Chanteuse Country US née le 17 Mars 1952 à Las Vegas (Nevada).

Singer and actress Susie Allanson did not have a "classic country" voice — she possessed a girlish, almost whispery quality with theatrical intonations. The latter was not surprising, as she began her professional career in the road version of Hair in 1970, also touring with Jesus Christ Superstar a year later. She stayed on for 18 months, singing on the U.S. cast album and appearing in the film. Allanson moved to Southern California in 1975 to audition for a bicentennial project by Ray Ruff, who later became her husband and manager. ABC released her debut album, which contained the single "Love Is a Satisfied Woman"/"Me & Charlie Brown." Allanson released another single, "Baby Don't Keep Me Hangin' On," which led to a deal with Curb Records. They took over the single, which made it to the Top 30. Her next album, We Belong Together, contained two hits, the title track and her cover of Buddy Holly's "Maybe Baby," which reached number two and four respectively on the charts. In 1979, she signed to the Elektra label and released the album Heart to Heart, which contained two major hits, "Words" and "Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back." In 1980, Allanson moved to United Artists/Liberty for Susie, which contained only two minor hits. It was the last Allanson LP issued. Her 1981 singles — "Run to Her" (a cover of Bobby Vinton's "Run to Him") and "Love Is Knockin' at My Door" — both hit the Top 50, but the album upon which they appeared, Sleepless Nights, was never released. Allanson settled into motherhood during the 1980s, but did release the singles "Where's the Fire"/"Can't Say It on the Radio" and "She Don't Love You"/"Girls Get Lonely Too" in 1987 on the Los Angeles indie TNP.

Talents : Vocals, Actress, Piano

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Country Pop, Urban Cowboy

 Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1976 SP 20TH CENTURY 2283 (US) . Susie ALLANSON & Paul REVERE & The RAIDERS - Surrender At Appomatox / The British Are Coming
1976 SP ABC 12219 (US) . Love Is A Satisfied Woman / Me & Charlie Brown
1977 SP OAK 1001 (US) . Baby, Don't Keep Me Hangin' On / It's Gone
1977 SP WARNER / CURB 8429 (US) . Baby, Don't Keep Me Hangin' On / It's Gone
1977 SP WARNER / CURB 8473 (US) . Baby, Last Night Made My Day / Will There Really Be A Morning
1978 SP WARNER / CURB 8534 (US) . Hide Me In Your Love / Maybe Baby
1978 SP WARNER / CURB 8597 (US) . I Don't Want To Cry Anymore / We Belong Together
1978 SP WARNER / CURB 8686 (US) . Back To The Love / I Want This Feeling To Last
1979 SP ELEKTRA / CURB 46009 (US) . Words / ?
1979 SP ELEKTRA / CURB 46036 (US) . Two Steps Forward And Three Steps Back / I Will Never Leave You
1979 SP ELEKTRA / CURB 46503 (US) . Heart To Heart / Without You
1980 SP ELEKTRA / CURB 46565 (US) . I Must Be Crazy / I Can't See Me Without You
1980 SP UNITED ARTISTS XW 1365 (US) . While I Was Makin' Love To You / Michael
1980 SP LIBERTY XW 1383 (US) . Dance The Two Step / You Never Told Me About Goodbye
1981 SP LIBERTY XW 1408 (US) . Run To Her / Send Me Somebody To Love
1981 SP LIBERTY XW 1422 (US) Hearts (Our Hearts) / Strength Of A Woman
1981 SP LIBERTY XW 1425 (US) . Lay A Little Lovin' On Me / Love Is Knockin' On My Door (Here Comes Forever Again)
1982 SP LIBERTY XW 1460 (US) . Falling In Love For The Last Time / Wasn't That Love
1986 SP TNP / ENIGMA 75001 (US) Where's The Fire / I Can't Say It On The Radio
1987 SP TNP / ENIGMA 75005 (US) . She Don't Love You / Girls Get Lonely Too


1976 LP 12" ABC AB-970 (US) SUSIE ALLANSON - Mama's Flowers / Don't Try to Close A Rose / I'll Get Over You / Talking In Your Sleep / Me And Charlie Brown / If You Were A Song / Beginning Of The End / Love Is A Satisfied Woman / Picket Fences / When Your Best Just Ain't Good Enough
11/1977 LP 12" MC MC6-514S1 (US) A LITTLE LOVE - That's All I Want From You / I've Been Waitin' On You / Memories Are Like Wine / Baby Like You / Stay With Me Baby / A Natural Feelin' For You / I Knew You When / The Bed That I Made / Love Me One More Time / Without You
1978 LP 12" WARNER / CURB BSK-3217 (US) WE BELONG TOGETHER - Maybe Baby  / Cowgirl And The Dandy / Baby, Last Night Made My Day / Shenandoah / Be My Baby / We Belong Together / Look Who's Lovin' / You Now / Back To The Love / Baby, Don't Keep Me / Hangin' On / Desperado
03/1979 LP 12" ELEKTRA / CURB 6E-177 (US) HEART TO HEART - Heart To Heart / I Will Never Leave You / Love's Made A Fool Of You / Two Different People / Two Steps Forward And Three Steps Back / Words / What's A Matter, Baby / We Can Make It Up To Each Other / One Fine Day / Hide Me In Your Love
1980 LP 12" LIBERTY / CURB LT-1059 (US) SUSIE - While I Was Makin' Love To You / Something Different  / Just When I Was Beginning To Like It  / You Never Told Me About Goodbye / Home Again / Step Right Up / Dance The Two Step / Michael / That's All I Want From You / Just Between The Two Of Us / I'm Born Again

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