(Jim Nesbitt)

He was a truck drivin' man
This cat he had nine wives
A wife in every state from Carolina to California
And he took all the women for a ride

He'd kiss a different one goodbye each morning
Then he would be on his way
With a little pleasure long Highway 80
It took him nine days to cross the USA
Sometimes he was a little confused
Walking round like he was in a fog
He couldn't remember their names
So he wrote 'em all down in his log

He was a truck drivin' man....
[ crash ] Then one day it had to happen he ran off a mountain side
They looked at his log and they found nine women had to be notified
The women they came with all their children
Each one said yeah that's my pa
The women they finally agreed
They were just widows-in-law

Now that the funeral is over
His belongings they were divided up
You ought've seen those little women
Cuttin' up that old diesel truck

He was a truck drivin' man...
And he took all the women for a ride