Chanteur Country US né le 12 Décembre 1934 à Houlton (Maine). Harold Crosby fut un soldat de carrière au Vietnam, Corée, Japon et Europe.

Harold Crosby was born Durwood H. Crosby in Houlton, Maine. He graduated from high school in the rural community of Albion, Maine. After graduation, Harold worked at many jobs, construction,tree surgeon and worked for a TV store putting up TV antennas. Music was always in the back of his mind.
At this time Uncle Sam called, Harold spent the next 21 years in the service of his country. Music was always very near and he played his brand of country music all over the world.
Harold mentions that Yodelin' Slim Clark was the very first disc jockey to play Harold Crosby records in the early 1950s era over radio station WABI out of Bangor, Maine.
Over the years Harold performed with or was the opening act for such country music greats as Dick Curless, Jimmie Martin, Buck Owens, Tiny Lynn, Freddie Hart and many other artists.
And when you note that he's said to have played his brand of music all over the world, that is proven out the fact that over the years he's had some some 25 singles that have reached the record charts all over the world with great sales in many countries, including France and England.
Harold's recording career has ran the gamut, having recorded for about a dozen small labels and one big label and through that whole time, was looking for his own sound.
Finally, he decided to form his own label "Traveler Records", his fortune changed with charted records not only by himself as an artist but other acts that had been signed to his label were also moving up the charts.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country, Rockabilly




Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



08/1959 SP LORIDA 3/4 (US) . Harold CROSBY & The PINE TREE BOYS - The Bastille Blues / Hire A Mocking Bird
09/1959 SP LORIDA 45-5/6 (US) . Harold CROSBY / The PINE TREE BOYS - San Antone Boogie / Jailhouse In Your Heart
1961 SP TOP FIFTY 104 (US) . Bright Lights / Crazy Old Dream
05/1962 SP TOP FIFTY TF-140/1 (US) . Harold CROSBY & The PINE TREE BOYS - Big Boss Man / Gina
1965 SP TORNADO T-110 (US) . Big, Big Truck / I Will Mend Your Heartaches Tomorrow
1966 SP TORNADO T-134 (US) . Bright Lights (And Blond Haired Women) / Let's Fall In Love Together
2001 SP TRAVELER ? (US) Who's Leaving Who
2005 SP TRAVELER TE-106 (US) . Old Slewfoot


02/2001 CD TRAVELER HAROLDCROSBY1 (US) THE TRADITIONAL TRAIN - I'll Win Your Heart Back Tommorow / She Has Never Turned Me Down / The Ballard Of Jean Lefitte / Harvey's Has It All But You / Gina / Big Boss Man / Folsom Prison Blues / Who's Leaving Who / Win A Few Lose A Few / Let's Fall In Love Together / My Big Truck / Old Slewfoot / Nine Pound Hammer / Born To Lose
10/2004 CD TRAVELER HAROLDCROSBY2 (US) THE LEGEND & THE LADY - HAROLD CROSBY & E.A. DECKER - I Wanna Dance / Letter Edged In Black / Up On The Hill / The Death Of Hank Williams / Love Walks / Gina / Tear Stained letter / Why Baby Why / He Died On The Cross
08/2005 CD TRAVELER HAROLDCROSBY2 (US) LIVE - Folsom Prison Blues / Ole Slewfoot / Born To Lose / A Tombstone Every Mile / 9 Pound Hammer / She Called Me Baby / Release Me / Pass Me Bye / A Girl I Used To Know / Hey Porter / Cold, Cold Heart
07/2006 CD TRAVELER HAROLDCROSBY4 (US) THE PAST - The Bastile Blues / Hire A Mocking Bird / Bamboo Castle / Big, Big Truck / I'll Mend Your Heart Aches Tomorrow / Bright Lights (And Blonde Haired Women) / Gina / Big Boss Man

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