Chanteur Country US né Thomas George "Tom" Russell, le 5 Mars 1953 à Los Angeles (Californie).

Americana singer/songwriter Tom Russell was born in Los Angeles in 1953. Raised on the cowboy music of the American West, he grew up to be a talented songwriter, and began issuing albums under his own name in the early '70s. However, Russell's material was also recorded by such luminaries as Johnny Cash, Guy Clark, Dave Alvin, Doug Sahm, and K. D. Lang, to name only a few. While much of Russell's work mined the country tradition, he was also known to flavor his work with Tex-Mex, folk, and the cowboy music of his youth. After an acclaimed career spanning two decades, Russell found another gear with 1999's Man from God Knows Where. A concept album eight years in the making, the LP presented a song cycle inspired not only by America's pioneers, but by Russell's own immigrant ancestors. Borderland, a set inspired by Russell's newfound home in the Juarez border region of Texas, followed in 2001. Modern Art appeared in April 2003 and Hotwalker -- a conceptual work inspired by Russell's encounters with author Charles Bukowski -- followed in 2005. A year later, Russell released Love and Fear, an album focusing on what he called "the ragged outback of love." Wounded Heart of America, a compilation of Russell classics performed by everyone from Johnny Cash and Iris DeMent to Tom himself, arrived in 2007. In 2009, Russell re-emerged on Shout Factory with Blood and Candle Smoke, recorded at Tucson's Wave Audio with owner Craig Schumacher co-producing. Players include songwriter Gretchen Peters on backing and duo Vocalss, and members of Calexico, among others. Following the critical and commercial success of Blood and Candle Smoke, Russell toured relentlessly. Included in his road escapades was another train tour, with songwriters Dave Alvin, Steve Young, and Thad Beckman. Russell went to work on another album in 2010; he recorded in studios in Texas, Los Angeles, Tuscon, and Nashville with co-producer Barry Walsh. The end result, Mesabi, once more included appearances by Calexico, as well as Van Dyke Parks, Viktor Krauss, Will Kimbrough, and Gretchen Peters. The album was advanced by a pre-release download single; a striking cover of Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall," featuring Lucinda Williams and Calexico. The album's final cut, "Road to Nowhere," was used as the title cut of the for director Monte Hellman's film of the same name. Mesabi was released on September 6, 2011.
Russell spent the next couple of years painting and touring -- often on trains with other artists including Peter Case and Dave Alvin. His next offering was the iconoclastic Aztec Jazzin 2013 with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble. It was followed by the unprecedented Rose of Roscrae; "the first frontier musical written in the West, by a westerner." The set included 25 new songs and traditional numbers performed not only by Russell but an extended cast that included Jimmie Dale GilmoreJoe Ely, John Trudell, Gretchen PetersTex Ritter, and a dozen more. It was released in April of 2015. Russell paid homage to another of his favorite acts, the iconic Canadian folk duo Ian & Sylvia, with his 2017 album Play One More: The Songs of Ian & Sylvia. The album featured Russell's interpretations of 12 of their classic tunes, as well as two rare studio demos from the duo.

