Trio Country US originaire du Missouri et composť de Tom Compton, Bill Compton et Harry Compton.

The Compton Brothers were originally an American country music trio composed of brothers Tom, Bill and Harry Compton. After their first album, Tom left the band. Meanwhile, Bill and Harry, who were both vocalists and guitarists, released two additional albums. The group won a talent contest in 1965 sponsored by Columbia Records. Between 1966 and 1975, they recorded for Dot Records, charting in the top 20 of the Hot Country Songs charts with "Haunted House" and a cover of The Coasters' "Charlie Brown". The band released three albums for Dot

Talents : Tom : Vocals, Lead Guitar - Bill : Vocals, Guitar - Harry : Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Drums

Style musical : Country-Pop, Traditional Country

HONEY (1968)



Years in activity :

1910 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 10 20


03/1965 SP COLUMBIA 4-43244 (US) Jailer, Bring Me Water / Still Away
07/1966 SP DOT 45-16899 (US) Country Music / Crums Of Your Love
11/1966 SP DOT 45-16948 (US) Feathers To Stone / Pickin' Up The Mail
07/1967 SP DOT 45-17024 (US) I Look A Lot Like Bill / If It's All The Same To You
02/1968 SP DOT 45-17070 (US) Honey / Poor Side Of Town
07/1968 SP DOT 45-17110 (US) Money / Two Little Hearts
11/1968 SP DOT 45-17167 (US) Everybody Needs Somebody / Loneliness Was Made By Man
04/1969 SP DOT 45-17231 (US) Earthquakes / Step Up, Walk With Me
08/1969 SP DOT 45-17294 (US) Haunted House / The Sound Of Angels Wings
12/1969 SP DOT 45-17336 (US) Charlie Brown / Just A Dream Away
07/1970 SP DOT 45-17352 (US) That Ain't No Stuff / I Wanna Sing A Country Song
11/1970 SP DOT DOA-17362 (US) Nadine / Living On A Prayer, A Hope And A Hand-Me-Down
05/1971 SP DOT DOA-17378 (US) Old Memories / Pine Grove
08/1971 SP DOT DOA-17391 (US) May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot (Before I Lose My Mind) / Learning The Hard Way
1971 SP DOT GHD-258 (US) Charlie Brown / Haunted House
01/1972 SP DOT DOA-17408 (US) Sometimes You Ain't No Fun To Love / Yellow River
07/1972 SP DOT DOA-17427 (US) Claudette / It Happens All The Time
03/1973 SP DOT DOA-17454 (US) Daddies Doin' Life / Some Of Shelly's Blues
09/1973 SP DOT DOA-17477 (US) California Blues / Direct Distance Dialing
06/1974 SP DOT DOA-17511 (US) Secret Memories / Sweet Honky Tonk Music
02/1975 SP ABC / DOT DOA-17538 (US) A Bird With Broken Wings Can't Fly / Cat's In The Cradle
07/1975 SP ABC / DOT DOA-17563 (US) By The Time I Get Over You / My Music


1968 LP 12" DOT DLP-25867 (US) OFF THE TOP OF THE COMPTON BROTHERS - Honey / I Wanna Live / Los Angeles / Tender Lovin' Care / Will You Visit Me / Two Little Hearts / Just For You / Poorest Side / Long Arm Of Love / Turn On The Sunshine / Money
02/1970 LP 12" DOT DLP-25974 (US) HAUNTED HOUSE / CHARLIE BROWN - Haunted House / Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Everybody Needs Somebody / Sound Of An Angel's Wings / Stagger Lee / Nadine / Charlie Brown / I Wanna Sing A Country Song / Sweet Thang And Cisco / Just A Dream Away / Living On A Prayer, A Hope And A Hand-Me-Down / Bird Dog
1972 LP 12" DOT DLP-25998 (US) YELLOW RIVER - Yellow River / Love Hurts / Pine Grove / Just A Dream Away / Learning The Hard Way / How Much More Can She Stand (And Still Stand By Me) / May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot (Before I Lose My Mind) / Oh Boy / Secret Memories / Sometimes You Ain't No Fun To Love / It Happens All The Time

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