Fiddler, guitariste et chanteur Country US n le 22 Juillet 1914 Hammond (Indiana).

Chuck Harding's musical background was a bit different than most hillbilly musicians of the day. He was a trained musician and taught fretted instruments at the Chicago School of Music for three years.
The Colorado Cowhands were a group of artists that were quite spread out in their roots. R.T. Mercer, was from Dyer, Tennesse and sang the 'more serious folk ballads' and Spanish guitar. Pee Wee Truehitt (or was it Truckett as mentioned in the caption with the picture?) was out of Waco, Texas. As they often said, he slapped the bass fiddle and offered the comedy parts of the act. Adrian Childress was from Knobel, Arkansas and played the fiddle and did Vocals. Then there was Jerry La Masters who was a celebrated fiddle virtuoso and was said to have a remarkable breakdown style. The manager of the group was "Scotty" who was also Mrs. Chuck Harding.
Around 1950, the group were appearing over radio station KBOA in Kennett, Missouri where they had a two and half hour show each day. They also made personal appearances almost nightly in a 300 mile radius around Kennett.
 Around that same time, Dome Records signed up Chuck Harding to a recording contract. Chuck wrote a lot of his own songs and his recordings included tunes such as "Jump Jackrabbit Jump", "Poor Little Girl", "Bald Headed Boogie", "Cotton Pickin' Blues", "Talking the Blues" and more.
Chuck also had his tunes recorded by other artists. These tunes, (but they didn't mention who recorded them) included "I'm Going To Write To Heaven", "A Picture, A Ring, And A Curl", "Teardrops Every Time It Rains", "I'm Living In A Lonely World", "Wasted Love" and more.
In addition, Jerry La Masters also cut a record with Dome Records to spotlight his fiddle mastery - "Back Up And Push" along with "Ozark Breakdown" and "Way Down Yonder".

Talents : Fiddle, Vocals, Leader

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly

Talking The Blues (1958 ?)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



195? SP BLUEBONNET 117 (US) She's Just A Honky Tonk Girl / Press Your Lips
195? SP BLUEBONNET 127 (US) Poor Boy Waltz / I'm Gonna Ask The Judge
1954 SP BLUEBONNET 135 (US) Talking The Blues / (Living In A) Lonely World
1954 SP BLUEBONNET 138 (US) Chuck Harding & The Colorado Cowhands - Leap Year Blues / Don't Worry Your Mind About Me
1958 ? SP MODERN 20-581 (US) Chuck Harding & The Colorado Cowhands - Talking The Blues / I'm Living In A Lonely World
06/1962 SP TRC TRC-2811 (US) Oneda HARDING & The Chuck HARDING COMBO - Bald Headed Twister / Do Dreams Come True
04/1964 SP TRC TRC-2050/1 (US) Chuck HARDING & The CONFEDERATES / Vocals by GLENNIS, Annette - Teen Queen / All Of Me
1965 SP TRC TRC-2054/5 (US) Sidewinder (Chuck HARDING & The CONFEDERATES / Tommy CHRISTIAN, Guitarist) / I Love (Chuck HARDING & The CONFEDERATES / Vocals by Oneda HARDING)

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