Talents : Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Contemporary Country, Traditional Country, Folk, Americana

Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10



1976 LP 12" DEMO ? (US) RING OF BONE - Tom RUSSELL & Patricia HARDIN - Mojave / Alkali / Zane Grey / Beneath Canyon Walls / The 27th Parable / Old Women Suite : a) Mrs Zeelsdorf's Garden (Patricia Hardin & Tom RUSSELL) / b) Old Lady Blues (Patricia Hardin & Tom RUSSELL) / c) Coffins On The Brazos / Look At Us Now / Denver Wind / Ring Of Bone
1978 LP 12" DEMO ? (US) WAX MUSEUM - Tom RUSSELL & Patricia HARDIN - House Of Wax / Stampede / Tarantula / Wildhorse Annie / Mr. Faulkner In Hollywood / Wind On The Buffalo Grass / The End Of The Trail / Who Is Franz Rummel? / Joshua Tree / The Phantom Of Balance / The Hindenburg
1978 LP 12" SWEETWATER SWR-1001 (US) TOM RUSSELL - Rock / He's My Comfort / Let It Shine / I'll Still Love You / Tower Of Salvation / Cornerstone / Knowing The Lord / Long And Winding Road / Thank You Lord / I Don't Need A Miracle / Just A Little Talk With Jesus
1984 LP 12" EDSEL 641 (UK) HEART ON A SLEEVE - One And One / Heart On A Sleeve / Blinded By The Light Of Love / A Touch Of Grey / Wild Hearts / St. Olav's Gate / Gallo Del Cielo / Mandarin Oranges / Cropduster / Canadian Whisky / Chinese Silver / A Bowl Of Red
1987 CD PHILO CD-PH-1116 (NOR) ROAD TO BAYAMON - TOM RUSSELL BAND - Home Before Dark / U.S. Steel / Downtown Train / Love Makes A Fool Of The Wise / The Definition Of A Fool / As The Crow Flies / The Road To Bayamon / Alkali / Wise Blood / Joshua Tree / Mezcal / William Faulkner In Hollywood / Fire
1990 CD PHILO CD-PH-1139 (US) POOR MAN'S DREAM - Blue Wing / The Heart Of The Working Man / Veteran's Day / Walkin' On The Moon / Outbound Plane / Bergenfield / Spanish Burgundy / Gallo Del Cielo / La Frontera / Navajo Rug / Under The Gun / The White Trash Song
1991 CD PHILO CD-PH-1141 (US) HURRICANE SEASON - THE TOM RUSSELL BAND - Black Pearl / Lord Of The Trains / Beyond The Blues / Jack Johnson / Chocolate Cigarettes / Winnipeg / The Evangeline Hotel / A Dollar's Worth Of Gasoline / Hurricane Season / Haley's Comet
1992 CD PHILO CD-PH-1146 (US) COWBOY REAL - El Llano Estacado / A Bad Half Hour / The Basque / Claude Dallas / Navajo Rug / Indian Cowboy / Gallo Del Cielo / Rayburn Crane / Sonora's Death Row / Zane Grey / Roanie
10/1994 CD ROUND TOWER RTM-40 (UK) BEYOND THE ST. OLAV'S GATE (1979-1992) - Cropduster / St. Olav's Gate / The Dance / Home Before Dark / U.S. Steel / Road To Bayamon / Blue Wing / Gallo Del Cielo / Veteran's Day / Walking On The Moon / Outbound Plane / Greatest Show On Earth / Navajo Rug / Black Pearl / Beyond The Blues / Haley's Comet
12/1992 CD ROUND TOWER RTM-54 (UK) BOX OF VISIONS - The Angel Of Lyon / Annette / Heart Of Hearts / Purgatory Road / Manzanar / Waterloo / Coney Island Moon / Hong Kong Boy / Wedding Dress Mary (A Place To Hang Your Heart) / Blood Oranges / The Extra Mile / Box Of Visions
04/1993 CD EAST SIDE DIGITAL ESD-8069-2 (US) HILLBILLY VOODOO - Barrence WHITFIELD & Tom RUSSELL - Long Black Train / Cuban Sandwich / Jack Johnson / I Just Want To See You So Bad / You Can't Get That Stuff No More / Ice Water / Definition Of A Fool / Chocolate Cigarettes / What Is The Color Of The Soul Of A Man? / Mississippi You're On My Mind / Cleaning Windows
1994 CD EAST SIDE DIGITAL ESD-8090-2 (US) COWBOY MAMBO - Barrence WHITFIELD with Tom RUSSELL - Cowboy Mambo / Little Wind / Daniel And The Sacred Harp / Black Rose / Desert Blues / Devil's Right Hand / Home Before Dark / I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight / Insufficient Sweetie (Tribute To Ukulele Ike) / Red Red Run / Brass Buttons / Freedom Highway
