robin
02/1961 SP ERA 3042 (US) Donnie BROOKS - Memphis / That's Why
05/1961 SP ERA 3049 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Wishbone / All I Can Give
07/1961 SP ERA 3052 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Boomerang / How Long
09/1961 SP ERA 3059 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Sweet Lorraine / Up To My Ears
11/1961 SP ERA 3063 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Goodnight Judy / Your Little Boy's Come Home
03/1962 SP ERA 3071 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - My Favorite Kind Of Face / He Stole Flo
05/1962 SP ERA 3077 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Just A Bystander / Oh, You Beautiful Doll
12/1962 SP ERA 3095 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Cries My Heart / It's Not That Easy
02/1964 SP REPRISE 0261 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Gone / Girl Machine
10/1964 SP REPRISE 0311 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Can't Help Lovin' You / Pickin' Up The Pieces
1965 SP REPRISE 0363 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Hey, Little Girl / I Never Get To Love You
1966 SP CHALLENGE 59331 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - I Call Your Name / Be Fair
1966 SP CHALLENGE 59444 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Pink Carousel / Minstrel Man
1970 SP HAPPY TIGER HT-529 (US) . Donnie BROOKS - Abracadabra / Know You As A Woman
1986 SP ERIC 299 (US) .

Mission Bell (Donnie BROOKS) / To Know Him Is To Love Him (TEDDY BEARS)

2008 CD K-TEL (US) . Dick BUSH - Hollywood Party / Ezactly
2008 CD K-TEL (US) . Ronnie BROOKS - Doll House / Round Robin
2008 CD K-TEL (US) . Ronnie BROOKS - Memphis / That's Why
???? SP COLLECTABLES C 3123 (US) .

Mission Bell (Donnie BROOKS) / Robbin' The Cradle (Tony BELLUS)

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1961 LP 12" ERA EL 105 (US) THE HAPPIEST - DONNIE BROOKS - That's Why / Memories Are Made Of This / Mission Bell / How Long / The Devil Ain't A Man / Twilight Time / Memphis / P.S. I Love You / All I Can Give / What'd I Say / Doll House / Round Robin
1991 LP 12" JUKE BOX SATURDAY NIGHT 1004 (I) ROCK'N'ROLL FEVER - UNKNOWN STAR - DONNIE BROOKS - Don't Cry Little Baby / Cries My Heart / Memphis / That's Why / My Favorite Kind Of Face / Mission Bell / It's Not That Easy / Round Robin / Doll House / Oh, You Beautiful Doll / The Devil Ain't A Man / Wishbone / All I Can Give / He Stole Flo
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06/2001 CD CANETOAD INT. CD 6458 (AUS) GREATEST HITS, 1958-1968 - DONNIE BROOKS - Bertha Lou / Til The Law Says Stop / I Fell For Your Line Baby / Betcha I Getcha / Hollywood Party / Ezactly / White Orchid / Sway And Move With The Beat / The Devil Ain't A Man / How Long / Mission Bell / Doll House / Round Robin / Memphis / That's Why / Wishbone / All I Can Give / Boomerang / Sweet Lorraine / Up To My Ears / Goodnight Judy / My Favorite Kind Of Face / He Stole Flo / Oh, You Beautiful Doll / Just A Bystander / Memories Are Made Of This / Twilight Zone / PS I Love You / What'd I Say / Gone / Girl Machine / Can't Help Lovin' You / If I Never Get To Love You / Love Is A Funny That Way
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08/2007 CD K-TEL ?  (US) THE BEST OF DONNIE BROOKS - All I Can Give / Doll House / How Long / Memories Are Made Of This / Mission Bell / Oh, You Beautiful Doll / P.S. I Love You / Round Robin / That's Why / Twilight Time / What'd I Say / He Stole Flo / Boomerang / My Favorite Kind Of Face / Up To My Ears (In Tears) / Goodnight Judy / Memphis / Wishbone / Sway And Move To The Beat / The Devil Ain't A Man / Sweet Lorraine / Ezactly / Hollywood Party

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