(Connie Hall)

When she agreed to set you free I thought that I had won
But you never told me you had a little son
My world just died inside of me when I called you on the phone
And a little boy it answered said daddy's not at home

Daddy doesn't live here anymore
Mommie says he loves me but you know I'm not so sure
I saw him on the street one day a stranger by his side
So if my daddy loves me why does my mommie cry

He didn't know that I was that stranger
But it made me stop and realize
Just what this would do to a little boy his size
By now I was crying and so ashamed of my part
For what I knew is breaking his heart
So no matter how much I love you I couldn't rob him his dad
But he wasn't finished yet and I listened as he said

Because you see us now and then but it always hurts me so
He only said a little while though I begged him not to go
Why don't he stay at home with us the way he used to do
Please tell my dad I need him and mommie needs him too