Groupe Country US fondé en 1995 à San Diego (Californie) et composé de Mark Stuart and his fellow Bastard Sons — Dean Cote (guitar), Clark Stacer (bass), and Joey Galvan (drums) ( an early lineup included Buzz Campbell (lead guitar), Alex Watts (lead guitar), and Johnny D'Artenay (bass)),

The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, who came together in 1995, play modern country with an "outlaw" edginess, with some of the attitude and some of the swagger of artists we've come to expect from the man in black himself, Johnny Cash, or from Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Kris Kristofferson, to name a few others.
Mark Stuart and his fellow Bastard Sons — Dean Cote (guitar), Clark Stacer (bass), and Joey Galvan (drums) ( an early lineup included Buzz Campbell (lead guitar), Alex Watts (lead guitar), and Johnny D'Artenay (bass)), — had been playing in blues and rock bar bands, along the lines of Blues Traveler and the Black Crowes in their native San Diego, but it was Stuart's love of country music that led him to putting together this outfit, even though his city had no country music scene whatsoever when we started out. Like his musical heroes, Stuart didn't change Bastard Sons to fit contemporary in with country's heavily produced, pop-oriented Nashville-Branson sound.
The band saw their stock soar after opening for Haggard at the Coach House, in San Juan Capistrano. They recorded their own six-song EP and hit the road, playing gigs along the way with Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, Asleep at the Wheel, Billy Joe Shaver, Dale Watson, and the Derailers (to name a few), and received a lot of attention along the way from record label reps, including two former San Diegoans who both saw potential early on: Joe Rinaldi (A&R) and Lou Niles (VP) of Ultimatum (a record label started by the William Morris Agency), who signed the group in December of 1999.
Another self-produced nine-song CD, Lasso Motel, garnered more attention (they were proclaimed one of the Top 100 Unsigned Bands in 1997 by industry rag Music Connection) and in 1998, they received an invitation to perform for over 20,000 attendees of Willie Nelson's Annual 4th of July Picnic in Luchenbach, TX, a three-decade-old institution featuring today's rebel artists of country music.
In case you are wondering, this band earned Cash's permission to use his name (who reportedly went against the advice of his own organization to give his blessing). "He's been very supportive over the years, and even helped us get a show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, which really helped us get a lot of industry attention," said Stuart during one interview, "and that's just one more reason we'd really like to keep the name, and honor the man." After much recording, touring, and numerous personnel changes, Walk Alone, their full-length debut, was released in early 2001. Distance Between arrived in 2002, followed by Mile Markers in 2005. Stuart relocated to Austin, TX, and reorganized the band, eventually renaming it Mark Stuart & the Bastard Sons. At this point, the lineup consisted of Stuart (Vocals, acoustic guitar), Lars Albrecht (guitar), Vance Hazen (bass, Vocals), and Jim Adair (drums, Vocals). Texacali Records released Bend in the Road, the first album under the group's new moniker, on September 22, 2009.

Talents : Mark Stuart : Vocals, Guitar - Vance Hazen : Bass Guitar - Lars Albrect : Guitar - Jim Adair : Drums - Former members : Dean Cote : Guitar - Joey Galvan : Drums - Clark Stacer : Bass Guitar - Buzz Campbell : Guitar - Johnny D'Artenay : Bass Guitar - Alex Watts : Guitar

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Honky Tonk, Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


Single & EP

2001 CD ULTIMATUM MUSIC ? (US) (sampler)

BSOJC - Texas Sun / Blade / Viva Las Vegas

2002 CD ULTIMATUM MUSIC 22687 (US) (promo)

1970 Monte Carlo / Wind It Up / Burn Down / Nowhere Town / Viva Las Vegas Live

2014 SP Randm RANDM 45-003 (US) .

Highway Bound (Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash) / Party (Nancarrow)



Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash - Texas Sun / Interstate Cannonball / 440 Horses / Seven Steps / Blade / Lonesome Sky / Cryin Over You / Train Gonna Roll / Memphis Woman

2000 CD ULTIMATUM MUSIC 766672 (US) WALK ALONE - Texas Sun / Blade / Seven Steps / Interstate Cannonball / Walk Alone / Truckstop In La Grange / 440 Horses / Lonesome Sky / Trains Gonna Roll / Memphis Woman / Silver Wings / Crying Over You
08/2002 CD ULTIMATUM MUSIC 76681 (US) DISTANCE BETWEEN - 1970 Monte Carlo / Hard Times / Distance Between / Long Black Veil / Burn Down / Tears Of Gold / Wind It Up / Marfa Lights / Damage Is Done / Where I Found You / Last Goodbye / Beautiful Cage
09/2005 CD EMERGENT / 92E 449676 (US) MILE MARKERS - Austin Night / The Road To Bakersfield / California Sky / Borderline Of The Heart / King Of The World / Radio Girl / Night Comes Down / No Easy Road / Lonely Tonight / Under Your Spell / Restless Heart / The Pride Of Abilene
09/2007 CD PAUL! 30539382 (US) ROAD TO TEXACALI - Texas Sun / Blade / The Road To Bakersfield / 440 Horses / Long Black Veil / 1970 Monte Carlo / Interstate Cannonball / California Sky / Borderline Of The Heart / Memphis Woman / Hard Times / King Of The World / No Easy Road / Lonely Tonight / Damage Is Done / Burn Down / Austin Night / Cryin' Over You / Distance Between / Radio Girl / Keine Titelinformation
02/2009 CD TEXACALI ? (US) LIVE AT THE BELLY UP - Texas Sun / Stop The World (And Let Me Off) / Distance Between / Marfa Lights / Burn Down / Wind It Up / Long Black Veil / Folsom Prison Blues / 440 Horses / Nowhere Town / Midnight, Lonesome And Blue / Blade / Viva Las Vegas
12/2013 CD Randm RANDM 001 (US)

New Old Story - Highway Bound / Well Worn Heart / No Honky-Tonks / Poor Man's Son / Ain't No Tellin' / Leave A Light On / Into The Blue / El Troubadour / New Old Story / Bounds Of Your Heart

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