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To most musicians, a hub would most likely bring to mind somewhere one is forced to change planes, or part of a wheel that has to be removed in order to change a tire. There is almost a total lack of people in the music business with this name, with the Texas country and rockabilly artist Hub Sutter perhaps the only one other than the Amsterdam jazz club manager Huub Van Real, whose inclusion on the list is strictly optional for anyone with good Dutch pronunciation. Sutter seems to have been present on the Texas music scene for three decades, but did barely any recording at all. The music that he did commit to vinyl is shrouded with mystery. He has several tracks on the Krazy Kat compilation entitled Heading Back to Houston: Texas C&W 1950-1951, a collection that comes with high marks based on its cast of talented honky tonkers from that era.
But what era was that? Despite this collection's title, a highly accurate rockabilly discography actually lists the Sutter title as originating from a few years later, the fall of 1957, to be exact. This was when Sutter, singing and playing guitar and leading a group called Hub Sutter & the Hub Cats, recorded two tracks for the Columbus label. "I Don't Want My Baby Back," the sister song to rocker Glen Glenn's "I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Away," is included on the Krazy Kat set, but the track that seems to have been the original single's A-side, "Gone Goslin," remains a missing and coveted item, especially among listeners hoarding country songs about geese or other fowl.
The Krazy Kat set also includes "Tellin' My Baby Bye Bye," definitely a spoke on the same thematic hub as the record's other Sutter song. Rockabilly discographies show no evidence of this song ever actually being recorded, however. In the late '80s, Sutter showed up on a live Ray Campi record, this time playing clarinet. As well as working with retro-rockabilly dude Campi, Sutter is also listed as one of the many sidemen that backed up Texas fiddler and singer Houston "Perk" Williams; this reference also indicates that Sutter is deceased.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, clarinet

Style musical : Traditional Contry, Western Swing, Rockabilly

I Don't Want My Baby Back (1950)

Gone Goslin (1957)

I Don't Want My Baby Back (1957)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10


78 t. & Singles

1948 78 t. LASSO L-102 (US)

Hub Sutter & The Galvestonians - You've Broken Every Vow (One By One) / New Frankie And Johnny

1950 78 t. FREEDOM 5015 (US) Hub Sutter & His HUBCATS - I Don't Want My Baby Back / I Live Only For You
10/1957 SP COLUMBUS CO-103 (US)

Hub Sutter & The Hub Cats - Gone Goslin / I Don't Want My Baby Back 

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