Chanteur Country US n Dennis Anthony Robbins en 1949 Hazelwood (Caroline du Nord).

A slide guitarist and former member of the Detroit blues-rock band the Rockets, Dennis Robbins also performed with the country-songwriter supergroup Billy Hill; among the songs he wrote were Garth Brooks' "Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House" and Shenandoah's "Church on Cumberland Road." Robbins was born in Hazelwood, North Carolina, and grew up listening to traditional bluegrass music as well as rock & roll music. He began playing different styles of guitar music as a teen. Following high school, Robbins was a U.S. Marine, and eventually moved to Detroit, where he played in different bands before joining up with the Rockets as a slide guitar player. The band was quite popular and opened for the likes of ZZ Top, Kiss, and Bob Seger. Tiring of touring, Robbins returned to North Carolina and then moved to Nashville, where in 1986 he released his debut solo album The First of Me. His lack of success spurred Robbins to form Billy Hill, which broke up in 1990 after only one album. Soon afterward, he became the first country artist to sign to Giant's new country division. His first single for the label, "Home Sweet Home," became a minor hit, and later appeared on the album Man with the Plan (1992).

Talents : Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar, Slide Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country Rock

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1983 SP NSD NSD-169 (US) If I Could Get Over You / Fire In Me
04/1986 SP MCA MCA-52809 (US) Hard Lovin' Man / Baby It's You
08/1986 SP MCA MCA-52913 (US) First Of Me / Sweet Sweet Lovin'
12/1986 SP MCA MCA-52987 (US) Long Gone Lonesome Blues / Mountain Man And Me
06/1987 SP MCA MCA-53143 (US) Two Of A Kind (Workin' On A Full House) / Church On Cumberland Road
06/1989 SP REPRISE 7-22942 (US) Too Much Month At The End Of The Money / Rollin' Dice
11/1989 SP REPRISE 7-22746 (US) I Can't Help Myself / Just In Case You Want To Know
03/1990 SP REPRISE 7-19914 (US) Nickel To My Name / Drive On By
09/1990 SP REPRISE 7-19738 (US) No Chance To Dance / Too Much Month At The End Of The Money
11/1990 SP REPRISE 7-19482 (US) Blue Angel / I Am Just A Rebel
04/1992 SP GIANT 7-18982 (US) Home Sweet Home / Only Slide I Ever Played On
07/1992 SP GIANT 7-18786 (US) My Side Of Town / Hi-O Silver
12/1993 SP GIANT 7-18294 (US) Mona Lisa On Cruise Control / Walking On The Edge
05/1994 SP GIANT 7-18190 (US) Walking On The Edge / Travelin' Music


05/1986 LP 12" MCA MCA-5720 (US) THE FIRST OF ME - The First Of Me / Setting Me Up / You're Not Drinking Enough / Rollin' Dice / Watermelon Time In Georgia / Mountain Man And Me / Baby It's You / Sweet Sweet Lovin' / Full Moon Risin'
06/1992 CD GIANT 9 24458-2 (US) MAN WITH A PLAN - Home Sweet Home / Paris Tennessee / Good News Bad News / My Side Of Town / I Am Just A Rebel / Man With A Plan / Hi O Silver / Chapel Of The Friendly Bells / Only Slide I Ever Played On / All The Way To San Antone
07/1994 CD GIANT 9 24543-2 (US) BORN READY - Mona Lisa On Cruise Control / Travelin' Music / Born Ready / Wild Rebel Love / Where There's A Wheel There's A Way / Ride Ride Ride / Blowin' Smoke / Before We Reach The Crossroads / Looking For A Thing Called Love / Walkin' On The Edge

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