Chanteuse Country US, épouse de Frank Fara.

Patty’s professional singing career started out at John Brown University where she toured for three years with the school’s musical group The Harmonaires ~ Patty and the Harmonaires sang their way across the nation from New York to California ~ Later she sang in the casinos of Nevada as featured vocalist of the Frank Fara show where she gained quite a loyal following of fans in the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas ~ After touring and performing five years across most of Canada and the USA the road became less appealing ~ Patty found herself drawn to the recording studios of Nashville where she was soon tagged “ Music Row’s favorite independent female Record Producer ” by Music Row Magazine
During these creative days Patty was often in Nashville every month producing sessions ~ Artists would call her from as far away as Europe and Australia to see if she would produce their recordings ~ Her amazing global popularity soon caught the ear of CNN Television and the Wall Street Journal ~ both did feature stories on her unique accomplishments in the world of Country music ~ Even as her status as a Record Producer grew ~ her own singing continued to play an essential part in her life ~ She appeared as background vocalist or duo partner on more than 100 Nashville recordings
Having come full circle ~ Patty feels comfortable ~ again pursuing her own singing as well as partnering on some songwriting with her husband Frank Fara ~ She has appeared at Arizona’s “ Festival of the West ” where she presented Screen legend and Singer Dale Evans with a special tribute song entitled “She Road a Horse Called Buttermilk”~ Patty also performed in Northern Arizona to sing her recordings of “Song of the Grand Canyon” and “Sedona Serenade” ~ Recently she was in New Mexico for the radio debut of her Santa Fe based Christmas song “La Noche Buena ~ It’s Christmas Eve” ~ The future looks bright for Patty Parker as she and husband Frank Fara continue to introduce their new music and songs of ~ How The West Was Sung ~ 

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1978 SP COMSTOCK COM 1632 (US)


I Want You, I Need You, I Love You / Help You Find A Way
10/2005 CD COMSTOCK LIMITED ? (US) La Noche Buena ~ It's Christmas Eve
2010 DI COMSTOCK LIMITED ? (US) Song Of The Grand Canyon


05/2007 CD COMSTOCK ? (US) SOUTHWESTERN SERENADE - Crystal Canyon / Song Of The Grand Canyon / Hotel Saguaro / Sedona Serenade / She Rode A Horse Called Buttermilk / Tips For Stagecoach Travellers / Navajo Land / When Mama Prayed / La Noche Buena, It's Christmas Eve

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