Chanteur Country US né Wayne E. Busbice en 1929 à Chatham (Louisiane). Wayne Busby a enregistré pour de nombreux labels, dont celui de Ben Adleman: Empire Records de Washington. Wayne a formé avec son frère Buzz le duo des Busby Brothers. Il a aussi utilisé le nom de Red McCoy . Wayne Busby est décédé en 2011.

US Country singer born Wayne E. Busbice en 1929 in Chatham (Louisiana). Wayne Busby recorded for many labels, of which that of Ben Adleman: Empire Records of Washington. Wayne formed with his brother Buzz the duo of Busby Brothers. Wayne Busby died in 2011.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Rockbilly, Bluegrass, Gospel

GOING BACK TO DIXIE (1958) (Wayne Busbice)

LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH CARE (1960) (Wayne Busby)

I CARRY A TORCH (1960) (Wayne Busby)

ROCK 'N' ROLL ATOM (196?) (Wayne Busbice)

3000 Miles Lonesome (1964) (Red McCoy)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Singles & EP

09/1958 SP OTT 201 (US) . Wayne BUSBICE - Going Back To Dixie / I'll Love You Forever
06/1960 SP EMPIRE 45-506 (US) . Going Back To Dixie (Wayne BUSBY) / Just For Me (BUSBY BROTHERS - WAYNE & BUZZ)
09/1960 EP EMPIRE 45-EP-510 (US) Wayne BUSBY - Live Your Life With Care / I Just Couldn't Tell You Goodbye / First Battle Of Bull Run / I Carry A Torch
1964 SP ALMANAC 808 (US)

Red McCOY - 3000 Miles Lonesome / What's The Use

03/1976 SP OLYMPIC 45-OR004 (US)

Wayne BUSBY - Goin' Back To Dixie / Just For Me

Unissued Track

196? MOUNT VERNON MUSIC unissued Wayne BUSBICE - Rock 'n' Roll Atom [alt. vers.]

Need info

19?? Need info Live Your Life With Care
19?? Need info Rainbow Joe


1962 LP 12" MOUNT VERNON MUSIC MVM 157 (US) COUNTRY & GOSPEL - RED McCOY WITH THE SONS OF THE SOIL - Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart / I Heard My Savior Calling / I Want To See My Mother Again / Be Careful Of Your Father's Name / Rainbow Joe / Rock And Roll Atom / I Carry A Torch / Goin' Back To Dixie / Live Your Liife With Care / I Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
1963 ? LP 12" SUTTON SSU 308 (US)

Country And Gospel Songs - Red McCoy And The Sons Of The Soil - Tragic Love Affair / Darling Do / She's Coming Home Today / Farther Along / When God Called Daddy Away / By And By / Let's Grow Old Together / What's The Use / What A Friend We Have In Jesus / Never Alone

05/1986 LP 12" WEBCO WLPS 0117 (US) LOUISIANA GRASS - The BUSBY BROTHER - Headin' Back To Dixie / Maple On The Hill / Heartaches By The Number / There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder / Jumpin' Gully Louisiana / White Water Creek / Let's Be Sweethearts Again / My Sweet Little Pretty Brown Eyes / No Vacancy / All The World Is Lonely Now / Legend Of The Rebel Soldier / Scothorn Branch
02/1988 LP 12" WEBCO WLPS 0125 (US) STAINED GLASS BLUEGRASS - The BUSBY BROTHER - (He'll Be) Walking By Your Side / When I Reach My Journey's End / Power In The Blood / When God Calls You Away / Talk To The Lord In Prayer / I Am Thine O Lord / Words / Supper Time / Calling Me / Leaning On The Everlasting Arms / I Still Like The Songs That Mama Sang / Wicked Path Of Sin

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