Chanteur Country US de Virginie de l'Ouest.

Ralph Johnson was born in the Clinch Mountains of south West Virginia.  He began developing his musical career at the age of six, after receiving his first guitar.  At the age of fifteen, his singing and musical talent had developed enough to enable him to put together his own band.  Ralph and his band auditioned for a radio show in Richlands, VA. They landed the job on WRIC radio.  During this time, his band played schools, halls and theatres in the area.  They later auditioned for a spot on a new TV station in Bluefield, WV.  Some time later, they had earned the privilege of performing two shows on WOAY in Twin Oak Hill, WV.  It was here that he recorded his first record, « Henpecked Daddy« .  After appearing on different radio and TV stations throughout the country, he moved his operation to Baltimore. MD.  While in Baltimore, he launched Wedge Records, Dome Records and Fleet Records.  Along with all of his record labels, he opened his own publishing company, Big Wedge Music.  He released all types of music from the Washington and Baltimore areas.  He later moved his operation to Vineland, NJ where he became the co-owner of WDVL Radio.  As a DJ, he played country music five hours a day, every day.  He went on to develop and book country music acts from Nashville, TN into Palentein Park every Sunday.  In 1976, he decided to move to Nashville, TN, where he proceeded to record and promote records on his Wedge Entertainment record label.  He used songs from his own publishing company, Big Wedge Music.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly

Henpecked Daddy (1957)

REALITY (1957)

Let's Take Some Time Out (195?) (unissued)

My Baby's Real Gone (195?) (unissued)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



06/1957 SP RALPH JOHNSON 45-639 (US) Ralph Johnson & The Hillbilly Show Boys - Henpecked Daddy / Reality
???? SP WEDGE SR 1007 (US)

Ralph Johnson & The Good Luck Charms - Automation / Hemphill Mine Blues

Unissueds Tracks

195? Unissued - (Collector CD 4422 (#8)) Let's Take Some Time Out
195? Unissued - (Collector CD 4422 (#9)) My Baby's Real Gone


2010 CD WEDGE ? (US) Keepin' It Country - In the Middle of the Night Time / Second Face / The Third Party / Out Of Control / She Knows / Automation / Henpecked Daddy / Yankee Lovin' Southern Style / Just Like Them / When You Came In My Life Today

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