Trio Rockabilly US composť de Gary Gentry, Larry Gentry, Dale Gentry.

US Rockabilly trio included Gary Gentry, Larry Gentry & Dale Gentry. The brothers where born in Kentucky and Ohio and began playing music together at an very early age. Dale Gentry was only around 15 years old when he started playing guitar with Grand Ole Opry star Little Jimmy Dickens.
In early 1960 the Gentry Brothers did their first recording when they backed The Van Brothers (Arnold Van Winkle) on the now classic rockabilly song "Servant Of Love". This song is a good example of Dale`s incredible guitar playing. The record was recorded on the Muncie, Indiana based Poor Boy label, owned by country singer Wayne Raney.
Their next record was released almost one year later on the Dixie label with the two rockabilly style instrumentals "Swanky" and "Swooney". The pickers on this recording was Dale Gentry (Guitar), Gary Gentry (Bass-Guitar), Zandel Rainey (Piano & Vocals on Swooney) and  Bobby Bailey on Drums.
After that the Gentry Brothers teamed up with Gil Richmond and Earl King and released several county records om the Walton label. One of the songs recorded on Walton in 1964, "Stop, Slow Down" was later also released on the Ohio based Fraternity Label. But the song was stopped before it hit the national public because of legal problems, and only a few records was pressed.
The Gentry Brothers got to play with many stars at the time and meet alot of people. Including Little Jimmy Dickens, George Jones, Chet Atkins & Hank Williams Jr.. Dale Gentry was asked to go on the road with some of the most famous country singers at the time. But he didnt want to go without his Brothers.
The Gentry Brothers are now listed in the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame for their contribution to the musical genre and their songs is being performed by rockabilly bands all around the world.

Talents : Gary Gentry : Bass - Larry Gentry : Drums - Dale Gentry : Guitar

Style musical : Rockabilly

SWOONEY (1961) (Gentry Brothers)

SWANKY (1961) (Gentry Brothers)

My Wildwood Flower (1962) (Gentry Brothers)

DOING THINGS (1964) (Gil Richmond & Earl King with The Gentry Brothers)

Let Me Talk It Over With My Heart (1964) (Gil Richmond & Earl King with The Gentry Brothers)

Stop, Slow Down (1964) (Gil Richmond & Earl King with The Gentry Brothers)

If They're Going To Do My Living (1966) (Gil & Earl)

BABY BLUE (1966) (Gil & Earl)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



01/1961 SP DIXIE 45-890 (US)

GENTRY BROTHERS - Swooney  (instr.) / Swanky  (instr.)

1962 SP WALTON 005 (US) Uncle Sam (Uncle Orrie) / My Wildwood Flower (instr.) (Gentry Bros)
1964 SP WALTON 007 (US) Gil Richmond & Earl King with The Gentry Brothers - Doing Things / Let Me Talk It Over With My Heart
1964 SP WALTON 009 (US) Gil Richmond & Earl King with The Gentry Brothers - Stop, Slow Down / Your Favorite Fool
1964 SP FRATERNITY 941 (US) Gil & Earl - Stop, Slow Down / Winning Smile, Losing Heart
1966 SP FRATERNITY 955 (US) Gil & Earl - If They're Going To Do My Living / Baby Blue

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