Chanteur Rockabilly US né en 1930 à Tallahassee (Floride). Ernie Barton a fait une démo pour la Sun Records de Memphis (Tennessee), fin 57, qui ne fut pas édité. Il enregistra ensuite pour Phillips International et Honesty Records, sans succès. Il serai le même que Bart Barton qui a sorti un single chez E & M Records.

US Rockabilly singer born in 1930 in Tallahassee (Florida). Ernie Barton made a demonstration for Sun Records of Memphis (Tennessee), at the end of 57, which was not published. He recorded then for Phillips International and Honesty Records, without success. It will be the same one as Bart Barton which left a single at E & M Records.

Talents : Vocals

Style musical : Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll, Traditional Country

STAIRWAY TO NOWHERE (1958) (Ernie Barton)

RAINING THE BLUES (1958) (Ernie Barton)

OPEN THE DOOR RICHARD (1959) (Ernie Barton with Billy Lee RILEY)

SHE'S GONE AWAY (1959) (Ernie Barton) (unissued)

AIN'T I'm A Mess (1965) (Bart Barton)

 Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



07/1958 SP PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL 3528 (US) Stairway To Nowhere / Raining The Blues
06/1959 SP PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL 3541 (US) Shut Your Mouth / Open The Door Richard (with Billy Lee RILEY)
19?? SP HONESTY 605 (US) The Man With A Heart Of Gold / The Battle Of Earl K. Long
1965 SP E & M 1651 (US) Bart BARTON - Ain't I'm A Mess / Walk With Me
2001 SP NORTON 45-849 (US) Fairlane Rock (Hayden THOMPSON) / She's Gone Away (Ernie BARTON)

Unissued Tracks

1959 SUN unissued She's Gone Away
1959 SUN unissued Wedding Bells

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