1994 CD DARK ANGEL DACD-2 (US) THE EARLY YEARS (1975-1979) - Tom RUSSELL & Patricia HARDIN - Mojave / Alkali; Zane Gray / Beneath Canyon Walls / 27th Parable / Old Women Suite / Denver Wind / Ring Of Bone / House Of Wax / Stampede / Tarantula / Wildhorse Annie / Wind On The Buffalo Grass / End Of The Trail / Who Is Franz Rummel / Joshua Tree / Phantom Of Balance / Hindenburg
08/1994 CD DIVERSA LA CDCR-83494 (US) INDIAN COWBOY - Black Pearl / Bergenfield / Evangeline Hotel / Indian Cowboy / Beyond The Blues / Heart Of The Working Man / White Trash Song / Raybum Crane / U.S. Steel / Zane Grey / Love Makes A Fool Of The Wise / Jack Johnson
09/1995 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8066 (US) THE ROSE OF THE SAN JOAQUIN - Volver, Volver (Intro) / The Rose Of The San Joaquin / Hand Carved Heart / Heartaches Are Stealin' (Come Sundown) / What Do You Want? / Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son / Out In California / The Sky Above, The Mud Below / The Gardens / Strawberry Moon / Between The Cracks / Tramps & Hawkers / Volver, Volver
05/1997 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8081 (US) THE LONG WAY AROUND - St. Olav's Gate / Outbound Plane / Big Water / Beyond The Blues / Spanish Burgundy / U.S. Steel / Walking On The Moon / The Angel Of Lyon (In St. Louis) / Veteran's Day / The Eyes Of Roberto Duran / Blue Wing / Haley's Comet / Manzanar / Mineral Wells / Gallo Del Cielo / Road To Bayamon / Box Of Visions
09/1997 CD SHOUT! FACTORY HMG-2501 (US) SONG OF THE WEST - THE COWBOY COLLECTION - Rambler Gambler / The Banks Of The Musselshell / Dance Hall Girls / The Sky Above, The Mud Below / Hallie Lonnigan / South Coast / Gallo Del Cielo / Alkali / The Ballad Of William Sycamore / The John Bull Tin / Claude Dallas / Rayburn Crane / El Llano Estacado / Navajo Rug / Prairie In The Sky
03/1999 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8099 (US) THE MAN FROM GOD KNOWS WHERE - The Man From God Knows Where / Wayfarin' Stranger / Patrick Russell / Mary Clare Malloy (American Wake) / The Outcast / Ambrose Larsen / The Dreamin' / The Old Northern Shore / The Man From God Knows Where /. Anna Olsen / Rider On An Orphan Train / Acres Of Corn /; The Man From God Knows Where / Sitting Bull In Venice / The Old Rugged Cross / Anna Olsen's Letter Home / Eg Er Framand / When Irish Girls Grow Up / Casey Jones / Chickasaw County Jail / Wayfarin' Stranger (Passage Of Time) / Throwin' Horseshoes At The Moon / The Man From God Knows Where / The Outcast (revisited) / Wayfarin' Stranger (revisited) / Love Abides
04/2001 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8132 (US) BORDERLAND - A Touch Of Evil / Down The Rio Grande / When Sinatra Played Juarez / Where The Dream Begins / The Hills Of Old Juarez / The Santa Fe At Midnight / Let It Go / California Snow / The Next Thing Smokin' / What Work Is / The Road It Gives, The Road It Takes Away
10/2002 CD DARK ANGEL / VILLAGE ? (US) MUSEUM OF MEMORIES 1972-2002 - Strung Out (Like The Tightest Wire On A Frozen Barbed Wire Fence) / Shipwreck Kelly / Cross Of Guadalupe / La Galué (The Glutton) / Shut Out The Light / Can't Keep No Liquor / Chinatown In The Rain / Amelia's Railroad Flat / Mineral Wells / The Heart / Big Fool / Ten Cent Lemonade / Biggest Bordertown / Roddy McCorley / Hank & Audrey / Closin' Sunny's Diner / When Irish Girls Grow Up / Open Pit Mine / The Dogs Bark But The Caravan Moves On / Dark Angel
04/2003 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8154 (US) MODERN ARTR - The Kid From Spavinaw / The Ballad Of Sally Rose / The Boy Who Cried Wolf / Muhammad Ali / American Hotel / Racehorse Haynes / The Dutchman / Modern Art / Isaac Lewis / Bus Station / Crucifix In A Death Hand - Carmelita / Tijuana Bible / Gulf Coast Highway
