Chanteur Doo Wop originaire de New London (Connecticut).

Vince Catalano was born on a farm in New London, Connecticut. He has spent over 45 years in the music business. As a recording artist he waxed his first 45 on Gee Label in 1956, "Ding Dong" by The Echoes.
He went on to have several other releases under many different names - Vinny Downes, Tom Swift under the name The Lonely Boys, Vinny & Sue, Vinny & Kenny, Bea & Dea & the Buttons. His greatest success came under the name The Acorns where he had two number one songs in Hawaii : "Angel" and "Your Name And Mine".
As a songwriter Vinny has penned over 300 tunes.
Eventually he would star his own short lived label C&A before becoming partners in Blast Records a subsidiary of Sinclair Records owned by the late Don Ames.
Also under the Sinclair Banner, Vinny worked with groups on Mermaid and Whale. It was here Vinny penned one of his best tunes "Conney Island Baby" by the Excellents.
Vinny worked wiyh his kid brother's group, Donnie & the Dreamers, recording over 10 excellent sides, most lost and unreleased.

When Vinny left Blast he started his own label again, Wilshire, and released several great sides by the Dubs and Love Notes.
He Release a great album, The Dubs meet the Shells, rerecording both groups with the end result sounding just like the earlier original recording

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Writer, Producer, Arranger

Style musical : Doo Wop

ANGEL (1958) (Acorns)

I'M GONNA STICK TO YOU (1958) (Acorns)

YOUR NAME AND MINE (1959) (Acorns)

PLEASE COME BACK (1959) (Acorns)

PLEASE MR JUKE BOX MAN (1963) (Vinny Catalano)

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20



1957 SP SPRING S-1111 (US)

Vinnie & Sue - Your Name And Mine / Young

1957 SP SPRING S-1111 (US) ACORNS  - Your Name And Mine / Young
12/1958 SP UNART UR 2006 (US) ACORNS - Angel / I'm Gonna Stick To You
05/1959 SP UNART UR 2015 (US) ACORNS - Please Come Back / Your Name And Mine
02/1963 SP HAMMER 6312 (US) Vinny CATALANO - Please Mr Juke Box Man / Rags To Riches


2005 CD CRYSTAL BALL ? (US) THE VINNY CATALANO STORY - VOL. 1 - Shining Star (DEDICATIONS) / Marcelle (Johnny SCHILLING, SHERWOODS) / Outside The Chapel Door (TRICKELS) / Rock & Roll Love (Jo-Ann CAMPBELL) / Wishing Is For Fools (MELODEERS) / Foolish Pride (DOWNES) / Was It A Dream (ROYAL TEENS) / I Don't Know Why (DESIRES) / Walkin' With Love (ROBERTS) / Your Name & Mine (ACORNS) / Ding Dong (ECHOES) / Our Songs Of Love (LOVE NOTES) / I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (STYLES) / Night After Night (ROYAL JACKS) / My Girl (LONELY BOYS) / Darole (DONNIE & The DREAMERS) / When I Fall In Love (TRICKELS) / Around The Corner (ROSSI & The DREAMS) / School Time (VINNY & KENNY) / Red Red Robin (EXCELLENTS) / Cinderella It's Midnight (SHERRY SISTERS) / Your Name & Mine (Vinnie SUE) / Rags To Riches (Vinny CATALANO) / Blue Birds Over The Mountain (MASCOTS) / I Love You Girl (DOUBLE DATES) / Baby's Gone (SARATOGAS) / I Won't Cry Anymore (Vinny CATALANO & The DAY DREAMS)
05/2005 CD CRYSTAL BALL 1027 (US) THE VINNY CATALANO STORY - VOL. 2 - Mary Lou (DEDICATIONS) / King Of The World (SHERWOODS) / King Of The World (Johnny SCHILLING) / Outside The Chapel Door (Ritchie PARIS) / Academy Award (Patty LABELLE, BLUEBELLES) / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (MELODEERS) / An Angel Never Cries (Vinnie DOWNES) / Miss America (DANTE & His FRIENDS) / Longing (DESIRES) / Janice (Alan ROBERTS) / Please Come Back (ACORNS) / My Heart Beats For You (ECHOES) / Nancy (My Love) (LOVE NOTES) / School Bells To Chapel Bells (STYLES) / Who, What, Where, When & Why (ROYAL JACKS) / A Spoken Letter (LONELY BOYS) / Ruby My Love (DONNIE & The DREAMERS) / With Each Step 'A Tear' (TRICKELS) / Gift Of Love (VAN DYKES) / Who (VINNY & KENNY) / Love No One But You (EXCELLENTS) / The Prize (SHERRY SISTERS) / Young (VINNIE SUE) / If You Go Steady With Me (Johnny FREEDOM) / Stella (DIPLOMATS) / Another Mr. Blue (Bob LOYE) / The Letter (MELODEERS) / Just We Two (BUTTONS)
10/2011 CD CRYSTAL BALL ? (US) THE VINNY CATALANO STORY - VOL. 3 - Angel (The ACORNS) / I'm Gonna Stick To You (ACORNS) / Your Very First Love (The DUBS) / Our Wedding Day (The SHELLS) / Hush Little Baby (Don't You Cry) (The CREW CUTS) / Funny, Funny, Funny (Lani ZEE) / Wishing Time (The BUTTONS) / Please Mr. Juke Box Man (Vinny CATALANO) / Get Married In June (The BEL-LARKS) / A Million And One Dreams (The BEL-LARKS) / Tattoo (The DOUBLE DATES) / Jerry (The BUTTONS) / Stomping Round The Xmas Tree (The STOMPERS) / Mathematics Of Love (The LOVE NOTES) / Gloria (The LOVE NOTES) / Ankle Bracelet (The PYRAMIDS) / Calendar Of Love (The BUTTONS) / A Sailor's Prayer (Johnny FREEDOM) / Loving Tree (Bob LOYE) / Pretty Little Joanie (Marty FILLER) / Because Of You (Vinny CATALANO & The DAY DREAMS) / Janice (Eddie ROBBINS) / Our Songs Of Love (Leona DUNN) / High School Ring (Tom SWIFT) / You're My Baby Doll (BILLY & The SCAMPERS) / Happy Teenage Times (The MELODEERS) / Goodnight My Love  (Roy ALLEN & The UPBEATS)

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