Chanteur Country US né le 3 Août 1947 à Atlantic City (New Jersey). A 14 ans il rencontre James Burton et en 1965 ses pas vont être guidés par Sonny Fisher (Le roi du Rockabilly Texan ),  Mickey Gilley (cousin de Jerry Lee Lewis), son ami Sleepy Labeef, qu'il retrouva 25 ans plus tard en partageant l'affiche avec lui au "Festival Internationnal de Rockabilly" de Munich ( Allemagne ) en 1991, et de Mr Huey P.Meaux  producteur du label "Crazy Cajun" et propriétaire du Studio Gold Star à Houston, ce qui l’influence et lui donne son style musical .
Il se lance avec son premier groupe "The  Troopers" avec qui il joue dans les clubs d’Austin (Texas). En 1998, il arrive avec une solide réputation en Europe et lors d'une tournée en Suède  à Junsele, il ouvre le show pour Buck Owens. Puis il se fait connaître avec son single vinyl "Gator Boogie Woogie Man" sur le label Bronco; A cette période il joue en France, Italie, Allemagne, Espagne, Suède et Angleterre, en affiche des concerts de Rockabilly et des festivals de Country Music

US Country singer born August 3, 1947 in Atlantic City (New Jersey). At 14 he met James Burton and in 1965 its not going to be guided by Sonny Fisher (The King of Rockabilly Texan), Mickey Gilley (cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis), his friend Sleepy Labeef, he found 25 later in sharing the stage with him "Internationnal Rockabilly Festival" in Munich (Germany) in 1991, and Mr Huey P.Meaux producer of "Crazy Cajun" label and owner of Gold Star Studio in Houston, which the influence and gives it its musical style.
It starts with his first group "The Troopers" with whom he played in the clubs of Austin (Texas). In 1998, he arrived with a solid reputation in Europe and on tour in Sweden in Junsele, it opens the show for Buck Owens. Then he became known with his vinyl single "Gator Boogie Woogie Man" on the Bronco label; At that time he played in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, England, shows concerts of Rockabilly and Country Music festivals

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1989 SP BRONCO 2110 (F) Orville Nash & HOT ROCKS - Gator Boogie Woogie Man / Rebel Rousin Days


1990 LP 12" ROLLIN' ROCK RRCHLP 01 (CH) NASHIN' AROUND - Orville NASH with MITCH & FRANK - Nash’n Around / Sweet Rockin’ Mama / I’m Out / Heartbreakin Mama / Wiling And Ready / Bootlegger / Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hide / Swamp Child / Hot Dog / Cry Over Me / You’re There / New Orleans Woman / Austin City Limits
1993 CD YEP YEP YYCD 93001 (F) FUCKIN FORMIDABLE !... - Orville NASH & His CRAZY RAMBLERS - Tombstone Blues / Boogie Woogie Cajun Girl / Wells Fargo Trail / Hillbilly Boogie Stomp / Looking At My Backdoor / I'm The Man / If I Had Me A Woman / Wide Open Highway / Tongue Tied Jill / Folsom Prison Blues / Oakie Boogie / Hollywood Glamour Girl / Stirring Up The Bayou.
1997 CD FURY FCD 3052 (EUR) GET ALONG - Get Along  / Warning Shadows / Heavy City Traffic Jam / Bittersweet / Montana Wildcat / High Bluff / Bayou Beast / Bourbon Street Belle / Eileen / Rocking Daddy / Honky Tonk Mood / Get Along
02/2006 CD SCANA 95089 (SWE) THE BIG RIG DRIVER - Big Rig Driver / That's My Story / The Girl With The Sparking Eyes / Shotgun Boogie / Summertime Blues / Highway Patrol / Six More Miles To The Graveyard / Tall Tall Trees / Dying Breed / Mama Knows The Highway / Rawhide / Heart Of Hearts / Gone country / Six Days On The Road / My Rifle, My Pony And Me
2008 CD SCANA 97040 (SWE)

'49 Arizona Buick - '49 Arizona Buick / 3.03 / Swamp Child / Tender Whispers / New Orleans Woman / Let's Go Boppin' Tonight / Don't Ask Me No Questions / Gator Boogie Woogie Man / Bait And Tackle / Johnny Ringo / Safari Stomp / Can't Tame Wild Women / Just Do It / Alamo / Fast Train / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Gator Boogie Woogie Man / Rebel Rousin' Days / Get Along [live]

12/2009 CD OLD TIMES 347 (F)

The Early Years… TILL NOW! - The Best Of Orville Nash - Tongue Tied Jill / Let's Go Bopping Tonight / Hillbilly Boogie Stomp / Wells Fargo Trail / Tombstone Gun / Boogie Woogie Cajun Girl / Hollywood Glamour Girl / Bourbon Street Belle / Warning Shadows / Heavy City Traffic Jam / Montana Wildcat / Honky Tonk Mood / Bayou Beast / Every Dog Has His Day / Nightwalker

2014 CD Foot Tappin’ FT 150 (UK)

Honky Tonk Mood - Orville NASH & The GAMBLERS - Honky Tonk Mood / Flat Tyre / Down On The Brazos / Five Card Draw / Back To The Big Cowtown / Wells Fargo Trail / Toss Of Dice / Bitter Sweet / Heavy City Traffic Jam / Get Along / Tombstone Gun / Night Train Keep A Puffin'

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