Chanteur Country US né James David Gateley, le 1er Mai 1931 à Springfield, Springfield (Missouri). Jimmy Gateley a fait parti des "Po' Boys" de Bill Anderson. Il est décédé le 17 Mars 1985.

US Country singer born James David Gateley, May 1, 1931, Springfield, Missouri. Gateley learned to play fiddle and first appeared with a local band on KGBX Springfield in 1951. After a spell with the Red River Rustlers in Jamestown, North Dakota, he became a member of Dusty Owen’s Rodeo Boys on Wheeling Jamboree on WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia. He returned to Springfield in 1954, where, until 1963, he worked on radio and television with Red Foley on Ozark Jubilee and Jubilee USA. In 1963, he started a long association with Bill Anderson, for whom he played fiddle, sang, acted as frontman and was also featured on many of Anderson’s recordings. He became a regular on the Grand Ole Opry with Anderson and also in a double act with Harold Morrison. He made his first solo recordings for Cullman in 1959 but later recorded for several labels, including Starday, Decca Records, Columbia Records, Chart, Sapphire, B.T. and Constoga. He failed to achieve a chart hit with his own recordings but his talents as a songwriter led to some of his songs becoming hits when recorded by others. These include ‘Alla My Love’ (a number 5 in 1962 for Webb Pierce) and ‘The Minute You’re Gone’ (a number 9 in 1963 for Sonny James). He co-wrote ‘Bright Lights And Country Music’ with Bill Anderson, whose recording of the song reached number 11 in 1965. He appeared in the filmsThe Road To Nashville andLas Vegas Hillbillies. He became a deacon of his local Madison, Tennessee church and in the 70s, he became more inclined towards gospel music. In the early 80s, he released an album of gospel songs, and a further one, My Kind Of Country, was distributed by his local church after his death. Jimmy Gateley dead March 17, 1985

Talents : Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Songwriter

Style musical : Traditional Country, Contemporary Country

Tomorrow I'll Hang Out My Tears To Dry (1959) (Jimmy Gateley & Harold Morrison)


Years in activity :

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04/1959 SP CULLMAN 6412 (US)

Jimmy Gateley & Harold MORRISON - Dodge City / Tomorrow I'll Hang Out My Tears To Dry

07/1961 SP ROCKET R-108 (US) Jimmy Gateley & Harold MORRISON - Prescription Ozarks / Bombs Begin To Fall
1961 SP NASHVILLE NV 5027 (US) Jimmy Gateley & Harold MORRISON - Bee Sting / Ghost Town
1962 SP NASHVILLE NV 5075 (US) Jimmy Gateley & Harold MORRISON - Death Row / True Love (Has Finally Come My Way)
11/1963 SP DECCA 31555 (US) Dirt Under Her Feet / Gotta Lotta Blues To Lose
03/1964 SP DECCA 31603 (US) From Then On / Let Me Cry
10/1964 SP DECCA 31698 (US) Melinda / Things Called Memories
06/1965 SP DECCA 31808 (US) High On A Mountain / Why Don't They Go Home
04/1966 SP DECCA 31915 (US) The PO' BOYS - Dear Heart / Orange Blossom Special
05/1966 SP DECCA 31958 (US)

Teardrops In The Wine / Old Faithful

10/1966 SP DECCA 32028 (US) It's Not Every Day / Sticks And Stones
07/1967 SP DECCA 32166 (US) Cryin' Don't Pay / She Wants To Be Like You
07/1967 SP DECCA 32170 (US) The PO' BOYS - Faded Love / Sunny Gem
12/1967 SP DECCA 32234 (US) Don't Come Cryin' To Me / It Tears My Heart
02/1968 SP DECCA 32281 (US) The PO' BOYS -The White Rabbit / Up And Atom
09/1968 SP COLUMBIA 4-44647 (US) Heavenly Sunshine / Gone Gone Gone
10/1969 SP CHART CH-5041 (US) Boy Who Doesn't Dig / How Could Any Man Help Falling
04/1970 SP CHART CH-5062 (US) People-Lution / You Love Me
10/1970 SP CHART CH-5095 (US) I Sure Like Your Truck / Joey's Old Things
04/1971 SP DECCA 32821 (US) The PO' BOYS - Louisiana Man / Sidewalkin'
1971 SP PRIZE PR98-4 (US) Ain't You Ever Gonna Sing My Song / I Just Wanna Stay Here With You
1971 SP PRIZE PR98-15 (US) If This Old World Had More People Like You / If You Ever Want To Come Back Home
02/1972 SP DECCA 32944 (US) The PO' BOYS - Sunny Side Up / Guitar Boy
05/1972 SP MILLION MIL 12 (US)

