Groupe Country US formé en 1988 à New Orleans (Louisiane) et comprenant Kathleen Stieffel, Sharon Leger, Rhonda Bolin Lohmeyer, Beth McKee, ancien membres : Nancy Buchan et Dudley Fruge.

This New Orleans-based band blends good-time, bayou country tunes with sweetly sensitive balladry. Their first album features a quintet headed by the smooth Vocals of guitarist Kathleen Stieffel and the rowdier Vocals of bassist and washboard specialist Sharon Leger. Austin keyboard vet Beth McKee also contributes Vocals, lead guitarist Rhonda Lohmeyer wrote the bulk of the original songs, and Nancy Buchan filled out the sound on fiddle and mandolin. Buchan left before the recording of their second album.

Talents : Kathleen Stieffel : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Sharon Leger : Vocals, Bass Guitar, Washboard - Rhonda Bolin Lohmeyer : Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle - Beth McKee : Vocals, Keyboards, Accordion - ancien membres : Nancy Buchan : Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin - Dudley Fruge : Drums

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Cajun, Country-Pop

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



05/1992 SP MCA MCAS7-54408 (US) Bayou Boy / Bon Temps La Louisiane
09/1992 SP MCA MCAS7-54488 (US) Am I A Fool / Hurricane
02/1993 SP MCA MCAS7-54598 (US) If I Had A Heart / Who's Gonna Love You
10/1993 SP MCA MCAS7-54747 (US) I'm Still Loving You / Elvis On The Night
01/1994 SP MCA MCAS7-54787 (US) Let's Go Spend Your Money Honey / On The Levee


05/1992 CD MCA MCAD 10582 (US) EVANGELINE - Bayou Boy / If I Had A Heart / Am I A Fool / Hey Rene / Carrying A Torch / Hurricane / Gulf Coast Highway / Rhumba Girl / Who's Gonna Love You / By The Rivers Of Babylon / Bon Temps La Louisiane
11/1993 CD MCA 10879 (US) FRENCH QUARTER MOON - She's A Wild One / I'm Still Loving You / On The Levee / Let's Go Spend Your Money Honey / French Quarter Moon / One More Day / We Will Fly / Delta Run / Elvis Of The Night / Don't Cross That Bridge / Let's Begin With Goodbye
07/1996 CD RENEGADE 4 (US) LOUISIANA AYE YIE YIE - Aye Yi Yi / Chenier Tigre / Grand Mamou / Evangeline / Hy Zydeco S-Oes / Backdoor / All Along The Bayou / Jolie / Bons Temps

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