Groupe Country US formé en 2005 à Seattle (Washington) et composé de Brent Amaker, Tim Harmon, Sugar McGuinn, Curtis Andreen et Louis O'Callahan.

Country band Brent Amaker and the Rodeo were formed by veterans of the Seattle, WA, music scene, some of them rock musicians initially, consisting of native Oklahoman Amaker, Tim Harmon, Sugar McGuinn, and Curtis Andreen, with Louis O'Callahan joining later. (O'Callahan was replaced subsequently by Mason Lowe.) Deliberately retro in their approach, the group began by recording two monophonic 7," 45 rpm vinyl singles, "They Make Cowboys in Montana" and "This Is the Gun." They recorded their self-titled debut album in mono on a four-track reel-to-reel tape deck. Initially, they sold it at gigs in 2006; it was released nationally by J-Shirt Records on February 20, 2007. Gravewax released Amaker and the Rodeo's second album, Howdy Do!, on November 18, 2008.

Talents : Brent Amaker : Vocals, Guitar - Tim Harmon : Lead Guitar -  Sugar McGuinn : Bass - Curtis Andreen : Drums - Louis O'Callahan : Guitar

Style musical : Traditional Country

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



2010 SP SPARK & SHINE ? (US) Pocket Calculator
07/2011 SP 33t. SPARK & SHINE SPRKSHN 023 (US) . Captain Of The Ship / Tiger Inside


02/2007 CD J-SHIRT  JS-03  (US) BRENT AMAKER AND THE RODEO - You're No Good / I've Got A Little Hillbilly In Me / Sissy New Age Cowboy / Reno / Bring Me The Whiskey / I Guess You Wanna Die / Cold Front / Get The Hell Out / You Call Me The Devil / Babe
11/2008 CD GRAVEWAX GRVWX-CD-79008 (US) HOWDY DO! - Welcome To The Rodeo / I'm The Man Who Write The Country Hits / They Make Cowboys In Montana / When Love Gets To A Man / Howdy Do / Walkin' In My Sleep / Girls Are Good For Lots Of Things / You Ain't Savin' Me / Tell A Friend The Truth / My Cheatin' Wife / Knock You Out / This Is The Gun / Outro
10/2010 CD SPARK & SHINE 14 (US) PLEASE STAND BY - Johnny’s Theme / Man In Charge / Break My Broken Heart / Saddle Up / U.S.A. / Garden Of Love / Hammer Hits The Nail / Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk / Good To Be On Top Of The World / Blood Dripping Blood / Doomed / Outro
05/2013 CD FIN FIN-LE-12-079CD (US)
YEAR OF THE DRAGON - The Tiger Inside / Country Sky / Captain Of The Ship / I Put My Boots On / Troubled Times / Time To Set Things Straight / One Idea / Suitcase / What's Wrong With You / Death Is Always Near / Tequila Cerveza / Footsteps Lead The Way / Hustler

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