Dillards - vocals


The October leaves they whisper in lemon chimes
And ring autumn's bells that glisten in colors rhymes.
And sings simple songs of love
That echo from other times
They write no words between the lines.

The cloud ships that soar
And raise high above the shore
Upon sails of fire
To sunset's cathedral doors
Not to die with the day that's past
Or to cry for what's past before
They follow the sun for one day more.

When yesterdays clown
Who weeps when the curtains down
Sees the circus has gone
And tomorrow's another town
Your kingdoms will have no rings
To wear all your paper crowns
You'll fall, but my ear will hear no sound.

Tomorrow I'm gone,
I'll leave you alone with your fears
I'd rather move on
And you'd rather hide behind tears.
You cry in the starlit nears
But you run when the rainbow appears
So we'll walk other days our separate ways.