Chanteur Country US originaire de Chapman (Kansas) et résident plus tard en Oklahoma. Dave Insley a été dans une série de groupes Country depuis le début des années 1980, incluant Chaingang, Politics Or Pontiacs, Nitpickers et Trophy Husbands. Il a sorti son premier album solo en 2005.

US Country singer from Chapman (Kansas), and later resident in Arizona. Dave Insley has been in a series of country influenced bands since the early 1980s. His bands included Chaingang, Politics or Pontiacs, Nitpickers, and Trophy Husbands. He released his solo debut in 2005.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Honky Tonk, Contemporary Country, Traditional Country, Americana

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



03/2005 CD D.I.R. 1 (US) Call Me Lonesome - There's Gonna Be A Few Changes / I'm Afraid Of Dyin' / Laid To Waste / Maricopa Mountains (Dave Insley feat: Rosie Flores) / Just Call Me Lonesome / After I Died / Roy Boy / Gilded Cage / Cowboy Lullaby / Own A Mountain
08/2006 CD Dave Insley Music / D.I.R.  119 (US) Here with You Tonight - Open Road / You're The One I Prefer (Dave Insley feat: Amanda Cunningham) / Borrowed Time / South Of The Border (Dave Insley feat: Rosie Flores) / God Loves The Working Man / White Cross / Cashed In My Old Life / Other Trails To Ride / Grace / Train In The Distance
2007 CD Dave Insley Music ? (US) West Texas Wine - Beatin' Ya Down / West Texas Wine / Come See What's Left Of Your Man / Geneva's Gonna Leave Ya / Drinkin' For Two / Ol' What's Her Name / Waitin' Where She Hides / Everything's Broken Again / Exit 93 / Don't Take It Away
04/2016 CD D.I.R.  ? (US)

just the way that i am - Drinking Wine And Staring At The Phone / I Don’t Know How This Story Ends / Call Me If You Ever Change Your Mind / Footprint In The Snow / We’re All Here Together Cause Of You / Just The Way That I Am

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