Chanteuse Country US née le 2 Décembre 1954 à Fort Worth (Texas).

Born December, 2 1954, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Alexander learned piano as a child and started singing for a living in her late teens. Initially she sang jazz numbers but after including rock and country in her repertoire, she moved to Las Vegas and worked in casinos. Tiring of that town and the lifestyle, she sang with bands in various cities, including Los Angeles, before finally arriving in Nashville in 1986. She worked as a songwriter but when nobody recorded her songs she took to singing them herself. Crediting K.T. Oslin as an inspiration, she was eventually signed by Mercury Records and gained her first Billboard country chart Top 20 hit with ‘She’s There’ in 1989. Sadly, only two minor hits followed and although once described as ‘a breezy Texas Ms, who’s stretching the boundaries of country music’, she has seemingly failed to confirm that writer’s prediction.

alents : Vocals, Piano

Style musical : Contemporary Country 

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



07/1989 SP MERCURY 874 330-7 (US) She's There / Goodbye Me
11/1989 SP MERCURY 876 228-7 (US) Where Did The Moon Go Wrong / First Move
03/1990 SP MERCURY 876 748-7 (US) You Called / ?
11/1990 SP MERCURY 878 256-7 (US) It Wasn't You It Wasn't Me (with Butch BAKER) / Fairytale Fool
03/1991 SP MERCURY 878 970-7 (US) I Know What I Do Know / It Wasn't You, It Wasn't Me


1980 LP 12" DanJon D-J-12-2-54 (US) You Like To Make Little Girls Cry - Straight Aim Shooter / Backstreet / I'm The One That Changed / Right Time To Find Out / You Don't Gotta Touch Me / This Woman's Not Your Woman Tonite / Man I Loved... / Back On Top / You Like To Make Little Girls Cry
08/1989 CD MERCURY 422 838 352-2 (US) First Move - First Move / Fairytale Fool / Silly Me / Where Did The Moon Go Wrong / Memories / You Called / She's There / I Don't Wanna Know / True Heart / Goodbye Me
01/1991 CD MERCURY 846 917-2 (US) I Dream In Color - It Wasn't You, It Wasn't Me / Two Days A Week / How Dreams Get Started / Misty Blue / Bridge To Yesterday / I Dream In Color / I Know What I Do Know / Take Time / Who Can She Turn To / Where Did We Go

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