Chanteur Country US né John Washington Dollar Jr, le 8 Mars 1933 à Kilgore (Texas). Johnny Dollar a débuté au début des années soixante chez Starday Records de Nashville (Tennessee). Il est passé ensuite chez ABC DOT, Chart et Columbia Record. Johnny est décédé le 13 Avril 1986.

You can make jokes about the monetary names of Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Money, and all the rest, but Dollar is this Johnny's real name. Dollar made rock & roll before turning to a variety of country music styles, but his history as a rocker isn't in evidence on his 1968 album Johnny Dollar. Even the fuzz tone guitar on "Forever Is Over" and "Do-Die" has ample precedent in country music. Johnny Dollar was made before Dollar began concentrating on truck driving music, so none of that is here, either. Instead, listeners are treated to a set of Bakersfield-influenced country performances ("Everybody's Got to Be Somewhere," one of two chart hits on the album, sounds quite a bit like a Buck Owens song). "Numbers Lil" is a song of tragedy with a twist ending, like Porter Wagoner's "The Carroll County Accident" from later the same year, and "The Wheels Fell of the Wagon Again" was another minor hit for Dollar, who never quite broke through commercially. Anyone with an interest in Dollar will be predisposed to liking Johnny Dollar, and the strong performances and material will not disappoint.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Deejay

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly

SLIM JIM BABY (1957) (unissued)




Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



08/1958 SP D 1011 (US) No Memories / Walking Away
05/1961 SP D 1085 (US) Crawling Back To You / What A World Of Difference
01/1962 SP D 1229 (US) West Texas / Lonesome Trains
1962 SP WINSTON 1064 (US) Lumberjack / Man On The Hill
07/1965 SP COLUMBIA 4-43343 (US) Tear Talk / Big Red The Hound
02/1966 SP COLUMBIA 4-43537 (US) Stop The Start / You Ain't Wrong
11/1966 SP DOT 45-16961 (US) Crazy Eyes / Windburn
01/1967 SP DOT 45-16990 (US) Your Hands / Don't Take My Future From Me
07/1967 SP DATE 2-1564 (US) Wheels Fell Off The Wagon Again / Watching Me Losing You
11/1967 SP DATE 2-1585 (US) Everybody's Gotta Be Somewhere / Did You Talk To Him Today
04/1968 SP DATE 2-1600 (US) Forever Is Over / Do-Die
10/1968 SP CHART 59-1057 (US) Big Rig Rollin' Man / I've Got To Stay High
01/1969 SP CHART 59-1070 (US) Big Wheels Sing For Me / Wild Cherry
06/1969 SP CHART CH-5019 (US) If I Get Low Enough / Meeting Of The Board
09/1969 SP CHART CH-5035 (US) Other Seeds To Sow / Rain Falls In Denver
12/1969 SP CHART CH-5049 (US) Truck Drivers Lament / Changing Her Thinking
08/1970 SP CHART CH-5089 (US) No More Truck Stops / Just A Swallow Away
01/1971 SP CHART CH-5116 (US) Gold Colored Glasses / Highyway In The Sky
06/1971 SP CHART CH-5135 (US) If I Make The Front Door Woman / Rain Falls In Denver
1973 SP GEMINI G 3002 (US) Call Of The Wine / Like A Fool
1973 SP GEMINI G 3004 (US) I've Got To Catch That Train/Remembering Yesterday
1974 SP JOHNNY DOLLAR 100JD (US) Drilling Rig Boogie / My Fellow Streakers
1977 SP JOHNNY DOLLAR JD-126 (US) They'll Never Get The Country Outta Me / Precious Mother's Prayers
04/1981 SP JED-1-81 (US) I'll Be Handling You / Honky Tonk Music Band
1981 SP JED-10-81 (US) There Goes My Money Down The Drain / Pretty Rose Estate
08/1982 SP JED-2-82 (US) Unemployment Blues / One More One More Time
19?? SP END 7-1088 (US) Little One / His Eyes
19?? SP CER 101 (US) Two Miles North Of Jackson / + Ray JONES


11/1967 LP 12" DATE TEM-3009 (mono) / TES-4009 (stereo) (US) JOHNNY DOLLAR - Wheels Fell Off The Wagon Again / Watching Me Losing You / It's Good / Our House / Numbers Lil, Forever Is Over / Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere / Did You Talk To Him Today / Gonna Come In Like A Lion / Do-Die
11/1969 LP 12" CHART CHS 1023 (US) BIG BIG ROLLIN' MAN - Big Rig Rollin' Man / Wild Cherry / Other Seeds To Sow / Truck Driver's Lament / Meeting Of the Bored / I've Got to Stay High / Big Wheels Sing for Me / Rain Falls In Denver / Changing Her Thinking / Highway In the Sky / You've Got What It Takes / If I Get Low Enough
197? LP 12" DOT 7-7494 (US) MR. PERSONALITY - Kawliga / A Thing Of Pleasure / Our Side / He's Losing His Mind / When You've Lost Your Baby / Limber Jack / Your Empty Chair And Me / A Fool Called Me / Stop The Start / Never Love A Drifter / Big Red / Cold, Cold Heart
1981 LP 12" BRYLEN BN-4465 (US) DOWN LIFE'S HIGHWAY - Johnny DOLLAR with Joe MAPHIS - Wild Cherry / Truck Driver's Lament / Meeting Of The Bored| / I've Got To Stay High / Big Wheels Sing For Me / Rain Falls In Denver Tonight / Changing Her Thinking / Big Rig Rolling Man / Other Seeds To Sow  Highway In The Sky
1983 LP 12" BRYLEN BN-4553 (US) GOLD COLORED GLASSES - Gold Colored Glasses / Truck Drivers Lament / Other Seeds To Sow / Meeting On The Bored / Rain Falls In Denver / Changing Her Thinking / Highway In The Sky / You've Got What It Takes / If I Get Low Enough
1983 LP 12" BRYLEN BN-4567 (US) VOLUME 2 - Johnny DOLLAR with Joe MAPHIS - If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away) / If I'm Gonna Have Your Lovin' / Ride Ride Ride / Fire And Rain / Sippin' Pickin' And Flippin' / Celito Lindo / Letter / Gee Aren't We Lucky / Guitar Happy
07/1998 CD DRAGON STREET DCD-70298 (US) MR. ACTION PACKED - Slim Jim Baby / Car Coat Beat / Action Packed / My Gal Friday / Green-Eyed Cat / Rockin' Bones / Don't Blame It On Me / Great Balls Of Fire / Jailhouse Rock / It's My Day / Keep Me In Your Heart / Honey Bee Love / Plenty Lovin' / My First Love / Dolly Dolly / R And R War Dance / Goofin' Around / Action Packed / Car Coat Baby / Rockin' Bones

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