Chanteur et Guitariste Country US originaire de Magoffin County (Kentucky).

Bluegrass singer, songwriter, and guitarist Charlie Sizemore was raised in the Magoffin County region of eastern Kentucky in a family where both his father and grandfather were banjo players, and he understandably grew up fascinated by mountain music and bluegrass. Sizemore's first instrument was the fiddle, which he began playing at the age of six, and by his teens he was good enough on guitar to play with local favorite Lum Patton and to tour with the Goins Brothers Band. He was 16 when he replaced Keith Whitley as the lead singer in Ralph Stanley's Clinch Mountain Boys, a testament to his considerable ability as a vocalist. Sizemore sang with Stanley for nearly a decade and appeared on over a dozen of Stanley's albums in the late '70s and early '80s before leaving to form his own Charlie Sizemore Band and to attend college. The band recorded seven albums (most of them for Rebel Records) and toured regularly over the next 12 years, during which time Sizemore also managed to graduate from the University of Kentucky with a degree in political science. Relocating to Nashville, Sizemore worked as a songwriter for Paul Craft Music (Ralph StanleyJimmy MartinDoyle Lawsonthe Dry Branch Fire Squad, and Del Reeves are among the artists who have recorded Sizemore songs over the years) and interned at a Nashville law firm while attending law school. After graduating he went into private practice as an attorney and continued to work, record, and tour with the Charlie Sizemore Band (current members include Matt DeSpain on Dobro, Danny Barnes on mandolin, Wayne Fields on banjo, and John Pennell on bass). He signed with Rounder Records in 2007 and his debut album for the imprint, Good News, was released later that same year.

Talents : Singer, Guitar

Style musical : Bluegrass, Traditional Country, Folk

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



19?? SP RUTABAGA 1025 (US)

I've Got A Good Memory / Rainbows And Roses


1985 CD Acoustic Revival AR 33011 (US)

Congratulations - Wild Side Of Life / String Eraser And Blotter / In My Time Of Dying / I See Through You / Call Of The Honky Tonk / Melody Of Love / Long Gone / Standing Room Only / Mountain High Mountain Low / Congratulations / A Little At A Time / There's Nothing Between Us

1988 CD Rutabaga RR-3013 (US) GRAVEL ROAD - Charlie SIZEMORE BAND - Gravel Road / Walk Softly On The Bridges / Don't Just Stand There / Fast Express / Sidewalk Ballerina / You Never Cross My Mind / Down In The Quarter / The Boy You Left Behind / I Take The Chance / Snowflake Reel / Once Upon A Time / Go And Break Another Heart
1989 CD Rutabaga RR-3014 (US)

Call Of The Honky Tonk - Call Of The Honky Tonk / There's Nothing Between Us / String, Eraser & Blotter / Melody Of Love / Mountain High, Valley Low / In My Time Of Dying / Congratulations / Standing Room Only / Long Gone / I See Through You / A Little At A Time / Wild Side Of Life

1989 CD Rutabaga RR-3017 (US) SINGING WITH THE ANGELS - Charlie SIZEMORE BAND - Church By The Road / I Pressed Through The Crowd / Time For Me To Go Home / Singin' With The Angels / Camping In Canaans Land / When The Redeemed Are Gatherin In / Seek Jesus (He Still May be Found) / Leaning On The Everlasting Arm / We Shall Rise / It'll Matter But Little / Old Country Church / Prettiest Flowers
08/1994 CD REBEL 1705 (US) BACK HOME - Who Cares / Time Can't Take Your Memory Away / Roller Coaster Run / Walking Home In The Rain / A Dream Where A Memory Used To Be / I'm Really Gone / Watering Poison Ivy / Back Home / You Never Know Until You Cry / Once More From The Bottom / Nothing Happening Every Minute / Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
02/1996 CD REBEL 1727 (US) IN MY VIEW - Charlie SIZEMORE BAND - That's How I Get To Memphis / Made In The Shade (If The Tree Don't Fall) / Louisiana Red Dirt Highway / Let Me Love You One More Time / I Know The Way To You By Heart / Bristlecone Pine / I Want My Rib Back / In My View / Ricket's Reel / Watching My World Go Down / What You Go Thru / Are You Waiting Just For Me / Keep Me From Blowing Away
04/2002 CD REBEL REB-CD-1767 (US) THE STORY IS... THE SONGS OF TOM T. HALL - Mama's Got The Catfish Blues / I'll Never Do Better Than You / I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew / Pamela Brown / I Flew Over Our House Last Night / Waiting On The Other Shoe To Fall / Kentucky In The Morning / Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine / Ballad Of Forty Dollars / Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn / Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It On / Another Town / The Year That Clayton Delaney Died / Me And Jesus
08/2007 CD ROUNDER 11661 0591-2 (US) GOOD NEWS - Charlie SIZEMORE BAND - I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up / I Won't Be Far From Here / Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart / Devil On A Plow / Alison's Band / Whiskey Willie / Blame It On Vern / No Blues Is Good News / The Less That I Drink / Mama Turn Aloosa My Soul / The Silver Bugle / Hey Moon / My Dying Day / Good News When I Die
2009 CD ROUNDER 11661-0614-2 (US)

Can't You Hear The Mountains Calling - Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys featuring Charlie Sizemore - Don't Wake Me Up / Can't You Hear The Mountains Calling / Won't You Be Mine / That Happy Night / Little Willie / When You Go Walking After Midnight / This Weary Heart You Stole Away / Cotton-Eyed Joe / Sixteen Years / With Whiskey And Wine / Dickenson County Breakdown / In Despair

02/2011 CD ROUNDER 11661-0657-2 (US)

Heartache Looking for a Home - Down In The Quarter / Red Wicked Wine / No Lawyers In Heaven / Heartache Looking For A Home / Feelin' Like El Paso / Slow Goin' / Walking The Floor Over Me / I Don't Remember Loving You / Poor Rambler / Ashley Judd / Fords Of Pittman / Pay No Attention To Alice / Going To Georgia / Crossing Over Into The Valley

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