Sweet, Sweet Lovin'  / I Love Every Minute Of Living

08/1973 SP MCA MCA-40117 (US) The PO' BOYS - Fireball Mail / Pass Me By
03/1975 SP ABC - DOT DOA-17544 (US) He's Got A Way With Women / Picture Of Goodbye
10/1975 SP ABC - DOT DOA-17591 (US) Angel Of The Barroom / Look What Your Love Does To Me
08/1976 SP ABC - DOT DOA-17648 (US) Morning Glory / That's How Over You I Am
04/1977 SP ABC - DOT DOA-17693 (US) Don't Lead Me On / I Thought I Could Depend On You
1982 SP BT UR 3285 (US) A Brand New Game / ?
1984 SP HMC UR 4071 (US)

The Dreamer / Livin' On The Lovin' Side


01/1966 LP 12" DECCA DL-4725 (mono)  / DL-74725 (stereo) (US) BILL ANDERSON PRESENTS THE PO' BOYS - The PO' BOYS - Orange Blossom Special / Coming From You / Beautiful Dreamer / Family Reunion / Yellow Bird / Let Me Talk To You / Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms / Dear Heart / No Signs Of Loneliness Around / Maiden's Prayer / No More Money No More Honey / Corn Crib
06/1967 LP 12" DECCA DL-4884 (mono) / DL-74884 (stereo) (US) THE PO' BOYS PICK AGAIN - Sunny Gem / Touch My Heart / Black Mountain Rag / Gods Were Angry With Me / White Rabbitt / Anytime / Before I Met You / Sweet Lorena / Nickels Quarters And Dimes / Faded Love / Used To / Up And Stomp
04/1971 LP 12" DECCA DL 75278 (US) THAT CASUAL COUNTRY FEELING - The PO' BOYS - Sidewalkin' / Thumb-bumpin' / You Gave Me A Mountain / Orange Blossom Special / Guitar Rag / Louisiana Man / Feeling Of Love / Berwick / Hello Darlin' / Bill's Medley / Fanclub Picnic
08/1973 LP 12" MCA MCA 337 (US) RICH SOUNDS OF BILL ANDERSON - The PO' BOYS - Country Soul Stew / You Lay So Easy On My Mind / Catfish John / These Are The Ways I Love You / If You Can Live With It (I Can Live Without It) / Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues / Fireball Mail / Shelter Of Your Eyes / Woman In My Life / Original Tune (To Be Named Later) / Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
1979 LP 12" CONESTOGA CLP-3679 (US) JIMMY GATELEY - You Put Me Back Together / I Thought Forever Lasted Longer / I Haven't Seen Anything Yet / Leavin' / The Minute You're Gone / There's You / The Softest Touch / I Love Every Minute Of Living / Sinnin' Less And Lovin' Jesus More / Sweet, Sweet Lovin'
1982 LP 12" BT BT-5001 (US) LOOKIN' UP - A Brand New Game / This Man Named Jesus / I´m Gonna Leave Here Singin´ / He Will Still Come After Me / Sinnin´ Less And Lovin´ Jesus More / I Haven´t Seen Anything Yet / When Somebody Talks About Heaven / Don´t Let Your Land Of Canaan Out Of Sight / Turn It All Over To Him / That Hallelujah Gathering
1983 LP 12" SAPPHIRE HM-2009 (US) THE DREAMER - It's Not Everyday / All My Love / Things Called Memories - Crying Don't Pay / One Of The Crowd / Overnight / The Dreamer / Livin' On The Lovin' Side / Gotta Lotta Blues To Lose / I Know A Man Who Can
1985 LP 12" BT BT-5002 (US)

My Kind Of Country - A Little Bit Of Cowboy / Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On / The Minute You're Gone / Friends & Neighbors / Goodbye For Good / Pick Me Up On Your Way Down / Daddy's Girl / Hillbilly Fever / When I Stop Dreamin' / Crazy Ain't A Bad Way To Go

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