02/2004 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8165 (US) INDIANS COWBOYS HORSES DOGS - Tonight We Ride / Seven Curses / El Paso / All This Way For The Short Ride / Bucking Horse Moon / Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts / No Telling / Bacon Rind - Chief Seattle - The Ballad Of Ira Hayes / Old Blue / East Texas Red / The Ballad Of Edward Abbey / Little Blue Horse
03/2005 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8177 (US) HOT WALKER - Pilgrim Land / Old America / Hotwalker / Border Lights / Beat Folk / Van Ronk / Bakersfield / Grapevine / Woodrow / Benediction : Edward Abbey / Honky Jazz / Swap Meet Jesus / Bukowski #1 / Harry Partch, Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce / Bukowski #2 "On the Hustle" / Bukowski #3 / Requiem / Coda : Little Jack Horton / America The Beautiful
09/2005 CD PHILO CDPH 1248 (US) RAW VISION - THE TOM RUSSELL BAND (1984-1994) - Waterloo / U.S. Steel / Blue Wing / Home Before Dark / Veteran's Day / Purgatory Road / Heart Of Hearts / Navajo Rug (with Ian TYSON) / Gallo Del Cielo (with Ian TYSON) / Spanish Burgundy / Hurricane Season / Haley's Comet / Oil Field Girls (demo) / Hong Kong Boy (demo, featuring Greg TROOPER) / Denver Wind
03/2006 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8190 (US) LOVE AND FEAR - The Pugilist At 59 / Beautiful Trouble / Stealing Electricity / Sound Of One Heart / The Breaking / Ash Wednesday / K.C. Violin / Four Chambered Heart / Stolen Children / It Goes Away / All The Fine Young Ladies / Old Heart
08/2007 CD HIGHTONE HCD-8196 (US)  WOUNDED HEART OF AMERICA (TOM RUSSELL SONGS) - Veteran's Day / Blue Wing / Gallo Del Cielo / Acres Of Corn / The Outcaste / Manzanar / St. Olav's Gate / Outbound Plane / Canadian Whiskey / Navajo Rug / The Sky Above And The Mud Below / Haley's Comet / Stealing Electricity / Walking On The Moon / The Cuban Sandwich /. Who's Gonna Build Your Wall? / Home Before Dark / The Death Of Jimmy Martin
CD 1 : Joshua Tree (featuring Patricia HARDIN) / Cropduster / One And One (featuring Shawn COLVIN) / U.S. Steel / Home Before Dark / Navajo Rug / Veteran's Day / Outbound Plane / Gallo Del Cielo (featuring Ian TYSON) / Haley's Comet / Manzanar / Cleaning Windows / Tulare Dust - They're Tearin' The Labor Camps Down / The Rose Of The San Joaquin / Out In California / St. Olav's Gate (featuring Nanci GRIFFITH) /  Big Water (featuring Iris DEMENT) / The Angel Of Lyon / Blue Wing (featuring Dave ALVIN) / Beyond The Blues (featuring Jimmie Dale GILMORE)
CD 2 : The Sky Above, The Mud Below / Throwin' Horseshoes At The Moon / Down The Rio Grande / California Snow / Touch Of Evil / Isaac Lewis / Kid From Spavinaw / Tonight We Ride / Grapevine / Van Ronk / The Pugilist At 59 / Ash Wednesday / Stealing Electricity / Who's Gonna Build Your Wall? / The Death Of Jimmy Martin / Dark Angel / Roll The Credits
02/2009 CD SCARLET LETTER CD3-1208 (US) ONE TO THE HEART, ONE TO THE HEAD - Tom RUSSELL & Gretchen PETERS - North Platte / Prairie In The Sky / Billy 4 / Blue Mountains Of Mexico / These Cowboys Born Out Of Their Time / Guadalupe / Sweet And Shiny Eyes / Wolves / Snowin' On Raton / Old Paint / My Last Go Round / North Platte (reprise) / If I Had A Gun / Prairie Melancholy
09/2009 CD SHOUT! FACTORY 8266631147 (US) BLOOD AND CANDLE SMOKE - East Of Woodstock, West Of Viet Nam / Santa Ana Wind / Nina Simone / Criminology / Crosses Of San Carlos / Finding You / Mississippi River Runnin' Backwards / The Most Dangerous Woman In American / Don't Look Down / Guadalupe / American Rivers / Darkness Visible
09/2011 CD SHOUT! FACTORY 12775 (US) MESABI - Mesabi / When The Legends Die (with Van Dyke PARKS) / Farewell Never Never Land / Lonesome Death Of Ukulele Ike / Sterling Hayden / Furious Love / Land Called "Way Out There", A / Roll The Credits, Johnny / Heart Within A Heart / And God Created Border Towns (with Augie MEYERS) / Goodnight, Juarez / Jai Alai / Love Abides / Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (with Lucinda WILLIAMS) / Road To Nowhere (From Road To Nowhere)
