Chanteur Country US né le 12 février 1937 à Van Lear (Kentucky). Jay Lee Webb est le frère de Loretta Lynn et Crystal Gayle. Il est décédé le 31 Juillet 1996 à Nashville (Tennessee).

Born 12 February 1937, Butcher Holler, Kentucky, USA, d. 1 July 1996, USA. Born into a very musical family, two of his sisters were Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. Webb sang, leading his own band, chiefly in and around Nashville, Tennessee, and for a spell accompanied Lynn as a member of her touring band. He recorded two albums for Decca Records in the late 60s but faded from the mainstream thereafter. Songs in his repertoire included ‘Finance Company Waltz’, ‘Get A Lot While You’re Young’, ‘Broad Minded Man’, ‘The House Where Losers Go’, ‘I Come Home A Drinkin’’, ‘Love Me Back To Life’, ‘I Was Ready For The World’, ‘The Happiness Of Having You’, and ‘Don’t Blow Your Horn, Gabe’.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country

I Come Home A-Drinkin' (To A Worn-Out Wife Like You) (1967) (Jack Webb)

Since You Made A Wreck Out Of Me (1967) (Jack Webb)

You Never Were Mine (1967) (Jay Lee Webb)

Broad Minded Man (1969) (Jay Lee Webb)

Get A Lot While You`re Young (1969) (Jay Lee Webb)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



01/1967 SP DECCA 32087 (US) . Jack WEBB - I Come Home A-Drinkin' (To A Worn-Out Wife Like You) / Since You Made A Wreck Out Of Me 
06/1967 SP DECCA 32145 (US) . Bottle, Turn Her Off / You Never Were Mine
03/1968 SP DECCA 32286 (US) . Tootie's Wall / I'll Build Her Up
12/1968 SP DECCA 32430 (US) . She's Lookin' Better By The Minute / The House Where Losers Go
06/1969 SP DECCA 32512 (US) . Broad Minded Man / Get A Lot While You`re Young
12/1669 SP DECCA 32591 (US) .

Your Cow's Gonna Get Out / Finance Company Waltz

07/1970 SP DECCA 32710 (US) .

Bloomin' Fools / If I Go On Livin' (It's Gonna Be The Death Of Me)

02/1971 SP DECCA 32798 (US) . A Whole Lot Of Nothing / Ready For The World
09/1971 SP DECCA 32887 (US) .

Don't Blow Your Horn Gabe / Happiness Of Having You

04/1972 SP DECCA 32960 (US) . You're Not Here / Love Me Back To Life
1974 SP OPRYLAND 3961 (US) .

Another Morning After / You're Sixteen You're Beautiful

1974 SP OPRYLAND P-3961 (US) . You're Sixteen You're Beautiful (mono) / You're Sixteen You're Beautiful (stereo)
1978 SP PALMER 8-002 (US) She's Gone / The Birthmark Henry Thompson Talks About
1982 SP O'BRIEN OB329 (US) . Country Queens / (When You've Hurt Me) More That I Love You
1983 SP O'BRIEN OB332 (US) .

Jay Lee WEBB & LOUANNE - Let's Burn Memories Together / You Are The One

1983 SP O'BRIEN OB333 (US) . Jay Lee WEBB & LOUANNE - Together We'll Make It / More That I Love You


09/1967 LP 12" DECCA DL-4933 (mono) / DL-74933 (stereo) (US) I COME HOME I'M DRINKIN' - I Come Home A Drinkin' (To A Worn-Out Wife Like You) / I Threw Away The Rose / Since You Made A Wreck Out Of Me / My Elusive Dreams / Bridge Washed Out / You Never Were Mine / Bottle Turn Her Off / Lay Some Happiness On Me / My Favorite Memory / Gotta Swim The Mississippi Or Die / Life Turned Her That Way / Gettin' Ready To Die
06/1969 LP 12" DECCA DL-75121 (US) SHE'S LOOKING BETTER BY THE MINUTE - She's Looking Better By The Minute / It's A Sin / Ribbon Of Darkness / House Where Lovers Go / Tootsie's Wall / (Margie's At The) Lincoln Park Inn / I Can't Fight The World / I'll Share My World With You / Broad Minded Man / Cutest Truck Driver

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