Chanteuse Country US née le 1er Mars 1950 à Nashville (Tennessee). Connie Eaton est décédée le 30 Septembre 1999.

Born 1 March 1950, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, d. 20 September 1999, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Eaton’s father Bob sang on the Grand Ole Opry and in 1950, he achieved some success with ‘Second Hand Heart’, before he quit the business. After some experience and success as a child actor, she was signed to Chart Records and, working with producer Cliff Williamson (whom she subsequently married), she made her first recordings in 1968. Her first Billboard country chart entry came in 1970, when ‘Angel Of The Morning’ (a 1968 Top 10 pop hit for Merrilee Rush) peaked at number 34. By 1975, she added six more minor hits, two being duet recordings with Dave Peel, namely a cover version of Ray Charles’ 1961 pop number 1, ‘Hit The Road Jack’, and ‘It Takes Two’. In 1975, she recorded for Dunhill Records and gained her highest career chart placement with ‘Lonely Men, Lonely Women’ (number 23). Her final chart entry came the same year on ABC Records when ‘If I Knew Enough To Come Out Of The Rain’ became a very minor hit.

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Country-Pop



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



01/1968 SP GREAT 002 (US) Davy Jone's Locker / A Million Shades Of Blue
08/1968 SP CHART 59-1048 (US) Bonnie / Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense
01/1969 SP CHART 59-1067 (US) Something's Wrong In California / He's A Night Owl
04/1969 SP CHART 59-5009 (US) And Say Goodbye / Morning Blue
08/1969 SP CHART CH-5027 (US) I've Got The Life To Live / A Million Shades Of Blue
09/1969 SP CHART CH-5031 (US) Connie EATON & Vance BULLA -The Question / The Water And Wine
12/1969 SP CHART CH-5048 (US) Angel Of The Morning / One Time Too Many
02/1970 SP CHART CH-5056 (US) Connie EATON & Tony MARTIN - If You Can't Bring It Home / Tennessee Birdwalk
04/1970 SP CHART CH-5066 (US) Connie EATON & Dave PEEL - Hit The Road Jack / ?
07/1970 SP CHART CH-5084 (US) Memories / Tomorrow My Babies Are Coming Home
09/1970 SP CHART CH-5094 (US) These Hills / The Best Of Everything
10/1970 SP CHART CH-5099 (US) Connie EATON & Dave PEEL - It Takes Two / No Rest For The Weary
11/1970 SP CHART CH-5110 (US) Glad To Be Your Woman / Sing A Happy Song
03/1971 SP CHART CH-5120 (US) And Say Goodbye / Leave Me
05/1971 SP CHART CH-5132 (US) Connie EATON & Dave PEEL - In The Shadows Of The Night / Our Divorce Was A Failure
07/1971 SP CHART CH-5138 (US) Don't Hang No Halos On Me / These Hills
11/1971 SP CHART CH-5148 (US) Let Me Be The One / You May Wonder
04/1972 SP CHART CH-5162 (US) Angel Of The Morning / Tar And Cement
12/1972 SP CHART CH-5182 (US) Love Is So Illusive / These Hills
06/1973 SP CHART CH-5196 (US) The Other Side Of Town / God Paints Pictures
1974 SP ENTERPRISE ENA-9096 (US) It's You / Love Is So Elusive
1974 SP ENTERPRISE ENA-9105 (US) I Wanna Be Wrong Right Now / Let's Get Together
01/1975 SP DUNHILL D-15022 (US) Lonely Men, Lonely Women / Midnight Train
05/1975 SP ABC 12098 (US) If I Knew Enough To Come Out Of The Rain / Magic Mystery
08/1975 SP ABC / DOT DOA-17571 (US) It Was The Thing To Do / Who's Gonna Love Me Now


10/1969 LP 12" CHART CHS-1020 (US) I GOT LIFE TO LIVE - I've Got A Life To Live / And Say Goodbye / He's A Night Owl / Bonnie / Question / Too Many Dollars Not Enough Sense / These Hills / Morning Blue / Something's Wrong In California / Davy Jones' Locker / Million Shades Of Blue
1970 LP 12" CHART CHS-1034 (US) HIT THE ROAD JACK - Connie EATON & Dave PEEL - Hit The Road Jack / Rings Of Gold / Question / No Rest For The Wicked / These Hills / It Takes Two / To Love Somebody / In The Shadows Of The Night / Our Divorce Was A Failure / If You've Been Better
10/1971 LP 12" CHART CHS-1049 (US) SOMETHING SPECIAL - Angel Of The Morning / Leave Me / Sing A Happy Song / Stand By Your Man / One Time Too Many / Glad To Be Your Woman / Tar And Cement / Memories / Get Together / Take Me Back / Games People Play / Tomorrow My Baby's Coming Home
09/1975 LP 12" ABC / DOT ABCD-906 (US) CONNIE EATON - If I Knew Enough To Come Out Of The Rain / Will We Ever Make Love In Love Again / I Can't Live Without You Anymore / Magic Mystery / Lonely Men Lonely Women / Who's Gonna Love Me Now / If You Can't Believe In Love (You Can't Believe In Anything At All) / Midnight Train To Georgia / It Was The Thing To Do / It's Me And You

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