07/2013 CD Frontera PRPCD 113  (US) Aztec Jazz - Tom RUSSELL & THE NORWEGIAN WIND ENSEMBLE
04/2015 2 CD Frontera PRPCD 130 (US) The Rose of Roscrae - A BALLAD OF THE WEST :
CD 1 : Overture [with Jimmie Dale Gilmore] / This Is The Last Frontier / Guilty - Johnny Behind-The-Deuce [with David Olney] /  4. Sam Hall [with Johnny Cash] / The Rose Of Roscrae / Hair Trigger Heart / He’ll Be Dead Before He Hits The Ground  [with Joe Ely, Augie Meyers] / You Gotta Have A Dance - St James Hospital  [with Fats Kaplin, Moses Clear Rock Platt] / Ain’t No More Cane On The Brazos [with Jimmy LaFave, Gretchen Peters] / The Last Running / Home On The Range - America [with Walt Whitman] / Just A Closer Walk (with Augie Blood) / Cowboy Voices Beyond The Campfire [with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Jack Hardy, David Massengill, Tex Ritter] / He Wasn’t A Bad Kid, When He Was Sober / The Sidekick’s Last Testament [with David Olney] / Johnny’s Campfire Soliloquy #1 / The Unfortunate Rake - The Streets Of Laredo [with A.L. LLoyd, Jimmie Dale Gilmore] / The Hands Of Damien / This Is The Last Frontier - Campfire Soliloquy #2 /  Carrickfergus - The Water Is Wide [with Finbar Furey] / The Fairground Pugilist [with Sourdough Slim] / Campfire Soliloquy #3 / Campfire Ghosts - Cowboy Voices [with Blackie Farrell, Ross Knox, Glenn Orhlin, Pat Russell] / Crazy Horse - Custer’s Luck [with John Trudell, Thad Beckman] / Johnny Behind-The-Deuce #2-Molokai / She Talks To God / Rock Of Ages - Gunpowder Sunset Overture
CD 2 : The Water Is Wide - Overture [with Maura O’Connell, The Norwegian Wind Ensemble] / I Talk To God [with Maura O’Connell] / The Bear [with Eliza Gilkyson] / The Railroad Boy [with Eliza Gilkyson] / Resurrection Mountain / When The Wolves No Longer Sing [with Gretchen Peters] / Just A Closer Walk With Thee - The Gospel Of John, Chapter 4 [with Augie Meyers] / Jesus Met The Woman At The Well [with Eliza Gilkyson] / Damien (A Crust Of Bread, A Slice Of Fish, A Cup Of Water) / Guadalupe - Valentine De La Sierra [with Gretchen Peters, Ana Gabriel] / Poor Mother Mexico / Gallo Del Cielo [with Joe Ely, Ian Tyson] / Soliloquy #1 - Swiss Yodel Choir / En Canadien Errant [with Bonnie Dobson] / He’ll Be Dead Before He Hits The Ground #2 [with Joe Joe Ely / Augie Meyers] / Doin’ Hard Time In Texas / When I Was A Cowboy [with Lead Belly] / West Texas Montage [with Jimmie Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Guy Clark, Dan Penn] / Old Rattlebag Blues (Soliloquy #2) / Midnight Wine / Whiskey In His Blood / Tularosa / Irish Medley - The Stable / Isn’t It Grand? [with Gurf Morlix, Eliza Gilkyson, Augie Meyers, Pat Manske] / The Rose Of Roscrae [with Maura O’Connell]
05/2017 CD True North TND 663 (US)

Play One More - The Songs of Ian & Sylvia - Wild Geese / Thrown To The Wolves / Rio Grande / The Night The Chinese Restaurant Burned Down / Play One More / Old Cheyenne / Short Grass / Sam Bonnifield's Saloon / These Friends Of Mine / Red Velvet / The Renegade / When The Wolves No Longer Sing / Grey Morning / The French Girl

09/2017 CD Frontera FR-11 (US) Folk Hotel - Up In The Old Hotel / Leaving El Paso / I'll Never Leave These Old Horses / The Sparrow Of Swansea (for Dylan Thomas) / All On A Belfast Morning / Rise Again, Handsome Johnny / Harlan Clancy / The Last Time I Saw Hank / The Light Beyond The Coyote Fence / The Dram House Down In Gutter Lane / The Day They Dredged The Liffey - The Banks Of Montauk - The Road To Santa Fe-O / The Rooftops Of Copenhagen / Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues / Scars On His Ankles

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