Chanteur Country US n le 25 juillet 1965 Maceo (Kentucky).

Though he's never had a substantial hit, Marty Brown won a devoted following among hardcore country fans thanks to his twangy, classic-style honky tonk and a nasal delivery straight from the hills of Kentucky. Specifically, Brown was raised in the small tobacco-farming town of Maceo, and started playing the local honky tonks at age 14. He later recorded a demo tape and hitchhiked to Nashville, where he was profiled on the news magazine 48 Hours and secured a contract with MCA. His debut album, High and Dry, was released in 1991 and won fierce praise for its raw energy, wide musical range, and unrepentant hillbilly attitude. Afraid of being pigeonholed because of the latter, Brown moved into a more commercial sound for the 1993 follow-up, Wild Kentucky Skies; though it wasn't a hit, it helped continue to build Brown's fan base, as did his tour with Jimmie Dale Gilmore. 1994's Cryin', Lovin', Leavin' also failed to bring Brown to a wider audience, despite continued acclaim, and MCA parted ways with him afterwards. Brown signed with the independent label Hightone and debuted for them in 1996 with Here's to the Honky Tonks, which again was released to favorable reviews.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



05/1991 SP MCA MCAS7-54118 (US) Every Now And Then / Every Now And Then
08/1991 SP MCA MCAS7-54177 (US) High And Dry / Ole King King
01/1992 SP MCA MCAS7-54252 (US) Wildest Dreams / Your Sugar Daddy's Long Gone
04/1993 SP MCA MCAS7-54612 (US) It Must Be The Rain / Honky Tonk Special
08/1993 SP MCA MCAS7-54727 (US) She's Gone / I Don't Want To See You Again


08/1991 CD MCA 10330 (US) HIGH AND DRY - High And Dry / Your Daddy's Long Gone / Indian Summer Blues / Every Now And Then / I'll Climb Any Mountain / Don't Worry Baby / Honky Tonk Special / Wildest Dreams / Ole King Kong / Nobody Knows
03/1993 CD MCA 10672 (US) WILD KENTUCKY SKIES - It Must Be The Rain / Let's Begin Again / God Knows / No Honky Tonking Tonight / I'd Rather Fish Than Fight / Honey I Ain't No Fool / I Don't Want To See You Again / Freight Train / She's Gone / Wild Kentucky Skies
04/1994 CD MCA 11054 (US) CRYIN', LOVIN', LEAVIN' - You Must Be Mistakin' Me / Cryin', Lovin', Leavin' / Too Blue To Crow / Shameful Lies / Cherokee Boogie / Summer's Gone / It Tortures Me / Watch It Burn / Why Do You Crucify Me / I Love Only You
09/1996 CD HIGHTONE 8075 (US) HERE'S TO THE HONKY TONKS - Here's To The Honky Tonks / You Can't Wrap You're Arms Around A Memory / Love Comes Easy / Day The Bootlegger Died / Too Lonely Too Long / He Thinks Daddy Hung The Moon / Flip Side Of Love / Somewhere Over Arkansas / Laurie On My Mind / There's No Song Like A Slow Song / Behind Bars

Marty Brown Country Strong - When I Stop Lovin' You / Whatever Makes You Smile / Jackpot Lady / Beautiful Ways / Love Swing / She's Beautiful Everywhere / Work Hard Havin' Fun / Crackerjack / God Don't Make Mistakes / My Love For You's Like That

2019 CD PLOWBOY ? (US)

American Highway - American Highway / I'm On A Roll (Better Than It's Ever Been) / Umbrella Lovers / Shaking All Over The World / When The Blues Come Around / Right Out Of Left Field / Kentucky Blues / Casino Winnebago / Velvet Chains / Mona Lisa Smiles

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